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  1. Post storm Towamencin area.
  2. Mammatus over North Penn High School in Lansdale.
  3. Well, it was quite sexy as it rolled in and then super sexy on the way out. The action in the middle was just meh. What a treat for those who have had a chance to stay outside and watch the sky once it was over. We've had beautiful mammatus and an amazing lightning show. Still listening to thunder and watching the lightning show here in Towamencin.
  4. Backwards order, but first pic is Towamencin. Second pic is Harleysville.
  5. Non-stop thunder and a brief moment of pea-sized hail in Towamencin. Clouds ahead of this were fantastic. I drove in from Harleysville and people were in a panic.
  6. Love Backyard Beans! 34° in Towamencin. Flurries mixed in with light rain.