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  1. Winter Banter Thread

    i have released my summer outlook
  2. that baffin island vortex screams eastern us heat to me
  3. Spring Banter 2017

    this spring is garbage
  4. day 8-10 archambault event and then we ride into the torchy sunset?
  5. Summer Banter Thread

    i hope we get at least one more big heat wave
  6. what a great summer this is turning into. bring on this heat wave!
  7. Perseid Meteor Shower (Aug 11-12)

    that's the wrong peak date
  8. Pre Winter Disc.

    the atlantic hasn't looked like this in a while
  9. 6/28 slgt risk for North and West

    1.16" from the storm last night plus .30" that morning and a possible tornado a few miles away (that OKX is being quiet about... hmm)
  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    hi from the desert. can i has a sw flow pattern?
  11. Winter banter Thread

    i wish long conversations on twitter were easier to read. if you don't catch one from the beginning you're screwed
  12. does that pattern last long enough to give us something or does the alaskan vortex reestablish itself and push the pna ridge east?
  13. Soaking Rains and then Joaquin?

    that is a nasty look for coastal flooding concerns
  14. Summer banter thread

    yay extended july
  15. 8/10 Weeklies, Dry, Dry, Dry

    to each their own. looks great to me. hopefully we can pad the 90 count and get an above normal seasonal total
  16. Summer banter thread

    meteors? what are those?
  17. Prelim Winter 2015/16 Disc.

    all that bath water near the dateline
  18. Summer banter thread

    i like synoptic scale systems too much. the best way to improve our climate would be to extend cape cod by about a thousand miles so the labrador current is blocked
  19. Summer banter thread

    bring sunday back. i hate this weather
  20. summer 2016

    torchy nina summer?