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  1. Weenies: That 12Z GFS storm for late next week at day 9 is a lock, book it 20-30 along I-95. 😲🙄
  2. I would think an anti-frontal wave is a possibility after the Tuesday cutter, maybe more than one. Going to have to rely on something like that to get PHL past an inch this winter.
  3. Got 5 of snow in 2 hours with brief thundersnow. Pretty neat last few hours here!
  4. Could be a very special day here tomorrow. Ingredients are coming together really nicely for a snowband with rates of 3+ per hour tomorrow here for a couple of hours.
  5. I hate it when my hunches are right sometimes 😪. Weeklies basically went to my thoughts yesterday. Should be +5 for February at least.
  6. Winter Cancelled signed 1/30 MWG, see images for signature.
  7. Another rotation MJO through 4,5,6 mid-late Feb showing on the charts Tombo loves 😪😫☹️😭😭Those are still very warm phases in Feb. Not much strat help, maybe a temporary split around day 10 but then the PV strengthens again. While the ensembles start to look ok by day 10 the ridge near AK retrogrades west building in a fairly stout SE ridge by day 15 which lines up with the MJO going into 4/5. I expect a much warmer weeklies run tonight.
  8. Late next week may have a shot for an anti-frontal wave. Gotta get a warm-up and cutters out of the way through mid-week first.
  9. The GEFS mean has close to a foot for the weekend here. Looks high but we'll see.
  10. Yup, this weekend has a boom or bust feel up here.
  11. Toward the end of the EPS run a positive was getting that trough out of AK. Want that trough to continue to undercut into the US and that ridge near the west coast to shoot up into AK. Cold returns if that happens which is what the weeklies showed for Feb on Thursday.
  12. Looks like inland locations like me could skirt by for a wintry event. However, With that low going up the coast and not a lot of cold air the onshore flow should easily overcome what's leftover near I-95. Next one might be similar as well.
  13. Snowfall wise I had about 3 Saturday then another 1-2 last night from Finger Lake effect snow.
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