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  1. I’m just happy about a week without much precipitation in the middle of February, dire times. Looks like February 2002 was our last snowless one. This month makes it now five straight bad February’s.
  2. I would take the 11-12 winter over this one for sure. At least it was dry that season!
  3. It’s all subjective but 15-16 was terrible for 90% of the time. (I was out of the country for the blizzard, so I personally saw only 5 inches fall ugh) 16-17 was bad, 17-18 good, 18-19 subpar, 19-20 terrible. My thoughts on how winters are around here may be a bit inflated, with me really getting into winter storms around 2005. I look at the 80’s and 90’s and a shiver goes down my spine. I mean hey, a normal person would say this was a great winter lol
  4. Yeah I’m out. Sure looking like the worst winter of my lifetime. Even in 11-12 we had a 3” by now. This winter has been warm, wet and snowless, literally 0 for 3. The last half of the decade has been rough.
  5. Phoenixville, PA 0.5” - 12/11 0.25” - 12/18 0.5” - 1/7 1.5” - 1/18 Total - 2.75” Days with snow cover - 3
  6. Phoenixville, PA 0.5” - 12/11 0.25” - 12/18 0.5” - 1/7 1.25” - Season Total The season of penny snowfalls so far
  7. If that then turns to February 2007, I wouldn’t complain that much. That year had the famous Vday Sleet storm. Looks like that year got better/more active around January 20th as well.
  8. Yeah that’s true about our region, have to move north I guess. I’m looking at it as we had 2 good 4 week stretches in 17-18, but what was the last one besides those? February-March 2015? Maybe I’m just being negative because of the current pattern and outlook.
  9. I don’t know man, the last 4-5 winters haven’t been that good in general around here. I know it’s all subjective but 15-16 the general pattern sucked, we lucked into one storm that I wasn’t even in the country to experience (still salty about that lol). 16-17 was bad. 17-18 was a good winter, but even that one we had a bad 6-7 week stretch. 18-19 was subpar, and so far this winter has been bad, but too early for sure to say that with finality. The first half of the decade definitely was way better that’s for sure.
  10. Phoenixville, PA 0.5” - 12/11 0.25” - 12/18 0.75” - Season Total
  11. This hurts my heart. Everyone else at our latitude in the country has ample snow.
  12. Phoenixville, PA 0.5” - 12/11 0.5” - Season Total
  13. 1.5” at my parents house at 590’ in Ludwigs Corner. No clue what I got at my place in Pville. Would guess less though as elevation definitely played a role.
  14. Please don’t do a outlook just because I asked! Haha. No worries at all, and your right, our area is hard to predict snowfall wise. Was just interested in your general 500mb height thoughts for winter really
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