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  1. .03" so far, and I'm good with it.
  2. Just getting clipped by the trailing edge of those storms now. Radar looks impressive but they aren't putting down a lot of rain. Thankfully... This could reduce the severe chances for storms later today up here unless we get a major rebound. I'm thinking a bit further to the South and West have the better chances this afternoon.
  3. Aren't they supposed to be disease resistant? I have heard good things about them. Good luck !!
  4. Get to the range! Well, it never helps me. I worked on my swing rotation. Amazing how straight the ball goes when you fully rotate your body. Now, IF I can only remember to do it the next time.
  5. Played Spring Hollow yesterday morning. Course was in great condition with only the first hole being wet on one side. Shot an 86 so I was very happy.
  6. cbelke

    New Radar?

    It's on the old Johnsville Base in Warminster. There used to be a centrifuge built back in the 60's and into the late 90's they used for astronaut training. The centrifuge building is now an "escape room" business. The 6ABC radar is about 50 yds from the building. You can see it on Google Maps. I think there used to be a weather radar station on the Willow Grove NAS that was used but that has since been taken down.
  7. Yup, impressive radar signatures for a while, but nothing severe. Didn't even feel the gust front come through, although we did hear the roar overheard for a couple of minutes, but that wind never made it down to the ground., all aloft.
  8. Agreed. Lots of fireworks and rain. Only got. 59" out of it all and very little wind. Only had a 9 mph gust out of it.
  9. KDIX up and down makes for a jumpy radar image.
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