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  1. 60 degrees both at home & the office in Piscataway 0.08" in Lower Makefield & easier over a half-inch with the rain & t-showers in Piscataway certainly doesn't have the look or feel of anything noteworthy ATM
  2. no need to even look at the timestamp, you know it's thunderstorm season in Lower Bucks when you see a map like this off to another dreadful start this year, would need an entire zoo of Tombo's yawning animals to correlate to convective season in Lower Bucks
  3. 0.14" from the brief heavy shower early the morning. 85 / 69 currently, AC engaged for the 1st time this season on a cooler note, have a friend vacationing up in Bar Harbor, ME - last vestige of snow lingering in the woods
  4. Northampton CC, course is still really wet & the quick heavy shower an hour before we went off at 6:00am didn't help. Very smooth 4 hour round for a weekend round, got in 11 holes before the sun even came put so it was nice to beat the uncomfortable conditions. Township took over the course almost a year ago & you can already see the difference. Previous regime as horrible & did nothing but over schedule tee times. That in conjunction with Richboro being ground zero for the MAR 2018 paste bomb had that course in the worst shape I can ever remember last Spring.
  5. AT&T has an outing there every Spring / early Summer, played there a couple of times. Course was in great shape & it's unique with almost all the holes being on an island in the Delaware. With that being said it's a very flat course & if I'm playing in the Poconos I prefer the hilly scenic courses like Split Rock or Hideaway Hills. Good luck getting out there.
  6. He indicated afterwards it was a struggle today & with 30 putts he didn't putt nearly as well as yesterday, still shot -5. Can't quite say it's over but the big gal is in the on deck circle.
  7. Yeah, he only shot a 65 instead of a 63 Doubt Tiger has every been abused by a playing parter like this
  8. just look at all the juice just waiting for the Bermuda high to setup - #dewpoints
  9. Koepka with a fantastic round, 63 with only 25 putts, when he's motivated there's nobody better
  10. I would have guessed some date in 1991 but surprisingly it's 5/31/1895 with a Tombo approved low of 78. 5/28/1991 is #2 at 76, MAY that year was one ugly month
  11. and during the middle of AUG playing in Oklahoma is better.....love the move to May & the condensed season, also great that the Players goes back to March when they can get that course into mint condition the middle of AUG PGA eliminated many courses down south from hosting, once venues that were already scheduled before they change are done it's going to open up new locations to host the event
  12. so in a steady rain PHL went from 50 degrees at 11:54 am to 53 degrees at 12:36 pm & back down to 50 degrees at 12:54 pm giving that high of 53 the hairy eyeball..... Locally 0.97" today Event total - 2.36" 49 / 43 for the raw split today
  13. That's correct, record low max for Philly was 48 so definitely some impressive chill yesterday afternoon. So many of the daily / monthly record lows at Philadelphia are no longer in play however these type of spring record low max's can be broken because they're rain / marine flow induced. One of those type of record low max's that'll never be broke is the high of 49 on June 2nd 1907
  14. NP, glad you have an interest in weather from a historical standpoint Link below for the "NOWData" tab on every NWS Forecast Office local climate page. The Official Reporting Station locations will be listed 1st, the location with entire period of record will be listed as "area", or example "Philadelphia Area". The climate period of record is listed on the Daily Climate Report in the "Observed Weather" tab. http://sercc.com/nowdata.html
  15. thru 9:30am - 1.59" 1.39" - thru yesterday 0.20" so far today
  16. That's for the airport location which has records back to 1940. The entire Philadelphia period of record goes back to 1874 for temps. Record low max for today is 52 set back in 1882. Yesterday's high of 54 was the 3rd coolest max for the date.
  17. 1.13" thru 2:15 pm temp now down to 47 degrees, very impressive afternoon temps for May 12th, record low max for this date at PHL is 48
  18. even 0.70" thru 10:00am temp down to 49 degrees, had to shut off the fans & close the windows
  19. as of May 4th we're into the extended daylight period, 14hrs(+), which goes thru AUG 8th as of May 8th we've progressed to post 8:00pm sunsets
  20. there are times that I miss a single home & yard & they are times I'm very happy with the small townhouse yard which is maintained by the association....
  21. Planted the tomatoes last THURS & on que a mix a clouds, rain & marine shank for the most part since then, previous 2 May's were very wet, this year going down the same road. 0.64" last evening, 2.10" for the month
  22. & it wasn't even windy today, those holes on the south half of the course are wide open and at the highest point, you get a breezy SW wind day & two par 5's, 7 & 16, play uphill into the wind #7 from the championship tee's is well over 600 yds.
  23. 60 / 49 split today, skies did brighten late in the afternoon however forecasted upper 60's remained down by PHL. Chalk up another one for Spring shank.
  24. come July you'll be longing for the dribs & drabs days....
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