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  1. I like days like this, especially if I am just in the office anyway. Not missing anything, no self-imposed pressure to be out doing something fun or interesting like on a beautiful day, just a moody gray day that you can feel good about being hunkered down indoors. Even more so when the more raw gray days of November are upon us. Added benefit of a day like today though is having the windows open to enjoy the cool air.
  2. Amazingly well-defined OFB racing east to west, from the shore toward PA. But not much convection near or off shore, what is causing that? Sea breeze not OFB? Or sea breeze enhanced OFB? 11655342-6481-49C2-AA49-A682C15682CA.mov
  3. Yep, I took the pic from the edge of the parking lot of the new middle school
  4. I took this picture from Newtown on Wed 9/11/19 of an isolated severe warned (likely weakening) storm way out west, I think near Reading IIRC.
  5. I love fall weather, on the fair days, but for anyone like me that loves storms it’s also the most boring time of year from that perspective. No thunderstorms, no snowstorms, pretty early for nor’easters. With the exception of the occasional tropical system to follow, there’s just not much going on. But a fair day in fall is better than a fair day just about any other time of year.
  6. Heavy downpour in Newtown, a few close lightning strikes with deep, rolling, reverberating thunder. Love it! At this time of year, you never know, could be the last time until spring 😢
  7. I actually have Anderson Valley Summer Solstice in my fridge right now! Couple more left, still seems appropriate for September even though it’s meteorological fall Never thought of it as a cream ale though, seems almost like a brown ale. Isn’t cream ale by definition pale/amber/blonde? I don’t know, just asking. Regardless of official taxonomy, it’s a great beer. Here’s a link to the Neshaminy Creek - it’s actually called Croydon Cream Ale, the “lawnmower ale” I referenced in my earlier post is just a “subtitle” (but if you read their site, it’s actually a “synonym” for cream ale). https://neshaminycreekbrewing.com/beers/croydon-cream-ale/
  8. Wow our tastes really are similar because I, too, seem to enjoy Yunegling less over time, and also love cream ales. I remember Genessee too, are they still around like some of these other “retro” beers? I don’t see too many cream ales anymore. 21st Amendment Hell or High Watermelon does not call itself a cream ale (it’s actually a wheat beer), but I find it has a creamy ale type of texture; even my father-in-law remarked that it reminded him of Genessee. Neshaminy Creek Lawnmower Ale is also a cream ale if I remember correctly. If you can think of any others, let me know. Meeting up for a round or two sounds great. Someone in this thread once mentioned doing a Bucks County meetup, we should try to make it happen this winter!
  9. Cool, my in-laws live up that way, didn’t even know there was a Wallenpaupack brewery! Do they have a brewery up there or are they just labeling/distributing beer actually brewed elsewhere? If a brewery, are they open for tours/tastings?
  10. Just call me “question boy”... Anyone else seeing a dulling / tinge of brown in the leaves already?? Doesn’t it seem early, especially given how wet the summer has been??
  11. I agree almost to the letter in likes/dislikes. What you said about pumpkin beers could also be said about other styles/flavors: too many of them, but there are always some good ones in there and as you said the fun is in finding them. Also true that there is a style for every palate and not all will appeal to everyone; that’s the beauty of the craft brew explosion, we no longer have to settle for mainstream beer meant for non-discerning, lowest-common-denominator palates (if that makes me a “beer snob,” so be it! ). But when we get *too much* proflieration of obscure styles, it seems a paradox to the whole concept. Anyway, I have similar likes/dislikes of particular styles as you. I also enjoy the Marzen / Oktoberfest styles, particularly the ones that actually come from Germany - Ayinger is a favorite. They certainly go better with food than pumpkin beers. Every fall I look forward to a nice Oktoberfest style sausage plate with an Oktoberfest beer. Perfect transitional beer - too heavy for summer, too light for winter. Speaking of food/beer pairings, a pumpkin beer with pumpkin pie is awesome Speaking of pumpkin beer, Vault brewing in Yardley had a nice twist with a sweet potato beer, and it was a nitro IIRC. Hope they have it again this year. Otherwise, I generally gravitate toward lagers, maybe some lighter ales in summer, particularly 21st Amendment watermelon and Leinenkugel summer shandy. I like pilsners, Kolsch or Helles styles, some wheat beers if not too fizzy/citrusy. In the winter I like Harpoon Winter Warmer and similar beers. I like Guinness stout and enjoy trying nitro stouts at brewpubs but not a big fan of most other stouts that come in bottles. I particularly enjoy trying nitro versions of beers other than stouts; sometimes a brewpub will have a nitro porter etc. Like you, I am not a big fan of IPAs and don’t like the way they have seemed to dominate over the past few years, but will occasionally have one of the lower alcohol versions; the hoppy bitterness helps slow me down. Not too big on red or brown ales (except Yards Brawler) but do enjoy the occasional Scottish. Having written all my beer snob stuff, there are times when a basic mainstream lager is the best thing - something to quaff with a BBQ or pizza. For me that would often be a Yuengling or even a PBR (yes, I got hooked when it first came back around as an “ironic” retro beer among all the craft brews). Also, I find that certain beers make me gassy and bloated - not sure if it’s a gluten thing, or if it’s just beers that use too much corn or other particular ingredients; I haven’t paid enough attention to see if there’s a pattern to it. I’m not a “gluten free” guy, but if I’m just having beer with pizza and it’s not an interesting enough beer to risk any gastrointestinal distress, I will often turn to Omission gluten-free lager, which in my opinion still tastes better than any mainstream lager. Is it bad to be writing about beer before 7am??? 🤔
  12. I’ve seen mention of this before in the AFD and never really understood why, exactly, the Pine Barrens area is cooler. Would someone more knowledgeable than me mind explaining?? Lowered temps a bit below guidance in the more prone spots of the Pine Barrens in NJ as temps tend to drop much quicker there than most models can anticipate
  13. I use the same strategy - order a beer I hate so it slows me down LOL Maybe I should try that with food so I can lose some weight
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