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  1. The people that care about baseball are long in the tooth. What are kids playing in your area baseball or soccer? I can tell you what's happening here.
  2. If the MLB blows off this season, it will cause irreparable damage to the sport. There are those that haven't returned to the sport since the 1994 stoppage. Many will follow if there is no baseball this year. There is little interest in the sport from young people and this would relegate baseball to a minor sports interest. Billionaires against millionaires - in these times people don't want to hear it.
  3. Javits center and the boat were hardly used and the Christian hospital in central park which endured attacks from the LGBT community.. Cuomo was asking for 30,000 to 40,000 ventilators really? Why put them in nursing homes? Not to mention the boat that was sent to California that wasn't used. Ok I have probably pissed everyone off. We are coming out of this and my mother always said not to throw stones if you live in a glass house.So Stay well.
  4. The WHO is full of sh$t. It has been proven that an asymptomatic person can shed the virus. At least if they were wearing a mask the airborne particulates would be reduced.
  5. There is risk reward with everything in life and I don't mean running around willy nilly but with reasonable precautions. How many people will die because they were not diagnosed with cancer, diabetes ,hypertension ,etc. because they couldn't get to a doctor If you take away this concept from Americans, the result will be a worse than the disease.
  6. California looks great. But they are locked down tight. One fifth of the nation's economy is there. At least Elon Musk told them to go stick it.
  7. I am glad that the name Barney has been attached to these episodes since my best dog a Jack Russel was named as such and I remember taking him out the the park just before PDSII and watching him go wild at 12 degrees. Sorry for digressing.
  8. Any good news always seems to have a caveat. The latest numbers include 54 new deaths and 703 new cases reported in the last 24 hours. Though officials cautioned that those numbers may be skewed by lags in reporting from the extended Memorial Day weekend, the downward trend in new cases in deaths has continued over the last few weeks “We think these numbers are distorted by the holiday weekend," Murphy said. "Even with that being said, the trends continue very meaningfully in the right direction.”
  9. The "Match" is ongoing with Tiger up 2. This may be the new normal for sports without fans. Cart cams and interface with players and Charles Barkley is great.
  10. Dramatic decrease in new positive cases - 443! I didn't mean to demean some peoples great efforts to home school just contrast with other people who are not as fortunate to have a nuclear family or quite as much money. The church thing is getting to me. I will try not to go on a rant.
  11. You are rich people with chrome books. Many inner city kids haven't been heard from since the shut down
  12. It looks like the school closing in NJ was botched according to those stats-age groups involved were not at risk more than with influenza. One size fits all doesn't work with this virus. School kids have suffered irreparable damage unless they start schools again in August and continue to next August. Studies have shown that virtual learning by parents doesn't work.
  13. Do I have to wear a face mask swimming in the ocean? If I get caught in a rip current, do the life guards have to maintain a six foot distance? IAre private pools allowed to be filled? Why is the women's bathroom only open at my golf course? We are so deep into the weeds no one knows the answers. At some point, the people HAVE to be trusted to to do the right thing without drones and social distancing police. JMO
  14. The cutoff low next week will put an end to this nonsense.
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