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  1. Well, here is a silver lining. This Winter has been so bad, we can’t even get fantasy storms on the models. It’s one big crap hole. Since there are no fantasy storms anywhere, at least we aren’t getting hopeful only to have our hearts ripped out as we get closer to go time. I can't remember a year with so few fantasy storms. It’s almost comical.
  2. With conventional ways to get snow around here this year out the window, it might make sense that if we are going to score with a 2+ inch storm it will come in a non-conventional way. Going an entire season without a 2”+ storm is pretty hard to do. Maybe harder than a summer without a 90. I think we’ll score at some point before the equinox.
  3. Can’t even get a frickin clipper this year.
  4. As a bit of an old timer that vividly remembers the lean years in the 70s and 80s, I’ve been wondering, especially while facing the climate change reality, when do we pay for the abundance of snow we’ve had over the last 10 years? Seems the bill collector is in town. Without a big turnaround, this will be our third below average snow year in the last four.
  5. Looks like the vortex might split. Maybe we get a piece taking up residence over Hudson Bay?
  6. At the beginning of the winter season with the first snowfall make as big a pile as possible in a shaded area and hope it lasts all season. “Why am I always in a snow hole? All the heavy echoes are going around me.”
  7. So the onshore flow from the closed low is the killer because it keeps bringing in marginal to poor air throughout the event instead of the dynamics of a typical nor’easter?
  8. 75 miles South puts a lot of folks on this forum in the money. Still 5 days away. Not an unreasonable adjustment at this timeframe.
  9. Winter of 77-78 is my favorite all-time. I was 16, and growing up in Quakertown we had an excellent lit ice skating area in the center of town that the fire company would flood water into from a small creek next to it. I think we started skating something like the second weekend after Thanksgiving and had few breaks through the entire Winter. When not skating, we would go out at night and take our toboggans to go down the old roads that went into Lake Nockamixon which was created by the state a few years earlier. Sometimes if you took the right line and there wasn’t too much snow on the lake, you would just keep going...We’d eventually bail out while we were still moving because the walk back was getting out of hand. Sorry for the banter, but if I can’t have snow in reality, at least I can relive some sweet snowy memories. Thanks Colonel!!
  10. Been wondering what the purpose of the “operational run” is? Why not use the ensemble mean as the “operational”? Tony, with regard to cake, I had some of your famous butter cake last night. It was excellent.🥮
  11. Really sorry to hear about your mom. I’m glad the “grandma kisses” are providing a little comfort.
  12. The year of relentless ice. Way too much white knuckle driving that winter. I love winter, but I generally refer to that season less fondly as the “The Winter of Frozen Hell”. Can’t imagine it was much fun forecasting that. Added a few gray hairs too I imagine.
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