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  1. Coming home from Disney World today. Currently iis like 53 with a strong wind. Everyone is bundled up here like it’s the end of time. Of course it’s been sticky and in the 80s all week
  2. First snowflakes of 2020 right now. I’m going to enjoy them hopefully for the next hour before we turn to rain.
  3. Another 60 degree day here in Lewes,De. I can’t remember a more boring winter so far. Last winter was terrible down here and this year is even Terrible-R. Great grammar I know.
  4. Nice snowy morning in Lewes. .3 inches. I count that as a win.
  5. With the putrid amount of snow I get down here in the tropics of coastal De- I take any snow any chance I get. Beggars definitely can’t be choosers here.
  6. 1.81" - my official measurement yesterday. We needed the rain. I can usually score pretty well w rain even in the heart of winter
  7. 55 and a steady light rain here in Lewes. Hoping for an inch plus down here today
  8. Ouch I had almost forgotten how dismal my area was snow wise last year. Now back to my heat and humidity and ignorant tourists. Lol
  9. 2.2 inches so far and still snowing lightly. Very nice storm
  10. No complaints with this storm. Still snowing nicely- was able to pull my 3 year old on his sled and he loved it. Probably around 4 inches of snow on the ground right now
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