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  1. 8/17-8/19 Taking Forever Cold Front To Clear Area Obs

    Tony, will you be changing your screen name to Snowshadow this winter?
  2. How's Saturday afternoon looking Tony? Better? Same? Worse? Thanks!
  3. so will saturday be wet or dry? might be a golf day.
  4. 8 PM Sunsets Gone, Sad Days Are Coming Back Again

    2nd one before 8pm!!!! 7pm around the corner
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    one from drive home, last storm till Friday
  6. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    1.43" today.
  7. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Brooks not caving, locked in.
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    That 14th sucked for tiger, bummer. Hope it doesn't hurt in tthe end.
  9. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Let's go Tiger chants, lol
  10. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Crazy crazy crazy pga day
  11. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Nice start tiger. Should have been 3 birdie start. Can tiger shoot a good back nine?
  12. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    4.71" for August.
  13. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    We drove through the massive downpour through coopersburg rt.309, crazy rain, flooding. Pic heading out of it, south rt.309 into quakertown
  14. Lost weekend 8/11-8/12 OBS

    .80" glad i cut the grass again yesterday.
  15. 8/8 Say Good-Bye To 70s Dew Points CFP OBS.

    im good with 0.0. need swap to dry before deep freeze hvy snow hits.