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  1. 49 this morning in Sinking Spring area, Berks County.
  2. Nice sunrise and sunset today thanks to Dorian. Current sunset pic below; sunrise was nicer here but I was driving, hence no pics. Was reminded of the potential from a post by @Rainshadow in the Dorian thread, these far reaching effects of a tropical system always fascinate me.
  3. Pregnant woman and her son drove into floodwaters between Boyertown and Pine Forge (Grist Mill Road) in the flood emergency area along Ironstone Creek. Car became stuck and eventually swept away. This was around 5pm. Car was just located now, they passed away. Horrible tragedy. edited from two children to one
  4. 1.25 in Sinking Spring 0.00 in OCMD on vacation, great week so far
  5. Luckily well-draining yard here. I can mow the day after heavy rains. My neighborhood is also on a former farm, like yours, fwiw. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying the last year and a half or so of never needing to water plants!
  6. 1.14, Sinking Spring, Berks County
  7. Brief nickel sized hail in Sinking Spring, Berks, at 5:30pm. Other than that, pretty average thunderstorm. Winds weren’t strong. Good rains.
  8. 3rd tstorm of the evening here (Sinking Spring, Berks), this one more tame than the first two. The winds with the first two rivaled any storms in my 6+ years here. Yard is a disaster, limbs and sticks everywhere. 1.90” and counting.
  9. Briefly heavy graupel at 4:15 with the cell moving through Berks County.
  10. About to get my 3rd thunderstorm of this March afternoon/evening...I’m sure things will even out later.
  11. Had 5.8” total in Sinking Spring, Berks County
  12. I’m out in Millersville, Lancaster County at my daughter’s dance competition. Few flurries in the air and “torching” at 38 degrees.
  13. 3.7 here in Sinking Spring area, Berks County
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