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  1. Warning should have read inappropriate language. Your post has been removed. I let your previous post go. There was no trolling or inappropriate language in that one. But, this one crossed the line.
  2. south of 78 gets a coating then anything but snow north of 78 gets 1" then anything but snow you guys never stop holding out hope lmao its over.
  3. i honestly thought that casino pic was about this until i read further --
  4. little early for all these snow maps, it's like 2 days out, way too much time. we were supposed to get 12" last week and we got ice + a dusting.
  5. it's gettin pretty spicy on anything untreated near me.
  6. 18330 give me your expert opinions. It's midway down the carbon/monroe border. Thanxxx
  7. winter is upon us so naturally, here i am coming out of the woodwork. obs - its cold and we had little precip (nothing white). blue mtn has been blowing snow and they are opening this wknd. crazy. got my season pass but need to head up to scranton to get new gear. after that, winter starts yeeeuuuupp.
  8. bmart

    NWS API....

    Just curious, can any Mets predict a location that will have a frost warning for tomorrow? I saw there was one for MI but it expired earlier i think. I'm having trouble finding stuff on my own. Thanks.
  9. bmart

    NWS API....

    NVM, i got it. leaving this here in case someone else needs it and can be moved to a more appropriate place, or someone can just delete if it isn't of any value. thanks. ex. https://api.weather.gov/alerts/active/zone/PAZ055
  10. bmart

    NWS API....

    Not sure if this is the right forum to be asking this, but I'm looking for some help with the NWS's API... All of the technical aspects make sense, but I'm looking for some specific data and I'm not sure if its available or if I'm looking in the right place -- I'm looking to query for active or upcoming alerts -- frost or freeze warnings in particular. Granted, it's not the right time of year for it, but I guess I could say maybe high wind warning would be applicable as well. Any guidance would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I was about to ask the same. it was forecast to start around 4 here. rain and thunder here now
  12. ski resorts are callin but i've gotta work. womp womp
  13. 6" on the dot. i'll take it.
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