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  1. rafpsu

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    Sinking Spring, PA 11/15: 6.0”
  2. been at work in Blandon, Berks County all day, still there, missing out on enjoying the snow. Looks unofficially like around 5-6" here; my brother measured 5.75" at my house in Sinking Spring, Berks, right before the changeover to sleet a couple hours ago. One positive about working, he shoveled the driveway for me.
  3. rafpsu

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    First flurry of the season! Sinking Spring, Berks County.
  4. rafpsu

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    2.3” total in Sinking Spring, Berks. No wind issues here. Tree fell on a house down the street from my parents house in Sanatoga, causing major damage.
  5. rafpsu

    Weekend (October 26th-27th) Coastal Storm Obs

    0.84 in Sinking Spring, Berks. Felt like it rained inches while tailgating at the psu game, looks like it was 1.5+ out there. Was a total mud fest in the grass lots that were open.
  6. rafpsu

    That 30s club

    33 this morning, no frost, plants live on.
  7. rafpsu

    That 30s club

    34.5 this morning in Sinking Spring, Berks County. Still no frost here, flowers are thriving. Maybe tonight?
  8. rafpsu

    Sunset pictures

    Out getting a cut in tonight, had to stop and take a picture.
  9. rafpsu

    That 30s club

    was 35 at home in Sinking Spring when I left at 5:30AM. Frost on cars but I don't think there was any frost on the ground. I have been noticing the grass growth slowing a bit and i love it.
  10. 1.32 since Friday here.
  11. rafpsu

    Eagles adding players for Non - playoff push?

    Managed to get this lightning shot last night. Our seats are in the last row of the upper deck. Under roof, and had a good vantage point for last nights approaching storm. Ugly game, many parts hard to watch, exciting at the end (deja vu??) but 1-0 is as good a record as you can have after 1 game.
  12. rafpsu

    Eagles adding players for Non - playoff push?

    Hoping that storm dissipates...
  13. rafpsu

    8/31 Heavy Rain Obs, The Floods and Flood Nots

    One of my several detours on the way home.
  14. rafpsu

    8/31 Heavy Rain Obs, The Floods and Flood Nots

    5.06” so far today in SW Berks County, Sinking Spring area. Most rain I’ve experienced in one day since moving to this house 6 years ago. No water problems for me, but detoured around many flooded roads on the way home. Pales in comparison to west/central Lancaster County right now.
  15. 0.58” today in Sinking Spring, Berks County. It was a beautiful (muggy of course) weekend at the shore in Stone Harbor. Some heavy thunderstorms last night after we were already in for the night, otherwise all the rain managed to miss.