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  1. 70th place The minus twos complete the 70 with ties. It can go over 70 with ties I think. I miss the I295 tour.
  2. Probably the number of players and ties at 60th were at/or over 70 players. The tally sheet before was trying to account for players that hadn't finished due to rain delay?
  3. Just a heads up for the celestial watchers. So, when's the best time to see the comet? Right now, you can see it at dawn. EarthSky reports that on July 11, it will be highest during dawn. Then it will get closer to the horizon each day, and sometime during mid-July it will be visible in the northwest horizon after sunset. Around July 22, it'll be closest to Earth. While the comet should be visible with the naked-eye, EarthSky recommends using binoculars or a telescope for a clearer sight. If you want to get a glimpse of Comet NEOWISE, you're going to want to take out those binoculars ASAP. As with all comets, Comet NEOWISE could break apart, so pull yourself out of bed at dawn and look up at the morning sky!
  4. You had to drag the Eps members into this which I have no access to.. We'll get through this big guy. Hope your game is in high gear. I just hope Murphy doesn't make us wear masks on the golf course.
  5. They never found a vaccine for SARS. What makes you think this similar virus will be solved? Meanwhile it's mutating all the time making any attempt to find a silver bullet impossible. Get used to the quarantine it will be here for quite a while. Eeryore
  6. May be we should start a 100 club thread according to GFS and depictions of a Continental upper level high in central US. 276 Thu 07/16 00Z 101 ° 94 ° 75 ° WSW 9 WSW 22 WNW 20 0.00 0.00 583 595 -4 ° 23 ° 28 ° 1014 0 % 17 ° 288 Thu 07/16 12Z 86 ° 83 ° 52 ° NW 4 NW 11 WNW 13 0.06 0.06 579 593 -6 ° 21 ° 25 ° 1016 6 % 7 ° 300 Fri 07/17 00Z 105 ° 95 ° 50 ° WNW 7
  7. It's becoming more obvious that the main reason for positive spikes is close contact - overcrowded bars, mobs in the streets, whatever. Well guess what it's summer and your technocrat leaders like Faucci are saying the only solution is more lockdowns. There will be no more lock step obedience now that the genie is out of the bottle.
  8. The next educational year will be a real challenge for the teachers in New Jersey. My next door neighbor is a 5th grade teacher at Bear Tavern Elementary School. There is NO way they can adhere to the six foot distancing requirement with the square footage available in an individual classroom with that age group. Can you imagine a seven year old wearing a mask all day? How do you handle lunch time? Supposedly there will be no gym time. The superintendent of the West Windsor school district had 500 questions for Governor Murphy. Parents are screaming for a reopening because they need babysitters while they work. Whatever shakes out the kids will be denied the true social learning that accompanies the book learning.
  9. You haven't see anything yet. Wait until the corporate tax get raised from 21% back to 28%. Making us again not being able to compete with foreign entities. All the talk will be about why the unemployment is so high.
  10. The devastation to NJ restaurants is immeasurable. They have spent their last dollars on food to prepare for this weekend opening. Many restaurants will close forever.
  11. The doctor that was featured in Pandemic on Netflix was just on Fox Business. He said his consortium has produced an antivirus drug that was 97% effective in clinical tests on hamsters (I didn't know they use those little critters in tests). Human trials will begin in September. He also said the current therapeutics are very expensive averaging $3100 a person. Lastly he predicted there will be waves of the pandemic like we are currently experiencing until there are good therapeutics and/or a vaccine. Anyone thinking of eating indoors at a restaurant in New Jersey.
  12. Ok just for some perspective NJ has 172,000 positive cases divided by 9,000,000. = Do the math. If you have morbidity issues or age you have to be careful. But this is not the end of the world.
  13. “The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” Eeyore
  14. Unless you stay in your beach house rental or on the beach nothing else is safe. The markets, restaurants, shops, liquor stores etc. will have been recently occupied by the group that is shedding the virus fastest with NO SYMTOMS. Good Luck.
  15. Florida, Texas, Arkansas, California South and North Carolina all hot states are spiking Warm weather will have no effect on the spread of the virus. Any attempt at returning to indoor activities will result in spikes Not to mention Brazil and other countries that are considered warm all year around have seen increases. Italy is an exception but they had a Draconian lockdown.
  16. Due to fact that the latest spikes in new cases are affecting younger people who then become shedders, I am cancelling my week at LBI. Too many people in that age demographic will be crowding the shore. One thing is for sure is that warm weather has no affect on the virus. It's going to be around for a long time.
  17. Thanks for the reply Jim. Other than Pinky's seafood take out I am going to bring down a substantial amount of Cases Pork Roll (not the most healthy but it is vacation) and some liquid refreshment. Interesting part will be the beach. At Brighton Beach in August, I can't imagine the social distancing problems. Whatever, I need my body surfing and fried clam fix for the year.
  18. Very curious to hear from people who have a Jersey shore rental this year and what they are going to do. I have second week of August rental and I am still on the fence since I am age susceptible.
  19. 25% will do nothing to help big indoor restaurants. It's probably cost inefficient to open up unless they cheat.
  20. If you read prognostications, the states that are experiencing an uptick in new cases were always lagging behind New Jersey/New York and were expected to show an increase in cases. New Jersey is the real petri dish for a second wave. Protests will have an affect on these numbers.
  21. If this has been posted take it down. https://www.weather.gov/phi/EventReview20200603
  22. Two weeks from now will be critical after all the close contact from the protests.
  23. The people that care about baseball are long in the tooth. What are kids playing in your area baseball or soccer? I can tell you what's happening here.
  24. If the MLB blows off this season, it will cause irreparable damage to the sport. There are those that haven't returned to the sport since the 1994 stoppage. Many will follow if there is no baseball this year. There is little interest in the sport from young people and this would relegate baseball to a minor sports interest. Billionaires against millionaires - in these times people don't want to hear it.
  25. Javits center and the boat were hardly used and the Christian hospital in central park which endured attacks from the LGBT community.. Cuomo was asking for 30,000 to 40,000 ventilators really? Why put them in nursing homes? Not to mention the boat that was sent to California that wasn't used. Ok I have probably pissed everyone off. We are coming out of this and my mother always said not to throw stones if you live in a glass house.So Stay well.
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