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  1. Was there a Euro upgrade? I’m wondering why it’s going all NAM lately?
  2. No reduction in forward speed or direction since 2:00 PM yesterday. Better start seeing some changes soon. Dorian only 200 miles from Florida. Tick, tick, tick.
  3. This evening from the canoe in central Maine. This morning’s low, 45 yummy degrees.
  4. Drive south about 25 minutes and play Shorgate. You won’t regret it.
  5. Princeton checking in with 2.6 inches. No watering for a while.
  6. Thanks for the info. Summers in New Jersey have always seemed pretty oppressive to me. But I seem to remember more frequent cool shots as a kid in the 70s. Now it seems like a “break” in the heat drops us to 86, 87. Not all that refreshing really.
  7. Been following this site for years. Don’t think I’ve ever posted. First, thanks to whomever created this site. Big step up from American. Also, thanks to all who have posted here in expanding my weather knowledge and awareness. In regards to the “wet rag” discussion... my wife was recently saying that the humidity in New Jersey has gotten to the point where she might actually consider a move if it continues. While I know we’ve had warming climate, and that nights have been substantially warmer, is there an easy way to find what dew points have done over the last 30 years?
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