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  1. It was sleeting in Lower Makefield an hour ago when I left.
  2. There’s nothing more taunting than being just a few miles south of the frozen precip line.
  3. The cloud heights vs. center of circulation of TS Jerry is...strange. That's some strong shear.
  4. That's quite a bit of Saharan dust being flung off Africa today.
  5. You know how you can drive on the beach in Daytona? Seems like the euro has that idea, but for 700 miles...
  6. Last night’s shelf cloud passing over OCNJ last night forced me to run to the beach with my camera as others were fleeing it 😂
  7. Interesting stuff on radar throughout the region...
  8. Seeing a sunset on the West Coast is certainly a different experience than we get on the East Coast. This was a couple of weeks ago in NorCal.
  9. The wife, kid and I were in California a couple of weeks ago. Pier 39 is always interesting.
  10. Nice shots. GTNP may be my favorite underrated national park because of its beauty and low traffic. The latter is a huge factor in my opinion.
  11. CyphaPSU

    New Radar?

    This is a non-sequitur question from the OP, but it’s radar related and I did not think it deserves its own thread... What can be the cause of the reflectivity seen off the coast tonight? The reflectivity KDIX displays is not even spatially aligned with what KOKX is showing. It also does not appear like the usual noise provided by bugs or birds over land.
  12. That's exactly what I saw. Rotation was clearly visible near Chalfont as it approached Rt. 309. But the warning came out after the signature started to fade.
  13. A little late, I think. Rotation was clearly visible on radar for a while, but faded by the time the warning went up.
  14. For the past hour it has flipped back and forth between sleet and rain. It's back to sleet again at the moment, but this is the definition of being on the line.
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