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  1. Why does the 18Z NAM always makes me feel good over 48hours out?🚩
  2. Harbourton

    76ers star hunting comes true, but at what cost?

    Unfortunately the 76ers have to deal with the fact Fultz is a bust. They passed on Tatum which will be the difference in the playoffs. Celtics will dominate sixers even with the new addition. There's a video showing Brown rolling eyes after watching Fultz shot.
  3. Harbourton

    (Banter) The TACT Winter Outlook (Banter)

    Bottom line the day was good. Hope some of you other guys could join us on the 295 tour next year. If you like weather speak, take a day off and do it. We have a retired NWS forecaster and Chubbs who is a knowledgeable weather enthusiast and maybe a cameo appearance by Tombo. You won't believe on what goes on.
  4. Harbourton

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    I hope you are right. But management has been sitting on a pile of cash and no results after promising moves for the last three years. If they don't get Manny Machado or Brice it will lead to the fan base recognizing the fact that the Phillies aren't serious about being a contender. (cudo's to Marlon Brando.)
  5. Harbourton

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    Sixers whiffed on the off season trades which they said they were going star hunting. If we had Kwai Leonard, we would be a contender. Phillies, Flyers and Sixers are being reduced to also-rans. Same old same old.
  6. Harbourton

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    Howie Rosen was on the hook whether to give up on the season. He is the ONLY general manager of a Philadelphia sports teams that makes moves that matter. Phillies beware your ineptitude in trading for good talent will result in an empty ballpark and the days of 100 loss years again..
  7. As Harvey Cedars may win the peak wind trophy, heard a story that may be interesting to you. Someone I play golf with told me this. His father had accumulated some money and wished to invest. A friend of his said that he could sell four blocks of Harvey Cedars from the ocean to the bay. His father replied "Why would anyone want to buy property in that god forsaken place." Later he invested the money in some company that went bust. Do you have a clue how much that property is worth now?

    1. Rainshadow



      Oh God, I can't imagine.



  8. Harbourton

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    FINALLY got some roll in the fairway today and now back to mud. This year has been a horrible golf year.
  9. Harbourton

    Weekend (Rules!!!) Coastal Storm

    Long Island will take the biggest hit from this coastal.
  10. Arctic ice coverage is not good. Arctic Sea Ice Arctic sea ice continues at a sluggish growth rate and remains well below normal, possibly even record low values. The greatest negative sea ice anomalies remain on the North Pacific side of the Arctic including the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas. Large negative sea ice anomalies also exist in the Laptev Sea and in the Barents-Kara Seas (Figure 13). Based on recent research low sea ice anomalies in the Chukchi and Bering seas favors cold temperatures in central and eastern North America while low sea ice in the Barents-Kara seas favor cold temperatures in Central and East Asia, however this topic remains controversial. Recent research has shown that regional anomalies that are most highly correlated with the polar vortex is the Barents-Kara seas region where low Arctic sea ice favors a weaker winter PV. Figure 15. Observed Arctic sea ice extent on 21 October 2018 (white). Orange line shows climatological extent of sea ice based on the years 1981-2010. Image courtesy of National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).
  11. Harbourton

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Play calling in the first half and execution prevented Eagles from having a 20-0 lead at halftime. Defense was on the field too long due to the ineptitude of the offense in the second half. Chances of Eagles making playoffs are significantly reduced.
  12. Big trough flattens out in 8-10 means. Indian Summer coming?
  13. Harbourton

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Due to the wet summer and fall, local golf courses have suffered economically. Molds and fungus have attacked the grass. Loss from golf cart rentals and bar and grilles have made this one of worst years if you are in the golf business.
  14. 4th lowest pressure to hit US - 919mb. If that storm had 5 more hours over water, easily a Cat5.