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  1. 2017/2018 Seasonal snowfall totals

    Center City 12/9 - 5.0 12/13 - 0.9 12/15 - 2.3 1/4 - 3.6 1/17 - 0.5 2/17 - 1.4 3/2 - 1.7 3/7 - 5.9 Total: 21.3
  2. Agreed. Overperformed what I thought it would do TBH
  3. Ended up with 5.9 in center City over three measurements (7 am / 1 PM / end). Total depth probably more like 3 or 4" ATM. Today was an interesting study in the complicated thermal dynamics of urban centers. Went for a long walk during the height of the storm and depths really ranged wildly. Society Hill had noticably more snow, for example, than just a few blocks west (my back yard) where there's more density. Fun day. Thundersnowstorm did not disappoint.
  4. Don't think the airport's 1.5" as of 1 PM is THAT off base... As of 1 PM, we had 2.2" in Center City (that's when I cleared off my trash can top). Since 1 PM, we've gotten another 3.2" (maybe more, but it's really compacting as to be expected).
  5. Just had thundersnow in center City. 4 inches so far, almost all in past 2 hours
  6. Well we have a miracle on our hands. Roads in center City are turning white.
  7. The snow in CC is prolific right now. Looks almost like it did during the Snow Bowl. Cotton balls falling straight down.
  8. What modest coating we had in the city melted during the past two hours from the rain and sleet. Band has started pushing back in, though, and it's snow.
  9. First burst of moderate/heavy snow of the day so far in Center City. We'll see whether the increase in intensity continues.
  10. Light mix here in CC, but looks like snow migggghhhhttttt be starting to take over.
  11. Steady snow now in center City. Sticking to cars, awnings, roofs
  12. Just arrived in Philly. Steady light rain along the 95 corridor with occasional sleet mixed in. Temperature gradient not as drastic as normal -- 35/36 in Claymont, 37/38 in the city.