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  1. Yeah, my brother lives in Richmond, and he's got snow on the ground...
  2. Sun's poking through on and off in Wilmington. Air feels sufficiently energetic for something.
  3. Clouds just rolled in here. I wonder what 3 PM would have been without them O_O
  4. Looks like central Grand Bahama spent over 12 hours inside the eye. Mesmerizing.
  5. Getting rocked in CC. Listening to a chorus of thunder and car alarms.
  6. Super late on this, but there were downed trees aplenty along Broad Street in South Philly from last Friday's round. Let's see if it happens again...
  7. This thing was impressive moving through the Wilmington riverfront too. I should have filmed it -- had a great view from the office. But I was too mesmerized!
  8. About an inch in CC around 9 PM last night, since compacted/cemented up. Another rough one for the city. So it goes this winter! At least we had Friday morning's overperformer.
  9. For you folks anxiously watching further north -- we are back to a sleet snow mix in CC. Looks like the battle line may be drawn.
  10. It's reached the ground now. Sun going down no doubt helped.
  11. Just drove from the office in Wilmington, where it has been heavy snow since 3:45 and where even interstate 95 was starting to cave, to center city, where it's RAINING. Ground went from white to brown at PHL and precip went from snow to rain literally as I was entering CC. As a CC resident and snow lover this is mildly distressing, but as a study in thermal dynamics this is fascinating. #phillysnowhole
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