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  1. Yeah, there's a Franklin County out near Roanoke and a Franklin City in HR. FWIW, social media pictures from high school friends who are still in the area align pretty well with that map. There's a stark difference between those near the Bay and its estuaries (dusting) and those further inland (3-5 inches of wet paste).
  2. Tony -- the 5.1" is actually the City of Franklin, which is in Western Tidewater sandwiched between Southampton Co. (where you saw the 5" in Courtland) and the City of Suffolk (where you saw the 4"). Blame Virginia's wacky City/County distinctions for the confusion.
  3. My parents in Hampton Roads have a Winter Storm Watch 😒 They do have a pretty decent (and realistic) TV met: https://www.wavy.com/blogs/blog-higher-chance-for-snow-thursday-night/
  4. I like hot summers but then again maybe it's nostalgia. If anything, I'd like the seasons to be a bit more pronounced. Something like SLC Utah where it's guaranteed hot in the summer, guaranteed to get snow in the winter, and otherwise generally sunny.
  5. Rojojojo

    Winter nostalgia

    Smithfield, VA -- Western Tidewater/Hampton Roads. A few come to mind. 1. Christmas 1998 -- fourth grade -- very severe ice storm, snow on Christmas Eve quickly turned to ice. We lost power. After the temperature in the house got down to 45, my dad went and got an old wood stove out of the shed, put it in the dining room, and cut a chimney pipe straight through the wall of the house with a sawzall. 2. January 25, 2000 -- fifth grade -- IIRC, this storm was a lot more potent than predicted. What I remember most about it, though, is that I woke up at 5 AM to rain drops on the window and my heart sank. At 6 AM I went downstairs and my mom had the morning news on, and the meteorologists were going nuts. Then suddenly the windows sounded like they were being blasted with sand (heavy sleet), and about 2 minutes later it was quiet. We looked out the window and there was already snow on the ground. It was so heavy that 20 minutes later there had to be at least 2 inches. Then we got the robocall that school was cancelled. It snowed the entire day, dawn to way past dusk, and we were outside the entire time. This was a Tuesday and schools were closed the entire week (it was the South, after all). 3. December 26, 2004 -- tenth grade -- This was quick surprise storm that only lasted six hours from 9 AM to 3 PM, but dropped 13 inches in those 6 hours. Philadelphia, PA The '09 to '10 snowmageddons are the obvious picks. Thundersleet followed by 3-4" rates on January 26, 2011 also comes to mind.
  6. Line just hit in Wilmington. Very impressive winds.
  7. Tornado Warning just blared here at work in Wilmington. A tornado warning on February 7.... sheesh
  8. Phone just blared at home in Center City. Snow Squall Alert. We'll see if the city can finally eek out a dusting...
  9. Yes, tis snowing good (finally) in the city. Not sticking, of course, but it's nice to see it falling
  10. A steady snizzle here in Wilmington for the past two hours. Everything is... damp.
  11. Light mulch and car top dusting here in Wilmington... Light flurries
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