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  1. I vacation at Oak Island in extreme southern NC every summer & have family in the area so I always keep tabs on any noteworthy weather especially during tropical season. The staff at the NWS Wilmington put together the video below. Cape Fear region has an impressive tropical history, Oak Island has been ground zero for two of the most prominent storms to ever strike the east coast north of FL - Hazel & Floyd https://www.weather.gov/ilm/
  2. 7/17 Thunderstorms & Pcpn Observations

    1.34" in my bucket today off the top of my head that's 4.37" for the month
  3. 7/17 Thunderstorms & Pcpn Observations

    Big time rainer in Piscataway, not much thunder initially however increasing now
  4. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    from an July average standpoint the PHL max period starts today & goes thru the 22nd 79 degrees
  5. 7/15-7/17 Low Grade 90s Run?

    the "Greek" strikes again, now if you could just pm me some mega millions or powerball #'s......
  6. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    you post caused me to dig deep into Philly July climo & take a look at "hot" weather history on a daily basis # of 90 or > days for each July day over the Phila. period of record back to 1874. Middle of the month is certainly the meat of the hottest weather however plenty of heat in the beginning & end of the month. July 21st has historically been a Tombo special with (10) days of 98 or > heat. Best case is a handful of days that max out at 97-98 degrees. Overall over the period of record 28% of all July days are 90 degrees or hotter. In the most recent 20 yrs. that figure has increased significantly to 38%.
  7. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    I'm definitely up for a meet & greet, 1st available weekend would be AUG 10-11th, then AUG 24-25th
  8. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    terrific SAT to spend the afternoon downtown & return home for an early evening swim a little warm in the sun at times but easy to duck into the shade with the nice breeze & low humidity it really doesn't get much better for center city in mid July 89 / 63 split locally today
  9. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Another winner for the middle of July 62 when I left for work Love the July / August traffic, wish it was like this all year In the big city this morning
  10. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Awesome course, on the flip side I wouldn't be too upset with a 50 I still remember my brother on a par 5 there hitting 4 consecutive shots into 4 different bunkers
  11. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    locally 78 / 59 split today, as good as it gets for July & to have this weather on the weekend is a win-win 79 for a high at PHL, have to go pretty far back to 1983 to find a temperature that low under similar sky conditions, since 2010 the average high for this date prior to today was 94.6 a couple from Solebury Twp. this morning
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    tacked on another 0.19" after the morning dump 2.21" total today
  13. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    what's this now the 3rd solid morning event since Memorial Day? been here since Jan 2014 & the electric is pretty good, many of my friends & relatives in Lower Bucks have service that's not nearly as reliable, our worst was the past Mar paste bomb
  14. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    2.02" thru 6:45, all in the past 2 hrs. several rounds of loud & wet storms, on our way to another wet month
  15. & even more impressive because you had 4 out of 5 days of 100 degree heat (7 consecutive days of 97+), two out of the only three times Philadelphia has recorded 100 degrees in SEPT the 1950's are still the king of triple digit heat at Phila
  16. Phillies game delayed an hour & a half meanwhile PHL rec'd 0.01
  17. 96 with heat index peaking at 108 0.51" from afternoon storm
  18. thanks makes little sense that Baltimore & Philadelphia would have different criteria, not only nearly identical climo but also very similar residential structures which were identified as a significant factor in the 1993 heat wave deaths
  19. Real deal today, it's bad when you're pouring sweat just watering the plants How is the Balt / DC metro area not under heat warnings?
  20. 20 mile bike ride this morning was good prep for the coastal NC vacation latter this month soup is on today
  21. 95 today however much uglier than yesterday's 95
  22. what do have one push at ABE & the rest under que Tombo's yawning animals for this heat wave
  23. Dry ground, dew points in the mid-upper 50's & back in the day when PHL could actually radiate July 2010 had a similar heat / dew points & the lowest you could get at PHL was 76 on a triple digit day 1988, 1993 & 1995 are my benchmarks for heat waves so I have a high bar
  24. 69 for a low this morning they just don't make heat waves like they used too