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  1. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Johnny Miller really needs to hang it up, he's sounds so tired & weathered. I'm not sure he even has the energy for the trademark over the top obnoxious commentary at this point.
  2. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Since 2000 a group of us, now over 30 people, have golfed at Bensalem on the morning of the 2nd day of the NCAA Tourney. Afterwards we all head across the street for a long day of hoops & amber refreshment. For 15 yrs. we only had one weather cancellation which was the 2007 sleet fest. Although there were only patches of snow left on the course yesterday Bensalem was closed due to significant tree damage that they can't clean up since the ground is a glorified mud bog. 2nd year in a row we had to cancel in addition to 2015 in which an abbreviated group of 7 idiots that was only able to get in 11 holes as the snow got to deep & we ran out of colored golf balls. I don't believe I've golfed since OCT
  3. recently we've had June in September & I don't mind one bit, been absolutely awesome down the shore the past few SEPT's if I had my convoluted way we'd have (4) months of summer, (1) month of fall & roll into winter starting NOV 1st
  4. With a low of at least 31 this morning PHL has now recorded (14) 32 or < days this month. For the entire month of FEB there were only (12) such days.
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Smarch continues unabated, another solidly below average day & the 3rd measurable snow event. At one point this FRI-SUN looked much warmer, flirting w/60 degrees however those #'s have gone down significantly. Locally the average high is now 50 degrees. Areas with full sun exposure have completely melted therefore my consecutive day snow cover streak will end at 6. Local snowfall table below for the complete seasons at my current location. 3 out of the past 4 seasons MAR's have been the snowiest month along with recording the largest snow storm of the season. Looking like a reasonable shot of this being the 5th below average MAR over the past 6 yrs. as well as consecutive years in which MAR is colder than FEB.
  6. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    12/9 - 5.7" 12/13 - 1.1" 12/15 - 1.8" 12/30 - 2.8" 1/4 - 4.5" 1/17 - 0.9" 1/30 - 0.1" 2/7 - 0.1" (sleet) 2/17 - 3.1" 3/2 - 0.7" 3/7 - 10.9" 3/13 - 0.5" Seasonal Total - 32.2"
  7. 0.5" at home driving thru North / South Brunswick in CNJ they had over 2"
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Approach shots & putts just not as sharp as the last 2 days. Regardless a very impressive performance, have to believe he'll be in the mix at Bay Hill.
  9. Happy 25th Anniversary To The Storm Of The Century

    I always have a special place in my heart for Rosenbluth Travel as they somehow got me on the last flight from RDU to PHL on the FRI prior to that storm. I was scheduled to fly back on SAT & was seriously bummed I was not only going to miss the storm but be stuck down there for days. I had just started this job so I didn't want ask to leave a day early however my boss came through, told me to call the travel agency & head to the airport to see if they could change my flight & get me out early. RDU was complete chaos, all the flights back to Philly were severely overbooked and as afternoon turned into evening the crowd at the gate continued to grow. Patience was in short supply & at one point tempers flared & a fight nearly broke out. I was never so relieved when they called me up to counter from stand-by & told me I had a seat on the last flight out that evening. It was a middle seat the that didn't recline in the last row in front of the bathroom & I could care less, just happy to be going home & experiencing a real storm as it had been 6 years since the last big snows of JAN / FEB 1987. Driving home up I-95 I can still remember Elliot forecasting 4-8 for the city & 12 for the N & W burbs. Also glad I pulled an all-nighter as the heavy snow has changed over to a driving sleet fest around lunch time. Only disappointment was the 2-4" backside forecast never materialized. Churchville, PA 3/13/1993, finished with 13" of cement which you could walk on top of the next day in the record cold
  10. EDT Is Here! So Are After 7 PM Sunsets!

    We started early & often last summer so the payback is fair game.
  11. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    40 / 27 split today, the low of 27 both yesterday & today are the coldest temps since FEB 17th plenty of clouds again today kept the high below forecast & as a result not much damage to the snow pack, grass is starting to show only underneath trees going to end up with 5 consecutive days of solid snow cover which is a real win for March
  12. Power back, to be expected the streets cleared quickly however not a whole lot of melting elsewhere. Mostly cloudy to overcast at the office in Piscataway. Got down 31 this so all the water content had a chance to freeze & it's going to take much longer to melt.
  13. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    12/9 - 5.7" 12/13 - 1.1" 12/15 - 1.8" 12/30 - 2.8" 1/4 - 4.5" 1/17 - 0.9" 1/30 - 0.1" 2/7 - 0.1" (sleet) 2/17 - 3.1" 3/2 - 0.7" 3/7 - 10.9" Seasonal Total - 31.7"
  14. Power still out, since 1:30pm yesterday, longest outage since Sandy
  15. 6.1" At PHL is a new daily record, previous was 4.0"
  16. I have family in Newtown, Churchville, Bensalem & Warrington and they all said between 10-11". I saw a 16" report from Richboro, gotta give that the hairy eyeball.
  17. No power since 2:00, based on the PECO map looks like Levittown, Southampton & Lower Makefield have significant outages. Didn't stop my GF from whipping up Chicken Parm, pasta & some Gerome's hot sausage for us & a few family / friends. What a friggin storm, I don't give a crap if it all melts tomorrow this was an event that makes a winter. 2-3"/hr rates for several hours, the most thunder I can recall during a snowstorm. March is definitely the new FEB. I'll have to verify but I think this is now 3 out of the past 4 yrs. in which the biggest storm of the season was in MAR. Best thing is we still have Heisey as part of the family. Had NE Philly gotten the shaft today we may have lost him. Post storm shots
  18. 5:00pm 32.4 degrees Light snow 0.4" past hr 10.9" total
  19. 4:00pm 32.2 Degrees Snow 3.3" past hour, 9.4" past 4 hrs. 10.5" total Power still out, pine tree limbs still snapping
  20. These are pics of the rates at 3:00pm, believe it's snowing even harder now. Lots of snapping & cracking going on, pine trees taking a beating.
  21. 3:00pm 32.0 degrees Heavy Snow, insane rates, visibility down to a couple of blocks 2.3" past hr., 6.1" past 3 hrs. 7.2" total Power has been out for 1.5 hrs.
  22. frequent thunder now, if I close my eyes I can imagine it's a typical Lower Bucks weak sauce July thunderstorm
  23. 2:00pm 32.0 Degrees Heavy Snow / Thunder 2.1" past hour / 3.8" past 2 hrs. 4.9" total
  24. Loud clap of thunder, just puking snow