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  1. Hey everyone, with all the boring weather I haven't been on here for quite a while, glad to see there is a coronavirus thread going. Stormtrack has had three threads on the topic; the general one started before the end of January; that started getting too political so someone started a separate political coronavirus thread. As you can imagine, that didn't go too well and was shut down. The third thread is a stormchasing-specific coronavirus thread - i.e., whether people are "permitted" to chase during lockdown depending upon the level of restriction in different states, and other logistical concerns - such as news that the Wyndham in Oklahoma City announced closure all the way through June 1, which doesn't bode well for a late-season chase vacation even if we are past the peak of health risk by then... Anyway, I am blessed to be able to work from home and feel bad for people that are out of work; I frequently wrestle with whether we have done the right thing by unplugging the entire economy in this way. Especially since a lot of decisions were made based on models and projections, and we all know what models are worth... Regardless, it is what it is, but, we cannot continue this for too long without doing irreparable damage to the society. I could actually go to my office in Yardley and practice social distancing by being the only one there, but I might as well enjoy the flexibility and comfort of working from home while I can. If this were 10 or 15 years ago when I were a younger man, it would drive me crazy to be secluded at home like this, but in my mellower "old age" I rather enjoy. The main thing I miss is my Brazilian jiu jitsu training; it's going to be difficult to figure out when it's safe to do that again; even once things start opening back up, grappling on the mats with five different guys in an evening is going to be questionable... In the meantime, trying to keep in shape with home workouts; I have a rower, an elliptical, and some dumbbells and kettlebells. I add in walking, running or biking if the weather is warm. Looking forward to more consistent warm weather to at least get out back, BBQ, etc. My company is in healthcare, although I am on the finance side. Spending most of my time researching the impact of all the new tax and unemployment legislation. Feeling much more reactive these days, hard to do the heads-down "deeper" work I prefer, but it can be hard to be as consistently productive from home and just responding to all the new coronavirus stuff is taking a lot of time. So far I have a couple of colleagues that have / have had the virus, one colleague that lost her father who was in a nursing home, and a friend that had it - he's about 55, relatively mild case, I think yesterday was his first day out of quarantine. Although I am generally a hypochondriac, I don't worry too much about getting it. Despite the scary numbers, the actual case rate is a fraction of one percent. It's all about protecting the healthcare system, because even small percentages add up to large absolute numbers that could exceed hospital bed and ICU capacity.
  2. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This Open Gate Guinness milk stout was interesting, it’s not a nitro but it was smooth and delicious. Need to find out more about the relationship between this Baltimore brewery and Guinness. Had a Murphy’s with my corned beef, the milk stout as “dessert” right after, and will have a couple sips of Jameson soon just to complete the trifecta.
  3. Old news already but I haven’t been here in awhile. Smart move, keep people locked down in their homes, without any alcohol. Enforce social distancing, but announce you’re closing the liquor stores so everybody congregates in a buying spree and waits on line together for an hour. Thank goodness my sister in NJ gave me the news, I ran out to the store Saturday night. Bought much more than I needed, but just pulled off the shelves whatever I thought I could possibly want for various cocktails (I enjoy experimenting as a home mixologist). Figured it could take weeks to reopen, plus time to restock and people swooping in and wiping everything out with pent up demand. Also bought plenty of wine for my wife and me, I know the grocery store carries it but figured they would be wiped out once the liquor stores close (and they don’t have a great selection anyway, particularly of the Old World wines that I prefer). It was a 90-minute door to door excursion on Saturday night but I was set. Ironically, my wife told me I got the “wrong” wine so I had to go back and get what she likes at the supermarket the next day LOL.
  4. Barr Hill is totally different. Not for martinis. Drink it neat, chilled/up or in a Martinez.
  5. Big gin drinker right here, happy to compare notes with you anytime!!! I have my favorites, and some are cocktail-specific. I have had the Barr Hill Tom Cat, which is great in a Martinez, happy to send you my recipe if you like. I have also had the “regular” (clear) Barr Hill, which has honey in it and is also excellent, although when I put it in the freezer I got some “sediment” in it, which I think may have just been the honey crystallizing... My (current) favorite gin for martinis is Tanqueray 10. My favorite gin cocktail - probably my favorite overall cocktail - is the Negroni, and I experiment with all different gins. For Negronis or martinis also try Five Saints, made in Norristown.
  6. It feels too early for daylight savings time and I don’t enjoy seeing that it’s still light outside while I am still stuck in my office until 7pm. Also (today excluded) temps generally still too cool to be outside enjoying the extra hour of evening daylight. But I do love the long evenings and late sunsets in the summer, perfect for enjoying the deck on a weekend evening for drinks and a late dinner, not to mention maximizing the evenings while on vacation at the shore.
  7. Can’t believe it’s meteorological spring already. Really bummed that there were no snowstorms this winter, not even any potential ones to track. Although I guess no storms at all is better than tracking for a week only to have Lucy yank the football away. Or would most of you have preferred it that way? (i.e., To have loved and lost is better than to never have loved...) Once I get spring fever, as on a day like Monday 3/2, I no longer have an interest in going back to the cold, unless it’s accompanied by a major snowstorm. Otherwise, I’ll look forward to even a rainy nor’easter or, even better, the return of spring convection. I sure hope we get some local action this year, as my annual Plains storm chasing trip is in jeopardy due to work-related scheduling issues... Not that any thunderstorms around here are ever that great, but if it’s a particularly inactive season it will add insult to injury.
  8. Pretty ground fog this morning in Yardley around 6:20am
  9. @Parsley Cool photo of all those contrails in various stages of newness and decay in the wider angle Ferris wheel shot!
  10. I'm as bummed as anybody about the lack of snow. Even temps have disappointed. I don't really enjoy the cold, but I do enjoy extreme weather, so I'm kind of missing those cold, harsh, windy days; don't need that every day, but the last ones already seem like a distant memory. I sort of want it to be either warm enough to truly enjoy being outside (60's) OR extreme cold that makes you feel good to be inside; none of this "in between" stuff like in the 40's. Having said all that, I'm at least looking forward to all of the rainy days this week. At least it's some activity. Makes me feel good about being inside, even being at the office. This is my busiest time of year (accounting) so a nice rainy day keeps me from feeling like I'm missing anything. I feel like I've got a metaphorical cloud over me because of a stressful workload, so I kind of like when the weather matches my mood...
  11. Thanks for thinking of me! It does look good. Unfortunately the nearest Wegmans is a 20-30 minute drive for me... If I end up near one I will definitely look for it. Thanks again!
  12. This will probably end up being a significant snowfall, since I will be in Florida 😕
  13. Merry Christmas to all my fellow weather geeks! Here’s to a snowy winter!
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