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  1. Beautiful summer day down in North Wildwood, welcome the lower DP's & the clear air less all the haze. Late afternoon at 2 mile landing & sunset back in N wildwood, distant cell around Dover, DE.
  2. 0.29" back home overnight Nothing down here in North Wildwood, very humid the past 2 days, wind turned around this morning & DP's have dropped into the upper 60's.
  3. My North Wildwood view for the next week. Looks like a chamber of commerce beach week.
  4. Locally 2.02" final 4.15" total at PHL At Philadelphia 10 of top 20 wettest days on record have occurred since 2000. 7 of those 10 since 2011.
  5. locally 1.89" 77 / 73 split today brown grass cancel continuing the theme that any dry spell since 2002 has had a short shelf life South Harrison, Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex - 6.17"
  6. thru 6:00pm - 4.04" officially at PHL, record for the date & the 4th wettest July day on record: 1. 8.02" - 7/28/2013 2. 4.68" - 7/12/2004 3. 4.38" - 7/5/1989 4. 4.04" - 7/10/2020 over the entire Philadelphia period of record this is the 20th wettest day on record
  7. locally 1.43" at this point, more showery now after the big slug went thru 1.11" between 12:00-1:00 at PHL, decent chance of a 3" event there
  8. Not the ridge bridge we're looking for, also showing up on today's GEFS, does lower the east coast heights by day 10 so we'll see if that holds
  9. 89 / 74 locally in LMT, second straight day in the upper 80's, meanwhile nearby TTN keeps pez dispensing 90's Over on the coast at Lavallette a fresh south wind kept the max's in the low 80's however no relief from the low-mid 70 DP's afternoon ocean dip was just about perfection with temp in the low 70's, no shocker that is solidly above average for this time of year - these darn ocean heat islands are getting old....
  10. today we begin to lose a minute of daylight, over the course of July the length of daylight gets 42 mins shorter
  11. 93 / 68 in LMT today, hottest of the season precip wise a 0.20" rock, girlfriend reported pea sized hail as did every friend / relative in the lower end of Bucks congrats to all that experienced some really active stuff today down on the CNJ coast today by far the most oppressive day of the summer, the morning temps upper 80's to low 90's with DP's in the mid 70's were not a nice combo on the blazing sand, sea breeze did gradually lower temps however the humidity was brutal all day 10:30am on Mantoloking beach, only one lonely beach goer braving the soup Strong storm approaching Belmar just before 3:00, gusty with plenty of CTG lightning
  12. burnt toast fairways up at Morgan Hill yesterday, starter said they're only watering the tees & greens so I'm inclined to believe him
  13. ugliest morning of the summer locally beachfront is just as bad, no sea breeze until the afternoon, not going to enjoyable outside
  14. After several very ugly July's starting in 1988 we had a nice stretch of 14 yrs. from 1996 to 2009 in which only one July averaged over 80 degrees, I don't know what the heck happened during the 2000 summer but that was something special in the modern climo era. Since that time July has averaged over 80 degrees, August is on fire & September is the 4th month of summer. Over the past 18 yrs. PHL has recorded 50's during July only in 2007.
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