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  1. It just has this feeling, like winter 2018-19 wants to die. The way the patterns have been this winter, we should let it. Move on to spring, baseball, and hope that the winter of 19-20 is more productive. Hope, after all, springs eternal!
  2. I'll go with a D here in South Philly. Outside of the November storm, we've had a few 1"-2" events, all of which involved mixing or changing over at some point, and then melted the next day. Combine that with some bone chilling cold and about 40 days of rain, and you get your D(and feel lucky getting it!!).
  3. Seems inevitable doesn't it?😢
  4. Snow falling in South Philly again. Streets are a slushy mess.
  5. Remember earlier, when we were laughing at the GFS for predicting zero for the city? Not laughing anymore.
  6. Back to a snow/sleet mix in south philly. Battlegound seems to be setting up right above me.
  7. Thanks guys.....appreciate the time y'all take to help out someone who's learning on what is a busy night!!!
  8. Still learning to read technical sites...what does this sounding say in sensible weather terms?
  9. Sleet/snow mix in South Philly.....this mix line is just blasting north.....did any models foresee this?
  10. Am I correct in thinking that the only thing that will keep that mix line from continuing to surge northward is if the secondary low starts to gain traction off the coast, thus switching the prevailing wind currents from southerly to northeasterly?
  11. Ok, now that we've got it switched over to snow...looks like a pretty good swath of moderate(heavy?) precip training all the way back to west virginia.
  12. Flakes just started to mix in here in south philly.
  13. Well, interestingly enough, I have a pretty good view of the Liberty towers and both Comcast buildings from my back window. It seems as though it may be snowing at the tops of the buildings, and melting at the last 500 feet or so before reaching the ground. It's not like a day with low clouds, where the tops of the buildings are obscured, but a very diffuse lessening of the visibilities of the buildings as you go up.....never quite seen it like that before.
  14. Feels like it's snowing to the north, west, and south of the city, but not reaching the city at all......
  15. Only about 8.5 miles away from you here in south philly....stubbornly hanging on to plain rain
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