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  1. The U.S. Open

    Watched a little yesterday & today was occupied during a Father's day gathering with the coverage on in the background so I didn't hear much aside from some idiot saying "nice shot chubby" to Patrick Reed. Reading the European players were dealing with most of the BS. You don't have this nonsense at Augusta & that's another reason why the Masters is the best major. Too many tournament galleries are turning into the Waste Management Open.
  2. The U.S. Open

    From the immortal delayed but denied theme the USGA once again crapped all over another U.S. Open yesterday. After the 2004 debacle & all the follow-up talk how that wouldn't happen again it's beyond embarrassing they let the course get away from them yesterday and to top it all off they blame it the wind which was just the normal sea breeze. I shut it off at 4:00, that late afternoon carnage wasn't entertaining in the least. Throw in the tap dance around what should have been a clear cut disqualification & congrats USGA you're once again the story over what should be our Nat'l Championship.
  3. The U.S. Open

    Greens were only 11 on the stimp yesterday & that's actually pretty tame for U.S. Open standards so would assume that was in response to the forecasted wind. Down side is when you let the poa grow out a little it gets choppy. Appears to me aside from a couple of debatable pins positions the USGA did a very good job with the setup. Now if they're watering greens in between pairings SUN we'll revisit. Last thing I'm a fan of are these Open's in which the players labor for par however for 1 round yesterday was a necessary bloodletting. Overall they're been killing the courses this year including the Players so the dose of reality was probably required. Was happy that the vast majority of players didn't bellyache about the setup, I think Jordan was the only one that went off. You know what Jack used to say about the players whining about the course.
  4. EDT Is Here! So Are After 8 PM Sunsets!

    yesterday marked the earliest sunrise & the start of the 15hr daylight window sunrises start getting later on June 17th & 15 hours of daylight ends on June 30th
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    53 this morning at PHL, have to go back to 1980 for a cooler temp on this date doesn't get any better than yesterday afternoon thru today, had to bail on work early the past 2 days so I could get home & do some peddling, rode down to Core Creek Park this afternoon
  6. The 40s club, you know you want in!!!

    48 this morning Won't be back here until Sept
  7. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    have to believe there are some ridiculous 31 days totals down your way & over into DEL & SNJ
  8. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    11.48" in my yard over the past 31 days the Memorial Day weekend monsoon & subsequent cloudy shank weather worked over my tomatoes pretty good, even in pots they were all riddled with blight, cleaned them up & sprayed SAT however the rinse, wash & repeat yesterday & today is not what the doctor ordered, can only hope the prospects of an upcoming mostly sunny stretch hold my brother just up the road in Newtown does not have a raised bed & he lost all his tomatoes & peppers
  9. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    1.36" thru 6:00am
  10. 6/10-6/11 Heavy Rain Observations

    0.34" thru 7:30pm of course today was our Phillies game & right on que rain started in the bottom of the 1st innning
  11. Spring and Summer 2018

    perfect conditions FRI for the marine layer inversion - mid 80's over 63 degree water with virtually no breeze on the beach been going down either 1st or 2nd weekend of June since 1995 & good beach days are not easy to come by, many foggy shank days on the immediate coast while a few miles inland we bake on the golf course another shot with the inversion more pronounced
  12. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    quick shower then a quick rainbow
  13. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    May 2018 details: ABE: mean - (+5.8), max - (+4.9), min - (+6.7) ACY: mean - (+5.9), max - (+5.4), min - (+6.4) GED: mean - (+6.1), max - (+5.9), min - (+6.4) PHL: mean - (+3.8), max - (+3.8), min - (+3.9) RDG: mean - (+5.4), max - (+4.3), min - (+6.3) TTN: mean - (+5.3), max - (+4.8), min - (+5.7) ILG: mean - (+4.6), max - (+4.5), min - (+4.8) MPO: mean - (+5.2), max - (+5.0), min - (+5.5) Minimum departures were higher at all locations however the Max departures certainly held there own
  14. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    from the broken record category last month was the 8th warmest May on record at Philadelphia, since the start of this decade (101 months) this is now the 31st top 10 warmest month over the period of record back to 1874 May leads the warm parade with 5 out of 9 such months, hopefully we can avoid July joining that party on the flip side only one month this decade is top 10 cold
  15. Spring and Summer 2018

    a few from our annual early June AC weekend