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  1. Sandy was no joke. Ran the generator for seven days til power came back and I'm 60 miles inland. Over two million households in the state lost power in the storm, 346,000 homes were damaged or destroyed,[2] and 37 people were killed. Storm surge and flooding affected a large swath of the state. Governor Chris Christie said the losses caused by Sandy were "going to be almost incalculable...The devastation on the Jersey Shore is probably going to be the worst we've ever seen."[3] I would rather have the blizzard of 96 than Sandy.
  2. Thanks for your expertise in modeling analysis . I'm a little worried about this winter and the "new" GFS.
  3. Which Northampton Country Club are we talking about? The one near Richbourgh?
  4. Have golf swing theory for senior players. Anyone want to hear?
  5. Anyone do clam juice in their Bloody with horseradish?
  6. Were the eagles way overrated? - probably just as the Phillies were ( do you think preseason hype has something to do with ticket sales, just asking) If Carson remains in there, there won't be a blowout game always be in it. Go Birds!
  7. Record rainfall in Texas from Imelda, Texas. 43 inches in some spots. It just shows you don't need a Cat 5. What would the Delaware River looks like after 43 inches of rain?
  8. songs to play on your device and hangout on this top 10 day. not sure of your tastes, but here it goes.
  9. 12Z Euro has the track east of the 0Z. GFS has nothing.
  10. Sean Connery survived this at 89 years old. OO7 lives. https://cimss.ssec.wisc.edu/goes/blog/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/190901_190902_goes16_infrared_Dorian_anim.gif
  11. After reviewing the Euro vs. GFS, the winner is the GFS. Euro after Dorian passed PR had the storm making it to the GOMEX and blasting FLA. GFS always hung onto the idea that the ridge would weaken and allow a more northerly track. One in a row lol.
  12. Major cable networks reporting on Dorian are starting to hedge their bets. Just like a major winter storm sometimes it's just that moment in time when history could be in the balance. Love the weather. Disclaimer= I'm not rooting for the worst scenario.
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