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  1. Record rainfall in Texas from Imelda, Texas. 43 inches in some spots. It just shows you don't need a Cat 5. What would the Delaware River looks like after 43 inches of rain?
  2. songs to play on your device and hangout on this top 10 day. not sure of your tastes, but here it goes.
  3. 12Z Euro has the track east of the 0Z. GFS has nothing.
  4. Sean Connery survived this at 89 years old. OO7 lives. https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/goes/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/190901_190902_goes16_infrared_Dorian_anim.gif
  5. After reviewing the Euro vs. GFS, the winner is the GFS. Euro after Dorian passed PR had the storm making it to the GOMEX and blasting FLA. GFS always hung onto the idea that the ridge would weaken and allow a more northerly track. One in a row lol.
  6. Major cable networks reporting on Dorian are starting to hedge their bets. Just like a major winter storm sometimes it's just that moment in time when history could be in the balance. Love the weather. Disclaimer= I'm not rooting for the worst scenario.
  7. Satellite presentation of elongated hurricane from east to west reminds me of Hugo before it hit SC.
  8. Wishing you the best on your vacation. At least you can get some good rides on the waves if things break right.
  9. After the 12z runs, it may become a possibility as the EPS ensembles keep moving east and then run it up the coast.
  10. So that would suggest that Dorian would cross FLA and go into GOMEX and hit that bathtub. I should mention that the Euro predicted a stronger high to the north and the GFS failed again.
  11. Dorian threaded the needle and missed any real landmasses that could have temporarily weakened him /her (trying to be PC). Intensity is really in question now. Once past PR, western side of the circulation should strengthen.
  12. Looking at the visible sat, shear is not a problem. May get to Cat 2
  13. Don't forget wave exiting Africa. Nice spin.
  14. The Fedex cup final has started. YAWN! JT starts at -10. What is that. I guess it takes 15 million to not have the PGA major on. 1st : -102nd: -83rd: -74th: -65th: -56th to 10th: -411th to 15th: -316th to 20th: -221st to 25th: -126th to 30th: E 21-30 have no shot.
  15. Heat wave in western Europe is unprecedented. !08 in Paris. Global warming advocates have their evidence.
  16. It was a lock. Even though I agree nothing is a lock except death and taxes.
  17. Pebble Beach the site of this year's US open is also the site of the largest winning margin in a major - Tiger Woods 2000, 15 shots. Also one of the shortest major venue in a while. Quote from Jack Nicklaus If I had only one more round to play, I would choose to play it at Pebble Beach. I've loved this course from the first time I saw it. It's possibly the best in the world.
  18. Nice 36 degree contrast in temps across PA.
  19. I believe that hole in the picture was the hole Hale Irwin made a hole in one in the NCAA Championships back in the day.
  20. Not for nothing but a 10 shot lead is not safe at the Black.
  21. Phils are in first place but they are not a World Series contender. Front line pitching is mediocre at best.
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