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  1. Over the past 12 months ABE is running significantly warmer relative to average than the other official Mt. Holly sites. I know there's been quite of bit of commercial development in the Lehigh Valley over the past 10 yrs. ASOS running warm? Combination of the two?
  2. Good stuff Tony! Takeaway from this summer will be all strong to severe storms & the multiple monsoon dumps. Heat wise it was a one hit wonder & even that was nothing on par with our epic heat waves of the past. Looks like we're settling in to a typically boring late summer pattern, without tropical influence things can get pretty mundane this time of year.
  3. Thru 4:30 I'm 89 / 70 today So far my death wave part V - 90 / 92 / 89, not going to complain about under performing heat at this point
  4. mind boggling to see how many people, whether individuals or groups of people participating in outdoor activity that are oblivious to the dangers of lightning Here's a local swim club that doesn't clear the outdoor area with thunder audible, absolutely nuts. Was just down in NC and it was crazy to watch people sitting on the beach under canopies & even swimming in the ocean during storms. We golfed Thurs & a number of groups continued to play despite some really close lightning strikes. https://www.inquirer.com/news/tree-accident-dolphin-swim-club-lower-southampton-20190818.html
  5. just ticked 90 today, DP maxed out at 77 degrees earlier, couple periods of thunder however nothing by a T in the bucket Record high in only 94 at PHL tomorrow, interesting climo note as this week there are several days with relatively low record highs, 93-94, and next week things return to the more summery record highs in the upper 90's to 100.
  6. thanks, for some reason I posted in thread instead of the temp / boring discussion thread
  7. Played Oak Island CC a couple times last week, remarkable recovery after Hurricane Florence & over 100" of rain last year. They lost 11 greens from flooding & over 250 trees from Florence. Thursday I we were golfing at a safari with all the wildlife running, swimming & flying around.
  8. Back in the hood after another terrific vacation on the SE coast. Weather wise from last SAT thru THURS mostly sunny with serious humidity outside of one day. It had been dry with Oak Island only measuring 0.18" from 7/15 thru 8/14. Rains came with a nice storm early Thurs am & FRI / SAT were round after round of heavy showers & storms rolling in off the ocean. The Island checked in with 8.08" Thurs morning thru 7:00am this morning. Every location along the Brunswick County coast recorded 6" - 8" over that time frame. Interesting feature down there this time of year are the nocturnal / early am storms that come in off the ocean. Oak Island is a south facing beach & the SW flow activity is impressive coming over that bathtub water especially the lightning which is definitely more prolific during the overnight & early am hours.
  9. Round after round of activity since 4:00am here on Oak Island. Nice storm rolling thru now.
  10. Rounds of showers & storms rolling in off the ocean in Oak Island, NC since the early morning hours. DP's around 70 are refreshing down here, had 80 degree DP's on Saturday & Wednesday.
  11. Life's a beach but today is a endurance test after a 9 hour drive on 2 hrs. Sleep. Incredible dew points on the grand strand with temps around 90 & DP'S in the low 80's. Oak Island peaked at a 80 degree DP & a H.I. of 108, North Myrtle Beach maxed with sick DP of 83 & a max H.I. of 113.
  12. Annual pilgrimage to Oak Island, NC 12:30 #'s - 90 / 79 for a heat index of 107
  13. talk about the rubber band snapping..... https://www.weather.gov/ilm/ILMDriestYear
  14. Tacked on 0.13" since 8:00 Even 2.70" for the day
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