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  1. Cute little gust front moving through Far Northeast Philly. Absolutely divine breeze with it.....I actually felt chilly standing outside watching it.
  2. I can tell you that it occurred just a little bit before 4:00 pm. I was just getting onto the NE Extension at the time at the Lansdale exit when the warning went off and KYW began to talk about how bad it was up there and that it was beginning to move into Jersey. An EF0 touched down right near the border of Lehigh County and Bucks County - on the Bucks side. I'm not 100% sure of the exact town. I don't know if that helps .
  3. NBC 10 had retweeted the photo. They have since removed their retweet. I am not sure of the origin of the photo beyond that. All copies I have seen have "NBC 10" on it. I'm not 100% familiar with Warrington - I am told this is near the Wal-Mart and Chickies 'n' Petes near 611 and Street Rd. Adam Joseph commented on a thread on his Facebook page that he believed it was a fake.
  4. I have yet to see any other picture from Warrington that confirms this. No one I know in the area reported any type of damage that you'd expect from that. My initial gut feeling was that it's a fake. I guess time will tell if NWS can confirm anything.
  5. This doesn't do the green justice. It was so interesting. I've seen green skies before, but this was extra "glowy." This was in Far Northeast Philly. My husband is in Towamencin and we lost power.....it's still out.
  6. Yep. I was visiting in Far Northeast Philly and I definitely saw rotation that was very short-lived. I had run to get a better view so I could call it in, but it quickly disappeared.
  7. I distinctly remember that night. We lived in Far Northeast Philly. I was eating Taco Bell nachos on the couch when my dad came downstairs and just stood there, telling everyone to be quiet while he just listened. There was a sudden wind shift and my dad told everyone to get down to the basement. I dropped my nachos. I was always amazed at how my dad had a sense of what was happening. We all crowded into our tiny basement bathroom. It was cool (but scary at the time) because the pipes started gurgling and the toilet flushed itself. Thankfully, we didn't have damage. My neighbor's 40 foot tree was knocked down and thankfully managed to avoid landing on any other houses, fences, or cars - which was quite a feat in a typical Philly rowhome neighborhood.
  8. Tornado watch for the whole state until 10 pm. I read somewhere about CAPE beong 3,000. 😬
  9. What a show! I've never been able to get a good bolt shot before, but I got tons tonight. Totally overexcited.
  10. Non-stop lightning show here in Towamencin. Storm was 30 miles away and we were getting tons of lightning and constant rumbles. That's moved on, but more lightning is on the horizon and the wind is picking up quite a bit.
  11. Towamencin's breeze and pretty clouds. We did have a minor roll of thunder and maybe half a flash of lightning. And rain. A friend in Huntingdon Valley said they lost power for a while. 0426191731.mp4
  12. I'm in Towamencin. We had intense rain and a few rumbles. I called my parents, who live in NE Philly to warn them. I could hear their wind - it sounded insane. My mom says it's died down quite a bit just now.
  13. Hanging in Huntingdon Valley right now with one hell of a gully washer. Nice. Very heavy rain, few gusts, lovely thunder and lightning. All around a very nice storm for March. Also a great time for my WU app to stop working. 😔
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