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  1. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    Current situ on a 55 degree day.
  2. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    Anyone been to this? https://www.dewpointbrewing.com/
  3. APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

    1.5" of rain here last night/this AM. Top wind gust of 40 with the squall.
  4. The "Official" what are you drinking thread

    Since the weather sucks outside today, here's the current setup.
  5. APR 14-16 OBS - Summer to Shank to Swamp

    83 yesterday here. Woke up to 50ish. Winds picked up while on my run this morning (ugh). It's about 45 right now. Winds have gusted here to about 40 off and on. And now it's raining. Looking forward to my squall line tomorrow morning.
  6. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    What's 25 degrees over 100 miles among friends?
  7. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Obviously still a few days out but I wouldn't be surprised if it shifts markedly given time of year. Note that this is the higher-res Euro variant and not the main Op. Grain of salt may be pretty large on this one.
  8. Sunrise Pics 2018

    Now that sunrises will be respectably early to way too early for the next 4 months, time to post em
  9. ECMWF Upgrade 6/8 Will Include Lightning Predictions

    I've seen the cold bias in winter in situations with a polar trough or something like that where it overdid the 500 before easing out of it closer to the event. I wasn't aware that it was more than situational. I've felt that the Euro has a bit of an extreme bias on it at times. Worked for Sandy but hasn't elsewhere.
  10. BeerandWXTogether

  11. ECMWF Upgrade 6/8 Will Include Lightning Predictions

    How biased cold is the current Euro?
  12. The '80s Club From Virginia Snow To Summerish Within A Week.

    The only question is whether we do it twice (Saturday's looking pretty warm as well) or just once. Sunday's gonna be a tough road to threepeat with that pesky back door front and/or approaching cold front from the west. But it looks like we can get FRI & SAT as weather win around here.
  13. Euro not really that impressive with the Saturday night special. In fact, precip is shunted a bit farther SE from 0z last night.
  14. I'm happy to send this farther north so it's not snowing here anymore.
  15. The tulips and all the flowering trees in my hood wouldn't lol