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  1. Euro general .1-.3 main band through south NJ. Pinpointing the narrow band of 2-4 snow will be a challenge. Should thump around rush hour.
  2. Flood gates of cold would still come after torchmas. Being further west may pay off for me eventhough Kentucky is a less snowier locale usually.
  3. GEMS back to a stronger SE ridge as well both ensemble sets have torchmas now.
  4. GEFS flopping once again going back to a SE ridge around Christmas.
  5. Temps are modeled in the 20's that and some snow growth should get ratios to 15:1.
  6. Going to have at least one cutter around the 22nd and want that to really bomb out and really move the front eastward quicker.
  7. Not over yet by any stretch. Trends are encouraging so far today. For now, EPS are odd ball and GEMS colder than last run.
  8. Tropical tidbits 12/25 12z from GEPS versus EPS (00Z). The EPS are the 240 image. Notice a huge difference and the GEFS are even less Se ridge than the GEPS.
  9. Has support from Canadian ensembles today. EPS all alone with a pig of a SE ridge now.
  10. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    NAM, HRRR and RAP were all excellent tonight.
  11. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    That should lift north by midnight.
  12. GEFS trended back with more Se ridge but not as horrendous as the EPS.
  13. Wednesday Night December 13th Clipper Obs

    Products updated this evening with advisory expansion (impact). Really think we get a decent two hour burst coming around midnight.