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  1. Lower Makefield already announced the township pool isn't opening this season, I would suspect our association follows suit with the community pool. Pool Party at Franks!!!!
  2. On 3/30 Dr. Birx indicated that modeling projections were weighted with the NY / NJ data therefore a possibility that we could come in on the lower end of the forecasts.
  3. 1st signs of life back in the sports world, golf has rescheduled 3 of the majors: PGA - AUG 6-9 US Open - SEPT 17-20 Masters - NOV 12-15 Open - cancelled Ryder Cup - dates unchanged
  4. Some more pics of Roxiticus Golf Club from over the weekend. Despite the no golf directive members & their families were there both days just walking around the course. Club straddles the Morris / Somerset County line, highest point at the clubhouse off of 18 is 593' down to 396' at the lowest point on the front 9. Nearly hill in Somerset County crests at 854'. #12 par 3 is really cool hole, 1st pic from the back tee at the 199 yd. mark. Elevation drop of 70' down to the green.
  5. that fall ornamental kale they sell with the mums & cabbage
  6. Its not the most attractive plant this time of year but I never had one of these fall plants make it thru the winter to the point of flowering.
  7. I've been going to Sam's Club for many years so I normally buy things in bulk, was fortunate the day I decided to go 3 weeks ago just happened to be a couple days before the hoard so I was able to get a large pack of the name brand stuff. Aside from paper products & hand sanitizer the super market was in pretty good shape yesterday.
  8. On the lighter because side because there's only so much misery you can absorb before it has a detrimental effect on your health. Since the mad toilet paper hoard last month I have seen some floating around in the supermarkets & wholesale clubs however it was brands I never heard of, probably military grade stuff that's a notch above sandpaper. On a positive note I literally can't remember the time I put gas in my car
  9. Dude, not just amazing houses by they all have huge properties.
  10. Well with all the course closed I guess the next best thing is to be able to work on a nice course. Roxiticus Golf Club in Mendham, NJ, we'll be cleaning out 78 bunkers over the next week. Excellent course in a beautiful area up in Somerset County.
  11. One big positive is we have a guy like Dr. Fauci working for us, clear that he is phenomenal. Bloomberg channel ran an interview they did with him last year before this mess & hard to believe but I came away even more impressed. He personally treated one of the Ebola patients & seeing him with his arm around & hugging her when she was discharged was priceless.
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