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  1. It's....embarrassing. I am upset, too, but the way some of these parents act is ridiculous. My kids are in 8th grade and 3rd grade. My daughter, 3rd grader, is very attached to school. I haven't told them yet because she'll be devastated. It's definitely tough on the kids and causes a lot of anxiety and restlessness. And I get that it's stressful to have everyone home. I'm laid off and my husband was straight up fired, so I understand the economic strain. Still, a lot of parents are being way too harsh toward teachers and school districts. None of this was on anyone's radar and schools have done their best with a moment's notice. We're in the North Penn School District and they have been phenomenal, yet parents still complain. I understand the stress, I just wish people would be nicer. My husband had a fever Monday night (also has a tooth abscess). His Covid test came back negative and he mostly feels fine and is on penicillin for the tooth, but we're still taking extra precautions in our tiny apartment to lower the rate of cooties passed around. I have PTSD which has come roaring into play this week and the anxiety is overwhelming. I am longing to just feel safe and cuddle with my kids. It's a very tough time for everyone. I'm very sad about school, but I do think it's for the best. I'd be very nervous with going back to school.
  2. The wind had an incredible roar. Very nice show here on Towamencin. Primarily a wind and drama cloud event. Vultures were loving it. We had a nice burst of rain. We had a covid scare in the house and I'm trying to avoid running in and out, so I had to take a picture from the window. 😒
  3. Hoo boy quite a gusty scenario in Towamencin. Absolutely torrential rains as well.
  4. Flurries in Towamencin. Gonna make my kids put on their snowboots and suits for this.
  5. Nice burst of snow flurries in Pennsylvania. What a day. We began the day with severe storms, maybe even some rotation, and end it with flurries.
  6. Very localized damage on the border of Towamencin and Upper Gwynedd. Lots of large branches and trees down. At least one tree down on a house. A garage or shed at another house was crushed. There's fences down. This is all along about a 1/4 mile stretch of Valley Forge Rd and one of it's side streets. If you go just further up or down and turn a corner there isn't any damage. Sorry to hog with my pics and videos.
  7. Just took a quick jaunt down the street and there is tree debris everywhere in Towamencin. Large and small branches down. Tree on top of a house. Couple of road signs down. I only traveled about 1/4 mile, but there's a lot of debris. I tried to film rotation I saw. My phone is having trouble these days and quality could be better when zoomed in. It's hard to see. Sorry for the language once again. I kept having rain drops run down the back of my shirt. 0207201013a.mp4
  8. I tried to film the jet engine sound. It was hardcore intense. Kinda bummed my phone didn't pick it up as well as I would have liked. Again, sorry for the language. Felt like a spring storm, but the rain was frigid. 0207201013.mp4
  9. If you squint, you can pretend this is snow. 😉Sorry for the naughty language. I was out there in just a t-shirt and no jacket and that rain was *cold* when it hit me. 0207201011.mp4
  10. Towamencin here. That was flippin' awesome. We just had some wicked gusts and the roar was unlike anything I have ever heard in my life. Some low clouds were rotatey, but hard for me to tell exactly what was going on. Hearing a lot of sirens now.
  11. ChesCo bubble MontCo Bubble DelCo Bubble BucksCo Bubble .....but, evaporational cooling.....
  12. Absolutely intense downpour in Towamencin. A quick jaunt from the car into my daughters gymnastics had us completely soaked. There's a lot of ponding on the roads and in lots. The creeeks I passed over were very swollen and raging.
  13. Downpouring sleet and freezing rain in Towamencin. Never got enough snow to cover the grass tips, but it was slick enough for the kids to go sledding and have fun. My husband's ballcap was covered in a glaze of ice.
  14. I don't have an accurate method of measurement. This is what it looks like here in Towamencin. Roads have rapidly improved in the last half hour. Snow has stopped and sun is peeking through. My kids are displeased.
  15. I have my windows open on this January night. The wind is something else. I'm patiently waiting for the line of storms to our West, but it's way past my bedtime. Looks like the line is trying to bow out there near York.
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