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  1. Nice quite A mess here I shoveled just before the sleet I guess I should have waited. First time I used salt in 3 years
  2. Went from heavy snow to Sleet & snow mix& jumped from 24 to 26 in minutes 20 minutes 1.7 snow edit. Lol all sleet now
  3. The way the radar looked I thought berks was going to avoid the dreaded lull but nope
  4. Quickly fell to 23.1 curious what would the rate be ? 15:1 ?
  5. I’m in the circle area nothing yet 24.3 but only 50%humidty DP8.4
  6. Sorry wasn’t aware. note taken that was from the free homepage
  7. http://epawaweather.com/2020/01/14/january-14th-early-look-at-saturday-overrunning-snow/?fbclid=IwAR0mQRLX5mTKcuI02L-AU2SO0pcIOMDGx1CK6QN0s41UJEpvzorR-4NXn0o Epawa early thoughts of potential & probabilities of accumulation in our area
  8. In berks got a good band. Roads covered in last 20 minutes, just wet before got about 1”total maybe a little more. 32.2
  9. Light snow just started in Birdsboro 39 degrees DP 23.9
  10. https://www.perspectaweather.com/blog/2015/03/12/625-pm-the-amazing-blizzard-of-march-1958-and-some-similarities-to-this-winter this one says 60” fell in the poconos wow 😯
  11. http://www.njstrongweatherforum.com/t531-march-1958-blizzard you mentioned the whopping 45.3 inches reminded me of My mom& dad always talked about the 58 blizzard. In Union township berks county. It was before I was born but they said snow was waste deep, they lost power so they had to go to the neighbors with my brother & sister who had a fireplace. Morgantown pa. Had 50” SE berks & nw Chester was jackpot area
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