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  1. njwinter23

    January 22-23 winter storm final total

    Ray, I just noticed you are back on the East Coast. Good to have you back enjoying the blockbusters!
  2. njwinter23

    January 22-23 winter storm final total

    Holmdel, NJ: 20.5"... Meassured 16.5 on average around my house at about 5PM and we were good for 4" of fluff on the back edge after that.
  3. I hate the NAM with a passion. Actually, I hate myself for looking at it when it should never be loked at in these situation. #weatherpornshame
  4. I tend to interpret this as the beginning of the end as far as the NAM showing its ridiculousness...based on 500 trends
  5. yeah they shaved back a bit, ending the wrap around stuff quicker...face value 6-10 for the region
  6. The Euro Ens mean leaves very little to be desired. Hate not having the Euro with us here, but I think tony said it best with blending that euro/gfs here, and ignoring the nam like the plague
  7. 96 and 03 were easily my 2 most significant April events in my lifetime. 97 didnt work too well for me in monmouth, 96 was 6-10" and i had about 7-8" in 03
  8. njwinter23

    Thunderstorm Thread

    Those 12z models were nottttt good for anyone wanting severe on wed
  9. njwinter23

    Thunderstorm Thread

    The high CAPE values that Tony was mentioning are directly attributed to an impressive EML advected in by the GFS. Shear looks marginally supportive for a sustained line, it will come down to timing of any prior system/mcv tonight into tomorrow..Even if it arrives after dark tmrw it could still be severe with plenty of elevated instability left over On a side note I look to receive a nice wake up call around 5-6z tonight up in CT.