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  1. The actual low position isn't too far apart Monday morning on the Canadian, Euro, and GFS, but the precip shield is much stronger on the Canadian than the other two models. Not sure if I'd buy precip getting back that far north and west. Seems like some moderate coastal flooding is a pretty good bet in this case though.
  2. Banding showing up near Delaware, oddly enough it looks like lake-effect streamers but it's part of a front and showing up over land too
  3. Even cooler is that the site has a custom local zoom on Philadelphia, with one of the available settings being Total Accumulated Snowfall. This is gonna be a fun winter ❄️
  4. Afternoon GFS wants to plunge us right into winter by the end of the month. Could use the Oprah meme with all of the negatively-tilted troughs it wants to send our way between now and then.
  5. Yea the precip field is sort of disjointed as it moves through the Philly region. And if I remember correctly, the NAM overdid the precip field with last week's coastal storm by New England.
  6. NAM bombs this storm down to 966mb. Impressive winds on the backside, but we're lucky the parent low is over the Great Lakes as the coastal storm passes by NJ or else we would have gotten smacked by winds on the front side too.
  7. AC beach on a normal day vs high tide this morning
  8. The sides of some of the more low-lying roads have barricades around them, and we're barely at Minor stage this morning. Tomorrow should be interesting
  9. I'd agree with the confidence in moderate flood stage, especially with a solid 72 hours of onshore flow. NWS forecast only goes through Thursday and predicts a crest of 7 feet, but the forecast seem to creep higher closer to the event and Friday's tide should be even higher, so I would think a crest of at least 7.5 feet is do-able. For perspective, last week we had a crest of 6.82 feet and that was enough to close the Black Horse Pike and White Horse Pike leading out of Atlantic City.
  10. Coastal flood advisory up as onshore flow continues. Tides are forecast to be even higher today than they've been for most of the week, which has already been consistently above normal. Has been interesting to see the effects on the beach so far. Not too far from Moderate flood stage today.
  11. Lorenzo is a massive storm - I can't remember a hurricane being that large that far southeast in the Atlantic. Latitude-wise, looks like his cloud field would cover a good chunk of the eastern seaboard if he was closer.
  12. Low 40s in the Pines, mid 30s up in hill country. Would have been even lower if not for a slight breeze from the north.
  13. A few interesting trends regarding Humberto. Both the GFS and Euro ensembles through day 5 are a bit more bullish on the NW turn back towards the East coast, but it's still uncertain just how far west it will go. Last 4 runs of the GFS have shifted significantly west. The ridge overtop has trended a little stronger as well.
  14. GFS trying to bring in the mother of all September troughs into the US near the end of the month - 534dm lines nearly into Iowa. There has been some pretty interesting interactions with a trough and tropical system several days before this as well showing up on the GFS.
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