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  1. Just got done watering the flowers and it felt like I ran a marathon. All I did was sweat. Turned the hose on me after I was done, felt good, but then the big horse fly's started to attack. I mean the BIG one's too.
  2. Made it to a balmy 91.4F and 111 HI here in Sellersville. Temps are cooling off, ever so slightly...
  3. Sitting at .98" for the day from the tropical sliders. Just need .02" to make it to an even inch of rain today. Rumbling going on but the storms keep falling apart as they get here.
  4. "Tropical sliders" coming through and dumping in a short period of time.
  5. Given the 2" PWAT values for today, what is the make up of any rain/t-storm? Just going to be the type that fire up out of nowhere and rain themselves out? Or something more widely scattered as the day goes on?
  6. I prefer Woodford Reserve, and I may have to add an ice cube this weekend to help me cool off.
  7. Heavy stuff missed unless the next round dumps on us. Looks like a steady light/moderate rain for now. Only .08"/hr rate right now. Up to .34" Still hearing thunder in the area.
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