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  1. Round after round of activity since 4:00am here on Oak Island. Nice storm rolling thru now.
  2. Rounds of showers & storms rolling in off the ocean in Oak Island, NC since the early morning hours. DP's around 70 are refreshing down here, had 80 degree DP's on Saturday & Wednesday.
  3. Life's a beach but today is a endurance test after a 9 hour drive on 2 hrs. Sleep. Incredible dew points on the grand strand with temps around 90 & DP'S in the low 80's. Oak Island peaked at a 80 degree DP & a H.I. of 108, North Myrtle Beach maxed with sick DP of 83 & a max H.I. of 113.
  4. Annual pilgrimage to Oak Island, NC 12:30 #'s - 90 / 79 for a heat index of 107
  5. talk about the rubber band snapping..... https://www.weather.gov/ilm/ILMDriestYear
  6. Tacked on 0.13" since 8:00 Even 2.70" for the day
  7. 8:00pm Still raining & thundering 2.57"
  8. those storms just missed Piscataway to the south, thunder very impressive
  9. Sept has been a good month to head down the shore, with the recent trend of extended summer it's now a great month for the shore points. Personally I have no issue with a warm summer like Sept. Problem is OCT has also been a fire recently & coupled with cooler NOV's fall has taken a serious hit. Last year was the worst I can ever remember as the big warmth ran thru the 1st 10 days of OCT & subsequently the cold kicked in after the 1st 10 days of NOV. Barely a month of "fall" weather.
  10. Should be early morning look several times a week instead of a couple times a month. I'll get there some year....
  11. Since 1955 PHL had only recorded 100 degree days during the month of August in 2001. Philly has recorded more 100 days during the month of June than August.
  12. Over 40 mins of daylight was lost in July, later sunrises are definitely noticeable, sunsets lag just like the sunrises do in winter. Over the 1st half of AUG things really kick into high gear: Tomorrow we begin losing 2 mins of daylight on a daily basis 8/5 marks the end of pre 6:00am sunrises 8/9 is the end of the 14 hr (+) daylight period which began back on May 4th 8/13 is the end of post 8:00pm sunsets
  13. At this point do we simply target October 1st for regime that might not be solidly above average?
  14. PHL Climate report lists high of 92 today at 2:28pm. At 1:54pm it was 84 degrees & 2:54pm is was 89 degrees. Interesting, if that's the case it's the 18th 90 degree day this month. That would tied for the 10th most on record. Regardless of the 90 days it will go down as the 10th warmest July on record - 80.9 or 81.0 degrees.
  15. 1.24" in 25 mins back home, probably some small hail mixed in based on nearby reports & the radar presentation
  16. Temp down to 68 degrees in that monsoon back home
  17. for Philly over the past 10 years the average # of 90 days during AUG - (8) & SEPT - (3), highest totals on record for both months are AUG - (17) & SEPT (8) pretty good shot PHL is at (23) days heading into AUG
  18. Highest mean of the year at Philadelphia is 79 degrees from 7/16 - 7/22.
  19. You can certainly tell where the Franklin Mills Mall & every shopping center / industrial park are located on the heat map. Problem with PNE is even on days when the region has uniform temps - rain, cloudy, snow....PNE is still 2-3 degrees warmer than the other reporting stations. Driving up Bustleton Avenue through Somerton on summer nights back in the day as soon as you hit County Line Road on the Bucks County Line it felt you turned the AC on. Temp difference was significant. With all the development over the years would assume that is nowhere near as pronounced today.
  20. July has & will continue to deliver, a couple of cheap 90's today & WED would make it a top 10 month. Problem for the big hay maker crew was the slow start & a big time AUG is not looking promising at this point.
  21. 0.99" last night & just after midnight 2 day total - 2.13"
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