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  1. Interesting rotation in the clouds in southern Delaware, but no rain or anything associated with it.
  2. Impressive shear of 55-60+ knots across the area
  3. Current visible satellite across the region. Other than the storms, the sneaky backdoor front across south Jersey can be seen too.
  4. Wasn't sure whether to ask in this thread or the Obs thread, but the severe weather potential down South today had me wondering - when is the last time Philadelphia (or the immediate surrounding areas) was in a Moderate risk for severe storms? I feel like we get an Enhanced risk 1-2 times a year, but I can't remember a Moderate risk being issued, especially for the I-95 corridor or towards the SNJ coast. Is there some kind of database for "last time ___ risk was issued for ___ area"?
  5. Thanks for clarifying - do you have a link to the site that has that data?
  6. In Philly, the record low max for today is 54 - NWS is going with 52, and the HRRR doesn't get any warmer than 50. Pretty amazing, especially since the 3 coldest highs for May 13 will have been set all within the last 3 years.
  7. Fog is juuuuust starting to break up down here, it's been very thick since late last evening. Pretty cool to see how warm it is just a few thousand feet above the surface - getting close to 70 while we're stuck in the mid 50s at ground level. Should warm quickly once the fog burns off.
  8. Some heavier rain pivoting southward around the coastal low
  9. Very frequent lightning around 5AM (1-2 flashes per second). Dry air is trying to move in now, so I'm seeing some interesting localized clashes of air masses
  10. Fog burned off quickly this morning, but you can still see it off near the horizon
  11. Beautiful shot of the eastern US this morning
  12. Fantastic-looking day outside. Not a cloud anywhere
  13. 34 (wind chill of 25) with a flizzard down here. Feels like January
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