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  1. 3.04” and a few 35mph gusts earlier in the day.
  2. Reading Eagle headline writer is a weenie...
  3. I can get behind this. I guess though for me to salvage winter, I’d just take accumulating snow on accumulating snow. Love that feeling of looking out at the snow covered landscape and knowing there’s more coming. It’s a rare treat around here.
  4. A snowstorm is 10x more likely to hit if you have a vacation planned and won’t be home. Use whatever radar makes the snow appear heavier and more widespread. Complain about the radar presentation during early to mid stages of a snowstorm. Complain about the back edge racing in more quickly than anticipated.
  5. Sinking Spring, PA 1/7 - 1.7” 1/18 - 2.0”
  6. Pinging away in western Berks....got to 1.5” right before the pingers.
  7. 0.8” from round 1 in Sinking Spring, Berks Co. Round 2 commencing with a few flakes now.
  8. 23F, here in western Berks it began pretty quickly, though light, when the band moved in. Now that the heaviest returns passed, its moderate. Everything coated quickly. Edit to add a poor quality pic but shows the coating. There’s a pretty big hill in the background totally obscured even though the flakes are difficult to see in the pic.
  9. Sinking Spring, PA 1/7 - 1.7”
  10. Finished with 1.7”, glad I left the Christmas lights up. Not a fan of 60s in January, but if it’s going to happen it might as well happen this weekend as I’m taking all the lights down, rain or shine.
  11. It’s a solid band, I went from 0.5” and wet road to 1.5” and snow covered road with that band in Sinking Spring.
  12. Out of the area, but here’s an ob pic from northern York county courtesy of my brother. He says they’re closing in on 2”.
  13. Sinking Spring, Berks County has managed to avoid anything other than traces for each event so far this season, so nothing to report. I did get to experience a couple squalls on Wednesday at work in northern Berks which made for a “fun” ride home until I got within a couple miles of home where there was nothing.
  14. 32F in Sinking Spring, Berks Co. Have about 0.7”
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