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  1. congrats & good luck with the new digs! my guess is you bought a mountaintop chalet above the tree line in Paul's neighborhood
  2. Finshed up with 3.02" for the week. After this week it was so dank, musty & wet this morning the air actually smelled bad.
  3. The late pm / early am onslaught totaled 4.42" at PHL the 1.76" recorded yesterday breaks the previous daily record of 1.64" from 1935 the 2.66" so far today breaks the previous daily record pf 1.64" from 1913 PHL has now recorded 7.50" for the month of June, at this point that is the 9th wettest June on record. Five of the top 10 wettest June's on record has occurred since the last drought in 2002.
  4. my Ambient gauge is close to 3/4 inch for today, that's usually a little high when we get these tropical downpours so I'll check the CoCoRaHS gauge when I get home tonight in any event no rest for Mt. Laurel tomorrow
  5. I got a 0.01" rock yesterday so good luck with that one today.
  6. What an effort by Woodland, totally earned this title holding off the mighty Koepka. Terrific short game over the tournament including several huge unlikely par saves. Nice to have an Open in which the USGA is not part of the story. Good job by Joe Buck to let the moment breathe after the bird at 18.
  7. 53 for a low this morning at PHL, coolest for the date since 1985
  8. the big hay makers could be in trouble early in the season, average # of 90 days before July for the top 25 years is 10, no season with 40(+) 90 days had less than 4 before July
  9. 1.04" for the am rain & 1.13" for the evening downpour
  10. Go Joe Go! Local & Network weather coverage is unwatchable, this nonsense has very little to do about public safety & everything to do about ratings. In fact it can be argued that warning, alert, code red, storm ranger.....fatigue can actually make the situation worse. Another sad aspect of all this sensationalism is the NWS gets lumped in with all these purveyors of fear mongering. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/13/media/joe-crain-sinclair-code-red/index.html
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