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  1. My goodness...67 / 39 at noon, with a gentle breeze. Doesn't get any more refreshing than this for June. Barney is welcome all summer as far as I'm concerned
  2. I remember seeing something a little while ago that Murphy and Cuomo sent elderly Covid patients back into their nursing homes instead of keeping them in hospitals. The NY Post leans right I believe, but if it's true then that action deserves coverage no matter what people's politics are. https://nypost.com/2020/05/16/blame-governors-for-coronavirus-deaths-in-nursing-homes-goodwin/
  3. I thought the same thing at first, and you're 100% right. I watched the video and it goes along with what he says, sure we might "feel" healthy but it is to protect others more than anything. In that case I think the WHO needs to re-word what they say on their page, because "feeling" healthy is such a tricky area with this virus. My only issue with adopting that mentality is this - at what point do we say it's OK for no one to need masks anymore, in the sense of our normal day-to-day routines? I think the common answer for many people would be "not until there's a vaccine". But even with a vaccine, wouldn't there still be at least some cases of the virus? And isn't it fair to say that a vaccine is not necessarily a guarantee, even though there are many trials ongoing at the moment? Trust me I want to protect others as much as anyone else, but my ultimate fear with this is that someone (whether it's politicians or otherwise) is going to make mask-wearing / social distancing / etc. a requirement whether there's a vaccine or not, so I can't walk into Wawa or Target five years from now in 2025 without wearing a mask because "someone could still have the virus". I understand that may seem far-fetched, but over the past few weeks, watching states re-open on a timeline based on the political party of the governor instead of the state's actual data has not given me any reassurance. And just so we're clear, I'm not trying to advocate against masks or turn things political, I'm just asking questions.
  4. Wondering if someone could explain this to me? Came to my attention yesterday that the World Health Organization (who I thought was pretty much the official source for medical info about the virus, right up there with the CDC) says on their website about mask wearing - "If you are healthy, you only need to wear a mask if you are taking care of a person with Covid 19". The link is here for anyone who wants to see for themselves: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public/when-and-how-to-use-masks Am I missing something? Because if that's right, then that pretty much goes against everything that the media has been telling us for the past month and a half. It should also mean the re-opening process could move more quickly, and people shouldn't be as scared about going out in public as long as they social distance. It should be a huge story honestly. On the other hand, if it's wrong, then how can one of the top resources of medical info get something so wrong about one of the most basic parts of this pandemic? It's like if the news and your family / friends were talking about a hurricane hitting the Jersey shore, then you check the NHC website and they have the storm going completely out to sea without much of a threat. Who am I supposed to believe?
  5. Euro ensembles got a little more enthused last night at something developing around Central America by day 10. GFS ensembles continue to bark at some kind of tropical threat, as they've been doing for several days now. Spaghetti season has arrived.
  6. Exactly right (and I think an extra 1 was accidentally added in front of the other digits there lol). From the gov's briefing yesterday: 5% spot positivity as of the 22nd, and he keeps stressing in his briefings how important he believes this particular metric is.
  7. Holiday weekend or not, the trends are heading in a great direction for NJ. I don't see why we can't start going into Phase 2 this week.
  8. Dr. Fauci on CNBC today discussing how staying in a lockdown for too long can cause irreparable damage. I'm sure he has held steady with his viewpoints throughout the past 6-8 weeks, but there was some fear and backlash after he testified to the Senate last week that made it seem like he was on the opposite end of the spectrum vs. what he said today. It is likely just nuance and him wanting to stay in the "middle ground" as much as possible in this tough situation. But that being said, I have to admit it was still reassuring to hear him say this. Also, he appears to be cautiously optimistic about a vaccine (the Moderna one) by December, which is great news. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/22/dr-anthony-fauci-says-staying-closed-for-too-long-could-cause-irreparable-damage.html
  9. That's nuts! I look at those daily values on the NJ Climate Network page pretty often, and every once in a while you'll see a 50-degree spread but it's way up in the mountains of north Jersey. 88 / 28 is amazing There's this cranberry farmer in the Pine Barrens that I follow on social media and he was posting about this event this morning, was talking about dew points down around 20
  10. Conditions are no picnic today by any stretch, but I guess it could be worse - in the Appalachians stretching down through the Carolinas, it's in the mid-40s with steady rain. Going on late May 🙄
  11. 12z models keep temps closer to average eventually, but nothing hot. Is it possible we make it to June with only a single 80-degree day? It's only happened once before
  12. 16-day total precip of 0.61"...may be too early for these thoughts, but I'm just throwing it out there: is there reason to be concerned about a drought this summer? It has been a dry month so far and looks to be pretty dry for the next couple of weeks, and there's still a decent chance of La Nina developing soon, which I believe would bring hot / dry weather to the eastern US.
  13. Arthur will only have minor impacts as it moves offshore, but it still looks neat to see a tropical system within a few hundred miles of our region, especially with the low-level circulation exposed like it is now
  14. And there it is. The streak is over
  15. Was it expected to be this cloudy this morning? I'm guessing the partial clearing near Virginia will move our way later, but we may bust a couple degrees low if these clouds hang around for too long
  16. Yet another solution for next week that differs from past runs. 12Z Euro pushing the upper-level low so far south, we don't get much rain at all. Barney-level temps though, keeps us only in the 50s next Tuesday and Wednesday. Models have been all over the place with this. Interesting to watch it play out.
  17. Impressive warming already, considering many of us had frost this morning and are now pushing 60 at 9AM. In particular, Berkeley township in central Ocean County warmed about 20 degrees in just an hour and a half. Goes along with what you all were talking about, once that inversion went away temps warmed really quick.
  18. More good news - New Jersey only has half as many hospitalizations as they did during the peak about 4 weeks ago
  19. Highest temp: 102 90+ degree days: 44 Number of svr / tor warnings: 217
  20. First thing that popped into my head was hurricane season. Let's hope it doesn't follow the 2020 trend.
  21. Took a walk around my neighborhood just now, including some woods. I gotta say it was a bizarre feeling seeing trees and bushes in a significant bloom, and yet I was wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and a jacket on top of that. Like you physically are feeling the opposite of what you should, based on what your eyes see. I'm not sure how much trees / bushes have bloomed up in north Jersey / PA but I can imagine that thin layer of snow on the ground has to feel just as disorienting.
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