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  1. 9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    I was in the middle of teaching a lesson this afternoon, and we all stopped to listen to the thunder. Did the thunder today sound a bit strange at any else's location today? Lots of very local lightning strikes, but it sounded as though I was listening to thunder through speakers on a small TV at a volume louder than the speakers can handle. It was bizarre.
  2. 9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    After looking at that map just now I looked up the Facebook page of Provision Company in Holden Beach, NC. It's a waterfront restaurant right on the Intracoastal Waterway, so I was concerned about their status. Happily, they said they made it through with only a few downed trees. Every time I visit the folks we take a boat ride up the ICW from N Myrtle there for lunch, so I'm glad they're ok. By the way, if any of you are ever down in that region, I really, really recommend grabbing a bite to eat at Provision Company--their shrimp burgers are truly unique and awesome. Too bad their recipe is a closely-guarded trade secret!
  3. 9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    Except in State College for about five months out of the year. It can be difficult to find any bright yellow thing in the sky.
  4. 9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    Speaking of Florence, while my folks are still on their evacuation camping trip in Florida, they received a call from a friend who checked out their property in North Myrtle Beach. The flooding did not reach the two-foot brick walls they have flanking their house, and no property damage was visible. So, I am thankful, but know that others just miles up Hwy 17 in NC were not so fortunate.
  5. Interestingly, the center of the storm is essentially right on top of the NEXRAD station in Shallotte, NC right now.
  6. I do have to say, the NHC pretty much nailed the track of this storm and its landfall location early this past week. Much credit to them.
  7. It is interesting for me to watch TV correspondents, whether it's CNN, Fox News, or some other outlet, reporting from Cherry Grove Beach/North Myrtle Beach. I'm as familiar with those sites as some of you probably are with your favorite Jersey Shore beach towns. A weird feeling that hits home a bit.
  8. Looks like the precip field is closing in a bit on the eye as it moves over land now. I can't say I'm happy about the left turn to the south, and while I do not wish this storm to hit anyone, I was hoping for Florence to head inland more before turning so as to keep the eyewall away from open water. The geography of the coastline will come into play here with any SW movement.
  9. Incredible how it intensified just before landfall, for much of last night the eye looked less organized than it does now.
  10. I think Florence is starting to crawl, in a little less than three hours it has moved maybe 25 nm?
  11. We have a chance! I love this website (sunsetwx.com) for sunrise/sunset forecasts. Colleagues of a friend of mine developed this.
  12. Not sure if anything has been updated since, but I saw on recon's first pass from a couple of hours ago the max sustained winds at the surface in the eyewall were recorded at 85 mph.
  13. Also, here is a live stream of what it looks like off-shore on the Frying Pan platform tower.
  14. I posted this in the photography forum a few weeks ago, this is Little River Inlet. It's an inlet that happens to be located almost on the NC/SC boundary. I can't imagine what it will look like there over the next couple of days, the jetties will surely be under water. I hope the inlet geography won't be dramatically changed, the shrimp boats and other large vessels that venture through there daily are important to the local economy (especially in the Little River and Calabash areas). A lot depends on the track of Florence's center.
  15. While I am thankful for the weakening of max sus. winds in the eyewall, this storm still has an enormous amount of energy dispersed around it. Surge, flooding rains, and duration are the biggest problems here. I know a good portion of that coastline pretty well, lots of tide water areas will be hit.