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  1. My buddy is down in Sea Isle and sent me a video of some tidal flooding in the streets. Looks like it pushed in at least a couple of blocks. Not sure if it is from the ocean or the bay. I have to think this track would be just about a worst case scenario track if it were a hurricane, do you guys agree??
  2. Newtown has been practically encircled by storms all afternoon with no action here. Looks like storms trying to get to us from the NW are dying as they encounter outflow from the arc of storms to the east. Not holding out much hope for an opportunity to enjoy one of my favorite pastimes, sitting on the porch sipping a cocktail while it's raining.
  3. Ugh. Lightning activity decreasing and heavier core shrinking and skirting north 😡
  4. But at least I have one coming for me now
  5. Photo looking south at around the time of the above radar image - on my bike riding back from the gym. Saw a couple of CG’s.
  6. Quite an unfortunate warning polygon configuration for a guy that loves thunderstorms
  7. Congratulations!!! I received Johnnie Walker Blue as a gift years ago. Very high end stuff. As a Johnnie Walker Black fan, I thought the Blue was extraordinary. However, I still have some left and it's got some of that "pond scum" looking stuff near the bottom! Couldn't believe that would happen with a high-proof serious whiskey like that. I want to dump it down the sink and make room for something else, but I can't bring myself to do it, given the cost of it... Yet I can't bring myself to drink it either! Any idea whether it's OK to drink??
  8. Thanks, I'll pass on it then, but maybe will try next year instead of stocking up on the Shandy as I normally do...
  9. Just picked up the Skrewball peanut butter whiskey last weekend. A knowledgeable spirits person in the Newtown store recommended it. I told her I don't like flavored whiskeys that are too sweet. I told her for example I tried and did NOT like Jim Beam Apple, or Knob Creek Maple, or any of the "spiced" whiskeys. She told me the initial taste was peanut butter, but in the finish you know it's a whiskey. I would have to say that's largely accurate. It's sweet, but not disgustingly so, and it does have a nice clean warm whiskey bite in the finish. I would say definitely on the sweet side for a whiskey - and it's only 70 proof after all - but not as sweet as a true liqueur. Definitely an after-dinner drink, perfect if you want something a little sweet but not too sweet. I've tried it twice, both times neat. Haven't tried mixing it with anything. I do wish someone would make a whiskey with just a subtle amount of flavoring. Sort of like the ones that are aged in rum, stout or cider casks, where it's mostly all whiskey flavor with just a subtle background essence of some other flavor. I am anxious to try Crown Peach. The initial seasonal stock sold out, but I heard the stores are getting another shipment. I heard it's sweet, but might be enjoyable just because I like peach. I guess you have to think of a flavored whiskey as it's own thing, i.e. not really whiskey but enjoyable for what it is, especially after dinner when you want something sweet but not a thick syrupy super-sweet liqueur.
  10. A summer classic! Wouldn't be summer without it. One of the best refreshing beers for a hot day.
  11. How is Sam Adams Porch Rocker compared to Sam Adams Summer? Is Porch Rocker similar to Leinenkugel Summer Shandy? Would like to try it but already have a lot of shandy and don't want to be redundant 🙂
  12. July usually the best for thunderstorms around these parts - at least anecdotally. Others with more knowledge can say whether that is empirically and climatologically true. Still lots of time for those of us that love thunderstorms.
  13. Took this picture from Newtown on Monday evening. Rare to have visibility to see a discrete storm 50-60 miles away like that. Wish I could have seen how it looked a little while later with the sidelighting of the setting sun, but by then my family and I were seated at dinner at a restaurant. We were outdoors, it would have been easy enough to get up and take a look, but to be honest I completely forgot about it 😔
  14. Council Rock school district sent around surveys to parents, asking about level of agreement/disagreement with various proposed measures. Not sure how transparent they will be with the results, or how much majority opinion will ultimately influence the decision makers (who obviously have to take in other input as well, such as CDC and state-level public health recommendations, and state government regulations), but it was nice to at least have some input and feel a part of the process.
  15. Exactly. That's 2%. So a 2% probability that any given person I encounter has the virus. (That's NJ; other areas are lower, and overall US average is still under 1%). It's actually even lower than that, because the 172,000 is total cumulative cases, not currently active cases. I suspect if you pull out the concentration of cases in nursing homes and facilities, it drops further for the rest of the general population. You can probably also pull out the larger cities and the percentage for the suburban and rural areas of NJ will be lower. Then you have people that are actually sick and (hopefully) staying home. What percentage of the currently active cases are asymptomatic? Put it all together, and the probabilities that a given person you encounter is an *asymptomatic* transmitter of the virus has to be substantially less than 2%. I'm not trying to minimize it, even tiny percentages add up to large numbers of people and can strain the health system, and personal risk factors are critical to consider. Just agreeing with the sentiment that it's important to keep the relatively low personal/individual risk in perspective when making decisions. Like if SPC has us in a 2% tornado risk, the chance that a tornado is going to hit my neighborhood or house is substantially lower. (This may be a poor analogy, the mets on here will hopefully correct me 🙂 The irony is that many of us walked around blissfully barely aware of the coronavirus in early March, when the prevalence and risk was probably much greater than it is right now. Of course, I'm no statistician, but I think you would have to start aggregating the probabilities based on how many people you come in contact with. If each person has a 1% probability, does coming into contact with 10 people make your probabilities 10%? Hopefully one of the mets on here can shed some light on that, it's something I've always wondered, I'm too far removed from my college statistics class to remember how that works 🙂 Fortunately, the LBI beach house we rented is on the bay, so I'm perfectly content to spend 90% of my time there. Last year we didn't even go to the beach more than two or three times the whole week, just to do some boogieboarding with the kids for a few hours. Of course, we'll have to go out for groceries, takeout, etc., but we would have to do that at home too.
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