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  1. The media refers to these as "bombs" now or frankenstorms.
  2. The radar is showing that snow is back building to the west. The convective band is always moving toward you. Exceptions to all this 1993 and 1996. Hope to see one of those again in my lifetime. Boxer Day Blizz was pretty cool too.
  3. Although I am a golf lover, I also love a great snowstorm. Most likely playing golf in the near future, but as Joe Bastardi said that the rubber and can always break one way or another and make everybody happy. General malaise about this winter on the board is understandable. Hope all is well.


  4. Unfortunately when we get get cold air like next week there is no storm on the map. Then as you said we may go warm again. I think it will have to be a thread the needle situation in February since the AO and Nao are forecasted to head down.
  5. Best looking forecast in awhile. Would wish for more Atalnitc blocking but something may slip through.
  6. snirga altostratus - that sounds nasty. I hope there is a vaccine.
  7. Are there any football players out there? Eagles could use you. It always helps on a crappy day when the Eagles win the NFC East!
  8. In the map he showed any development would have gone out to sea. I know that you don't necessarily need a -NAO for a storm. But the AO is going out the roof.
  9. WWA in mercer County was a bust!
  10. Total reported for my area on Nj.com. Fake news MERCER COUNTY Hopewell - 2.5 inches
  11. It's a Miller B special that usually results in a disaster (March 2001). Front end had some minor ice accrual. Giants game actually had some snow. May be all I'll see.
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