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  1. CyphaPSU

    Fall 2018 Pics

    From Friday morning in Tyler SP
  2. CyphaPSU

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    I would like Mount Holly to issue snow squall warnings around here soon, like NWS did in State College this morning.
  3. CyphaPSU

    20s club, the destruction of the figs

    Just this past year I learned how every fig we eat is a female fig containing digested protein from a dead wasp. Yummy.
  4. CyphaPSU

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    I was thinking in terms of national trends for Baseball when I made my "heyday" comment. Every city goes bonkers over their MLB team when they are winning pennants and going deep into the playoffs (well, except for ATL).
  5. CyphaPSU

    Eagles adding players for playoff push?

    If we think in terms of supply and demand, part of what makes football so popular is that there is only one game per week--games become cultural events that everyone (at least in this town) looks forward to. We are not over-saturated with Eagles games. I'm willing to bet that if MLB went to a three game per week schedule, interest would increase. Of course, this will never happen because of the billions of dollars involved in the way it is now; but, if we didn't have a 3-4 hour game almost every day for six months straight, there would be more reason to go down to the ball park or tune in on TV. Every game is available on any platform imaginable. Over-saturation along with a million other things and forms of entertainment to choose from now has been hurting the sport. Baseball was in it heyday during a time when not all the games were on TV, you either had to listen on the radio or actually attend the game; in other words, despite the long season, supply available to the fans was actually considerably lower than it is now (helping to drive up demand).
  6. CyphaPSU

    (Banter) The TACT Winter Outlook (Banter)

    +8 for December? That's torch-like.
  7. CyphaPSU

    Fall 2018 Pics

  8. CyphaPSU

    Fall 2018 Pics

    Tyler State Park
  9. CyphaPSU

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Went to Tyler State Park yesterday morning, I did not realize how much rain had fallen over night until I got to the dam over the Neshaminy Creek.
  10. CyphaPSU

    Meteorological Fall Banter Thread

    Why? Recent winter trends guarantee a Qtown Snow win! 🤣
  11. CyphaPSU

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Those are some serious wobbles.
  12. CyphaPSU


    I think I found a steal at Wawa today. Judging by the calorie count, looks like you can feed a family of 46 dinner if you buy the “family size” chicken corn chowder for only $7.49. But, I guess you better hurry because I’m not sure how long supplies will last. Hey Sheetz, beat that deal!
  13. CyphaPSU

    That 30s club

    Even just the wind today makes it feel like fall.
  14. Huh? My wife does that all the time...