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  1. Memorial Day weekend weather

    I see I'm not the only one awake at this way too early/late hour. Severe looks more meh though. Better get the outdoor holiday stuff done Saturday folks.
  2. Medium - long range tropics

    MJO looks favorable for it as well. EPS have a strong signal with this. Could be more flooding issues around Memorial day if it gets sucked north or a PRE occurs.
  3. Obviously the HRRR is way overdone on CAPE. Not going to see 1000 J/KG in an hour here. Makes that 4500 J/KG over NJ all the more shakier later today.
  4. Got a 26 mph gust and pea size hail with the cluster of the storms along the warm push up here.
  5. Medium - long range tropics

    OP model runs minus the GFS are trying to get something going in the gulf next week. Moisture stream late next week into east.
  6. Trying to find a dry day to forecast in the extended today .
  7. I would think the better chances of enhanced end up further west across western/central PA. Meanwhile 46F here in BGM as we struggle to 50 for a high.
  8. IFR ceilings are really not helpful to get severe going.
  9. Sunday on the op EC went the other quick for you all, looks like the 90 threat went to 50 and rain.
  10. I have an announcement...

    Congrats again!
  11. 56-57 also came after a couple of ninas. Though I could see where this nino falls short. I think some models had this winter as nino at one point.
  12. The one time it did was 76-77, though the previous three years were ninas with year 2 being the weakest.
  13. CANSIPS update 1. Ridge through the summer sets up over the southern plains and Rockies with a weak trough in the northeast. Hot for those regions in addition to the northern plains, near to slightly above normal for the east. 2. Wish we could lock it up for next winter close to as is. Modki weak to moderate nino, Big EPO and NAO ridges with an eastern US trough.
  14. EC weeklies tonight. May 7-14th: Below normal temps, general trough over eastern Canada May 14th-21st: Several degrees above normal, east coast ridge centered over New England. Shouldn't snow in BGM this week one would think. May 21st through 28th: Trough in the west, slightly higher heights than normal lakes into northeast, close to normal May into June: Is a little cooler than normal but the mean ridge shifts into the southern plains and southwest with lower heights in Hudson Bay. Warms up by week 2 in June to just above normal.
  15. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Nice course. Customer service is a lost art in many places of business, glad that wasn't one of them.