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  1. 1.5” at my parents house at 590’ in Ludwigs Corner. No clue what I got at my place in Pville. Would guess less though as elevation definitely played a role.
  2. Please don’t do a outlook just because I asked! Haha. No worries at all, and your right, our area is hard to predict snowfall wise. Was just interested in your general 500mb height thoughts for winter really
  3. @tombo82685 Hey Tom, did you release your winter forecast? Didn’t see it on here or on Twitter.
  4. I think the Pacific SST Anomaly looks better than just three weeks ago. The cold water along the west coast that Tombo didn’t like, is almost gone. The warm pool has also moved East, while the PDO looks a little better?
  5. Yup, hit two minutes of daylight lost today at my place. Just beautiful.
  6. The new run of the Cansips has some errors going on right? Looks weird. But man could we only hope it’s somewhat correct lol.
  7. For the complaining I've done about how wet its been, there have been some absolutely beautiful days the last couple of weeks.
  8. Drove through it from 6:15 until 6:50 on my ride home from KOP to Phoenixville, it was torrential.
  9. As @Rainshadow said in another thread, every dry period we've had in the last year is book ended by a big rainier, its crazy. The 24hr precip map above seems correct, had right around 1.25"
  10. *With a bit of sarcasm in my tone* What type of pattern in the warmer months is dry around here?
  11. Kind of random, but I know that air temp affects the ball flight, but does the dew point too?
  12. Agree with almost all of your points. The winter of 16-17 wasn't worse for you though?
  13. Also, is this the right thread to complain about a surprise 1"+ rainstorm now coming, in what looked like a drier period finally? Ugh lol.
  14. My final grade for the winter is a D+. Below normal snow, above average temps, with above average precip is just not a good winter in my book.
  15. Yeah it's ridiculous. I don't even bother looking for tickets to games until May starts.
  16. I have to seed this spring too. What is your timeline for the 2-5?
  17. Quick passing moderate snow shower in KOP. Deep winters day.
  18. Phoenixville, PA. 11/15-16 - 5.75" 1/12-13 - 1.25" 1/17-18 - 1.0" 1/29 - 0.75" 1/30 - 0.5" 2/1 - 1.0” 2/10-2/12 - 2.75" 2/20 - 2.5” 3/1 - 3.5" 3/2 - 1.5" 3/3 - 4.5" Season total - 25.0" Days with snow cover - 22 (as of 3/14) Have received just .25" less in the first three days of March, than I did in all of meteorological winter. Smarch>
  19. Just started hearing the pinging on the window. didnt think the mix line would make it up my way.
  20. If Trout doesn’t resign with the Angles before he becomes a free agent.... My lord it’s going to get wild around here, whether he signs with us or not lol.
  21. 1.5” here. Good amount of sleet. Up to 5” for both storms
  22. Might get more snow in the first 4 days of march than I did during all of meteorological winter. Smarch>>>>
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