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  1. Heavy sleet in havertown Delco
  2. Mother Nature will always surprise us while we have all this technology to try to tell us what she is doing she does what she wants when she wants and we are ALWAYS humbled ... that’s why we love this hobby
  3. Heavy sleet in havertown tough winter this year was hoping we could salvage 3-6 but that line marched north quickly
  4. Good luck for a snow day ....pajamas inside out too
  5. Spent many a late night there with the future Mrs in ‘06... nothing better than the hot dog at the cart at 2am ... riding the line here in htown... happy to see snow falling and a cold beer ... kids flushed their ice cubes and are sleeping with the spoons under their pillows
  6. The new manyunk for young parents ! Heavy snow !
  7. Mixing back to heavy snow in havertown.... I may run out of beer if this keeps up
  8. Back to a bit of sleet here havertown Delco ... bottoms up
  9. Havertown Delco same as Irish Bri sleet quickly back to snow hoping the rates hold off that sleet ...as long as it’s snowing we drinkin’...
  10. Meso scale discussion interesting hoping we sink that line sooner than later whoever stays snow cashes in
  11. Heavy snow outside in havertown delco heavy drinking inside ... nice winter evening hoping that sleet line stops!
  12. All snow havertown Delco things whitening up quickly
  13. Light snow mixing in Havertown Delco
  14. And quickly a burst of wind blown light to moderate snow in Havertown quick dusting on everything
  15. Flurries in the air Havertown Delaware County PA
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