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  1. Harbourton

    Phillies and 76ers are getting busy

    If Brett Brown allows the chemistry between Embid and Butler to flourish before the playoffs, Think we can beat the Celtics. Who's gonna handle Simmons if those two are in synch.
  2. Harbourton

    Phillies and 76ers are getting busy

    Where's the running game? I'm not into having Corey Clement as my premier running back.
  3. Harbourton

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    May be a little chink in the overall rainy weather pattern. First time in a long time when the predicted precipitation total was DENIED..
  4. Harbourton

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Tommy Fleetwood is the man so far. He may be a favorite for the Masters
  5. Harbourton

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Fransisco Molinari showed that he is not a one hit wonder with his British Open win. Players is next. Not really a bombers course, but a shotmakers course.
  6. Harbourton

    Phillies and 76ers are getting busy

    Interesting question on WIP today. Who is under the most pressure this year? Bryce Harper, Gabe Kaplar, Brett Brown, Ben Simmons. My choice is Carson Wentz. There is no Noles as a back up and many years with injury bug. Let's face it football is king in Philly.
  7. Just thought I'd check up on you. How things going?

    1. Chubbs


      No complaints. Haven't golfed in a while so looking forward to Spring.  Going to Florida in early April.  Should be full time golf and fishing when I return mid-month. How about you? Staying out of trouble I hope. Looking forward to our I295 tour.



  8. What is wrong with FV3? Do you have a correlation chart with the other global models?
  9. Harbourton

    The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    Fireball! And I can't get the smile off my face since Bryce is in Philly.
  10. Harbourton

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    Thanks. Do you still live on the golf course? I remember jokes about reaching your house with a big drive.
  11. Harbourton

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    Just curious. Did the Euro jumping on board have anything to do with the expansion of the watch?
  12. Harbourton

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    Great analysis! It seems Mercer County is always the dividing line
  13. Harbourton

    Meteorological Spring Banter Thread

    Why do I always like the 18Z NAM? Not sure after the Harper deal. If you reduce snow totals by 50%, it will be the highest total this year.
  14. Harbourton

    Phillies and 76ers are getting busy

    I have to admit I became a casualty of the Scott Boris misinformation. This is great deal for the Phillies - no opt out. Bryce Harper has ingratiated himself to the fan base by allowing the Phillies to have money to spend in the future to obtain any missing pieces. Mike Trout is next.
  15. Harbourton

    March 3rd-4th SWFE. Stay low and go

    Finally a legitimate threat. Except for Dr. NO.