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  1. Checking in from North Wildwood multiple rounds of heavy lines of storms moved through this morning on warned as a tornado and as of right now the wind has really fired up the past 10 minutes. The House is shaking and power flickering
  2. Greg I have 2 rentals in North Wildwood and spend quite a bit of time on the island. The beaches have been less crowded this year other than weekends and all of my guests have enjoyed their stay and have had no problems that have been reported to me. In fact I’ve only had a handful of cancellations which immediately get re booked. I’ve taken the plunge a did some outside dining in late June and felt very comfortable as the restaurant was empty however I did make the decision to keep my 4 young kids off the rides this year on the boardwalk. I spend most days on the beach with the family or training with a triathlon group I belong to which does open water swims and rides and feel comfortable training with others outside as my go to Atilis gym is closed just like all the rest of New Jersey’s gyms. I have enhanced my cleaning protocols in the houses which my guests have appreciated. It’s certainly everyone’s choice to travel or not but I feel comfortable in Wildwood I hope you can get some time away and maybe this makes you feel a bit better about going!
  3. North wildwood We have a break in the heavy rain the sun actually looks like it’s trying to come out. Flooded streets all over the island bands of rain appear to be rotating in now from the ocean
  4. Thanks Brian... the radar is really blossoming to the south... updates all day tomorrow I have a few rentals With awnings up going to have to reel them in....
  5. Good evening in North Wildwood on vacation thanks for all the updates clouds building south in the moonlight I’ll keep everyone posted tomorrow in the observation thread we are in a flood zone we have already moved the cars to higher ground. looks like a tropical storm warning flying
  6. Hail falling as I drive through Springfield Delco
  7. I’m a whiskey guy myself that screwball is perfect for an after dinner drink
  8. Outside watching the kids play i would much rather be taking them sledding with a beer but this is a close second... coors light to start it’s too nice not to have a beer ... it is 125pm daylight savings time after all gotta start light...
  9. Grilled some pork chops tonight and said to my wife ...man most winters I’ve grilled in the pouring snow and taken the kids sledding and probably imbibed too much with the neighborhood on a “snow day” ....we have all been there and it’s an important part of our life here in Philly. The past 2 years have been tough and we are over due. The rest of the “non weenie” neighborhood is in complete agreement us with an overdue snow load so we are not alone in wishing for snow. I have lived through the best winters ( monster storms back to back that burried us ) and the nor easters of a few years ago (late winter that paralyzed us surprisingly)and worst of winters (currently) so I can’t complain too much but we need a nice ole fashion Philly snow storm for at least the kids (but mostly the parents with a good load to go with the falling snow) ***rant over ***
  10. Heavy little burst of snow on West Chester Pike in Delco things whitening up quickly temperature has fallen 2 degrees with the onset of snow 23 now
  11. Heavy squall in Havertown grass and cars whitened quickly
  12. Definitely a few pingers in havertown with a heavy echo that moved through
  13. My 4 kids have their pajamas on inside out, spoons under their pillows and are flushing ice cubes if it doesn’t happen it’s not on us ... nice coverage as usual from the regulars in here looking forward to the 00z suite and your analysis
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