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  1. Yes. It's devastating. I had an argument with a Florida friend of mine who was all about saying, "It was just a Category 1. It is just a Tropical Storm. We handle bigger down here." I told her it doesn't matter how large or small a storm is or how many Category 5's you've experienced, each storm is different and the amount of rain we had in an area that is full of large creeks and other waterways creates life-threatening floods. There are people missing part of their homes from tornadoes. Even a "baby" tropical system can ruin lives and property.
  2. I grew up on the other side of Byberry in Rambler park and lived there until I was in my twenties. I was 19 for that tornado and I definitely remember that lightning. I also remember all of our drains gurgling as it passed by. We hid in the basement bathroom under the steps (I think most Parkwood homes have the same set up). St. Anselm was one of my grade schools and those trees were huge and old way back when I was in school there. My dad sent me a picture of the trees that were down. He lives 2 minutes away and everything looks untouched in his neighborhood.
  3. Just spoke to my dad, who drove around Parkwood in Far Northeast Philly. He says houses in the Belgreen and Medford section are misding roofs - about 4 of them as another poster here mentioned. A tree is down and other trees are in half. Some large branches down. Gosh....I don't remember any tornado damage to houses in my life (I'm just a kid - 41 years). We had a tornado go through Parkwood in 1998, but it damaged buildings in an industrial park and toppled some trees, but I don't remember house damage. He is so glad he had his tree trimmed and roof repaired in July.
  4. Oh wow! That is where I am from. I'm trying to get ahold of my dad to see if he can see any damage. I spoke with him a little over an hour ago and he said the sun is out and the lake in his backyard is already gone. I'm going to see if he'll drop off. Wherabouts in Parkwood were the roofs blown off?
  5. Some hefty gusts moving through. It smells like the beach. Air is cold (to me). Very refreshing. Video is not the best of the gusts, but it's still a good one. Refreshing! 0804201318.mp4
  6. From an hour ago. I'm the good kind of mom who sends her kids out to play in a tropical storm. 😃 We had a newly created creek outback.
  7. Last hurrah moving through Towamencin. Nice gusts and we're back to a heavy downpour. The sun was poking through moments ago before the rain switched back on. For the first time in weeks, I have my windows open. Muggy, yes, but not as bad as these previous weeks.
  8. It's pretty still in Towamencin with light rain. MontCo WebCAD site shows a ton of dispatch calls for water rescue. Here's a link to a Facebook post by storm chaser Ray Leichner. It shows neighborhood storm damage in Doylestown. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1121909974850474&id=175002852874529&ref=bookmarks
  9. Same, my source is a bit dramatic. However, this just came through on Twitter. Damage at Doylestown hospital.
  10. Anyone in the Doylestown area? A friend says a car was flipped in the parkimg lot of Doylestown hospital.
  11. Sudden calm in Towamencin with a stop in the wind, but still a good downpour. Rotation West of me headed towards Gilbertsville.
  12. The wind just shut off in Towamencin.
  13. Heavy rain with a breeze here in Towamencin. Rain and breeze picked up a bit in the last 30 minutes.
  14. Look at this sexy beast. Cell is currently near Allentown. I'm viewing from Central Montco.
  15. Nice little cell is skirting me to the East here in Towamencin. The outflow is FANTASTIC. Nice and chilly.
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