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  1. Trying to keep the memory lane stuff of the real threads, pathetic winter naturally means waxing nostalgic for the days of long duration man cold with lasting snow pack. I officially entered weenidom on the morning of Jan 20th 1978. Snowing before we went to bed however the forecast was for 1-3/2-4 then rain. My dad woke me up early that morning before it was even light & told me to look out the window. Opened up the shade only to find you couldn't see out the window, it was completely covered by snow drifting off the top roof. What an amazing day, heavy snow continued for several more hours, changed to heavy wind driven sleet & finally tapered off to drizzle later in the afternoon. Our development did not get plowed for (4) days. Heavy morning snow & a young 12 yr. old weenie fine tuning his craft Less than 3 wks later another classic that would lay the foundation for a very long period of cold & snow cover into the middle of March
  2. Looking at the I-380 traffic & cameras in the Poconos, must have been a nice squall blow thru, naturally multi vehicle crash on nearby I-80 & a another bad wreck on nearby I-84
  3. DEC 1960 was the 3rd coldest DEC on record, on the 11th & 12th of that month a ridiculously cold storm dropped 14.6", the first of three double digit events that season. On the 13th following the storm the high temp never made it out of teens. JAN 1978 was a very cold month overall with snow kicking in the very beginning of the month, a couple of big cutters produced very brief warm ups followed immediately by plunging temps, the 2nd cutter took out the residuals from the big mid month snowstorm, afterwards all the runoff froze solid & stayed that way well into March - best sledding ever, JAN 1978 is also the wettest JAN on record, FEB 1978 would produce an historic blizzard & locally a nearly month long period of steady cold & snow cover I've seen 1978 referenced on other sites / social media earlier this winter, our present climo is so far removed from what is was back in those days & not to mention the run ups to our current point in the winter don't even remotely resemble what occurred during those seasons. Hard to even fathom a comparison.
  4. Ice cover very weak on the GL this season, Lake Erie is really in the dumper, for frame of reference that lake was over 95% ice covered at this time during those brutal late 70's / early 80's winters Records back to 1973 Basin wide: AVE for 1/14 - 19.1%, lowest 1.3% 2007 Superior: AVE for 1/14 - 14.4%, lowest 1.4% 2008 Michigan: AVE for 1/14 - 16.5%, lowest 2.1% 2007 Huron: AVE for 1/14 - 24.9%, lowest 0.6% 2007 Ontario: AVE for 1/14 - 8.8%, lowest 0.0% 1983, 1987, 1997 & 2007 Erie: AVE for 1/14 - 39.5%, current 0.0% ties 2007 & 2012 for the record lowest on the date https://www.glerl.noaa.gov/data/ice/#historical
  5. Over this past decade Philadelphia recorded above average (POR Mean) snowfall on (9) of the (30) months. Each winter month had above average snowfall on (3) occasions. Less than 50% of average snowfall was recorded during (15) of the (30) months. The decadal mean back to the 1890's are above average snowfall on (11) months. The highest was the 1960's with (17) months & the lowest being the 1950's with (6) months.
  6. I can't remember when I've been less invested in winter, 1997-98, 2011-12?? Even during 2001-2002 I had more interest than this season if for no other reason than JB claiming to get the forecast right at 500mb. outside of the weather X's & O's which for the most part out kick my coverage one thing Tony said that has stuck with me is never verify a forecast with a forecast, over the past 2 seasons never have those words held as much water throughout the other WX boards & social media again, winter 2019-20, beyond the point of yawning
  7. temp wise over the past 22 days back to DEC 23rd PHL is +8.6 above average digging a pretty deep hole just to try to get back to MET winter average
  8. For the immediate metro area if that track / strength holds I'm preparing to yawn.
  9. Hopefully I don't pick up the golf clubs again until later in March. Only one way to go from this disgusting pattern.
  10. where do I sign up for the GFS 6Z OP run? nice warn round of golf SAT, a few days of blah then hello winter
  11. 3/16/2007, day before St. Patrick's day, 3.0" of sleet at PHL & just north of the city in Lower Bucks over 4", largest sleet storm in my lifetime Was 79 degrees two days prior on 3/14
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