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  1. I am happy in that respect. Don't need any more right now. Ground soaked up what it could and I still have a some mini-ponds in my yard.
  2. Here is what I mean about the split that usually happens. Rain goes North or South if me.
  3. Some photos of the receding waters around Perkasie and Sellersville.
  4. 7.43" on my VP2 and 7.02" on my CoCoRaHS rain gauge. Seems the VP2 did more overestimating than I thought.
  5. Looks like we are going to top out at 7.43", impressive.
  6. Just saw this for the Sellersville Fire Department. The east branch of the Perkiomen Creek runs through Perkasie and Sellersville. MAJOR FLOODING and lots of water rescues happening in town. That picture of the DQ is from a rebuilt/new bridge which was raised about 8 ft higher than the previous one and it still isn't enough.
  7. Need a bigger rain gauge 😎
  8. Still a light rain falling. Getting windy and lights are flickering. 7.33" on the VP2. Manual gauge is right in line.
  9. 7.06" I hope it stops soon...
  10. 3 Mile Run (River) Creek after 6.80" and the picture of the retention basin which has never held more than a few inches water in the past 11 yrs. The creek is higher than I have ever seen it, and there are two bridges in my development and I couldn't get out of either right now.
  11. Tornado damage in Mamora, NJ.
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