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  1. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Current cold snap bottoming out in the morning 19 just before 11:00pm
  2. Christmas shorts & golf caddying cancelled on the GFS 12Z OP, replaced by the crunching sound of scrapping ice off your car windshield
  3. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

  4. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    interesting temp spike for PHL & ILG at 9:00am, both locations jumped up to 37 degrees while most the surrounding burbs remained in the 20's at 10:00am ILG dropped to 34 degrees & PHL was down to 32
  5. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    26 degrees Flurries 1.1"
  6. That 10s Club

    19 at 6:00am
  7. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    12/9 - 5.7" Seasonal Total - 5.7"
  8. Great stats as always from Don Sutherland over at American. Weekend snowstorm brought 4" or more to Philly, NYC & Boston, this DEC scenario has occurred on (7) occasions since 1950. Edited to add the Philly seasonal total, essentially seasonal valhalla, the equivalent of the Yankees lineup with the Stanton addition December 3-4, 1957: 41.8" December 11-13, 1960: 49.1" December 23-24, 1963: 32.4" December 23-25, 1966: 44.3" December 25-28, 1969: 20.3" December 5, 2002: 46.3" December 18-21, 2009: 78.7"
  9. My 5.7" melted to 0.43" liquid 13-1 ratio
  10. 8:00 pm 29 Degrees Snow 5.2"
  11. PHL checks in with 3.3" at 7:00 pm breaks the previous daily snowfall record of 2.9" from 1942
  12. 7:00 pm 29 degrees Light Snow 4.3" 4" (+) storm this early in the season is a huge win
  13. 3:00 pm Snow 29 degrees 2.9" Bumble is living large today
  14. 2:00 pm Light Snow 30 Degrees 2.1"
  15. snow golf is reserved for March & an accommodating course like Bensalem nice batch moving thru now
  16. 29 degrees Closing in on the 1st inch of the season - 0.9"
  17. Never gets old, snowy Makefield Highlands
  18. 5th Annual Holiday Lights Display

    That time of year again, earliest I've ever started the Christmas lights. Special addition to the display this season.
  19. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Philly total snowfall by decade, just be glad you're not a weenie growing up in the 1950's - 30" during the month of FEB
  20. 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake Near Dover, Delaware

    Nothing here in LM, family member says Windows rattled in Mayfair
  21. Fall Banter Thread

    From what I remember a sudden passing, hard to believe it's been 7 yrs. Very sad, didn't know him personally only through the board but he certainly was a great poster. Jack wasn't a fan of cold & snow & thankfully the back & forth from Philly contingent wasn't mean spirited, there was great banter thread about Jack & his warmth brigade that was a riot.
  22. 18Z GFS says N. FL road trip for other reasons....
  23. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    29 this morning locally 15th freezing day this month, solid # for not an overly cold month, number of good radiating evenings with the overall dry weather. Nearby TTN has recorded 12 freezing days & LOL PHL a lusty 5. TTN sits on top of hill therefore they have a harder with the winds going calm, been a few mornings this month in which I'm as much as 3 degrees cooler than the airport.