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  1. AO is trending negatice and PNA is going positive towards the end of the month.
  2. Gfs and Euro also show a storm during that same timeframe.
  3. Because there is The models show a storm towards the end of the month. Too early to say what kind but this thaw will feature cold shots also. Here is the cmc at 240
  4. This doesn't mean it will not snow. There might be another chance at the end of this month
  5. Or we might end up getting more. Surface temps are newr freezing for NYC. Very fickle situation. Upton has 1-3 here
  6. Shift this slightly east and we would all be good
  7. CMC Ensembles colder and way further east than their op runs
  8. Then heads northeast after that
  9. Watch the end of this month for a storm ( maybe snow ) There will be mild days but also some snow chances.
  10. 33 and rain on the GFS for the NYC area LOL That's very close to all snow so we have to watch that Philly also should watch this
  11. Theme of this whole winter
  12. I will take the Rgem/ Nam combo this close in Both have been doing good this winter.
  13. Maybe but the low keeps shifting west on every model. 3k Nam is further east and all snow near the coast