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  1. https://www.weather.gov/marfc/NorthPrecipitationYTD found this updated yesterday
  2. https://www.wrh.noaa.gov/total_forecast/getprod.php?new&prod=XXXCF6RDG&wfo=phi reading is 3.00 over for the month but on the 11th Reading only got .90 when many in se berks and western Montco got 4.0 plus inches of rain. Can’t seem to find the annual totals for Reading. Anyone have a link ? Thougt I saw on 69 news berks was 16” above normal for the year. I do remember him saying we were out pacing last year
  3. 94.1 RH 60% HI 110.3 DP77.2 hardly any breeze imo hottest in long time 🥵
  4. Spent 2500$ 2 years ago on Baserment water proofing & new sump pump money well spent 👍
  5. I am Nws saying 6 inches in Eastern Berks & western Montco already fallen in some spots
  6. I’m in Birdsboro absolutely crushed with training mile or so 3.26 in a hour
  7. Ok wasn’t sure if there was some flurries last night. Didn’t seem to windy when I first went out but I was wrong. Lol took my walk and very cold wind chill
  8. Did we get a dusting last night or did it blow off my roof ?
  9. I’ Volunteer to live there in the name of science 😂
  10. Both places get hammered 👍
  11. B- minus. Too many cutters & being shut out for the entire month of December & most of January. What brought me up to a B- was the number off events and the total being above average, and were probably not quite done Pic last April 2nd
  12. Very possible. Just depends what way the wind blows
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