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  1. Why is it that the nam likes to push out higher amounts almost everytime although it is wrong?
  2. We need a laughing button. You guys are hysterical,thanks for the laughs. On a serious note hopefully things turn around and thanks for all you guys do!
  3. Merry Christmas!!! Hopefully Things turn around come January!
  4. Sounding like it will like be wash out which was more likely with the pac jet messing things up.
  5. Totally had to look closely at that to notice it,lol...... snow really dislikes lower bucks at times haha
  6. I'm surprised the WSW isn't lifted for Washington Crossing,probably will lift it soon
  7. Meteorologist can't control mother nature,those people need to be educated,we have all winter!
  8. Back to our original expectations of 1-3 , at least NYC did not get let down as they were the target the majority of the time. We have plenty of time ahead!
  9. I was just about to say I womder what the euro shows. New update for Euro at midnight?
  10. Very interesting in what the runs will look like overnight. Will wake up to seeing if a shift happend and we miss out,or if things will hold.
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