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  1. Unscientific measurement of 1.75" in Conshie. May have lost a little to compaction. 30 degrees. Light freezing drizzle now.
  2. Tom what are your thoughts on 2nd part? Sleet/freezing rain duration?
  3. Thanks Tom. My major concern is ice. Just want to make sure we are actually just getting plain rain into tomorrow. Am ready for the flash freeze tomorrow.
  4. I have sites from far N Chester county to far upper Bucks to central and far southern NJ through Philly to Delaware and southern Chesco counties and everywhere in between. The information you guys supply is invaluable. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks Tom and thanks to all of you who provide valuable information to the snow removal contractor!! It's a difficult job and not one you can rely solely on the media for!
  6. Tom how confident are you that the models haven't screwed the pooch on this one? I'm in Conshohocken where it's snowing and seems like temps have gotten colder as opposed to rising.
  7. Very light snow in Conshohocken, Pa. Melting as it hits the ground. Air seems warmer than 34 on phone app.
  8. Uwchland is about 3- 4 miles northwest. Anything would help. Observations/measurements from any area close by. Really appreciate the help!
  9. I am a snow removal contractor that relies heavily on this forum for information and respect it as one of the more professional so thank you all for what you provide for me. I have a site in Exton with a kicker over 40" and am 6/10ths of an inch short based upon my meteorological service's certified total for the last storm of 6.3". Any information any of you in that area could provide for a basis of appeal would be most appreciated. Thanks again and have a great weekend!
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