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  1. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Blue Heron is 45 with cart - great course! Riviera is again proving it is one of the great tests of golf in the US. Definitely should be considered for a future US Open.
  2. The NAO has not been negative since early December - over two months. But the dive might be near.
  3. Ensembles are pointing to a stubborn resistance in any breakdown of the SE ridge.
  4. Euro has been fairly consistent on a coming torch. Maybe there is some golf in our future. I still think that after that warm blast there will be a nasty return to winter based on what you guys were saying about the NAO. If we can draw down some of the cold air in Canada we could be rockin'
  5. SB LII - predictions

    For those that are going to the parade, enjoy! But for me the greatest thing is, I no longer have to listen to Dallas fans (especially), Giants fans, and Redskin fans, Steeler fans say "But you haven't won a Super Bowl!"
  6. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    The Masters is only a little over 7 weeks away - the true start of spring.
  7. SB LII - predictions

    Ray Didinger who is a Hall of Fame Sportswriter out of Philly said that while in Minnesota to cover the game got a call from his wife before the Super Bowl. She said when she woke up before the big game she saw an eagle on their garage roof. Ray said he has seen hawks, pigeons, etc. on the roof but never an eagle in 30 years. His wife told him it was probably the spirit of his father or mother. Ray was a little kid when he watched the Eagles win the last championship in 1960. Coincidence I think not.
  8. Winter Banter Thread

    I know it may strain the sensibilities of a weather forum, but can you imagine what will happen in Philly if the Eagles win? It is time to end the evil empire.
  9. So where can I get something more current?
  10. Looks like the MJO dynamic models are predicting the latest wave to crash before entering Phase 8.
  11. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Had my giant 70 year old pin oak cut down today because it was dying. It was like losing an old friend. One of few survivors of Sandy in my area.
  12. At this distance, things may change. I am starting to like the teleconctions.
  13. Winter Banter Thread

    LOL! I was still nervous when it was 31-7. Media has it in for Philly, A few isolated incidents are being blown way out of proportion by the press. Yahoo has had three or more negative stories about Philly fans. Good thing there was no snow to make snowballs. But they did grease the light poles, no matter fans climbed them anyway.
  14. Winter Banter Thread

    We're going to the friggin' Super Bowl. I hate the evil empire and all their cheating ways. If there is a God, they will be crushed.
  15. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Let's ask Tom to get us a tee time!