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  1. 9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    Down this way 0.50" today and that's all. Some thunder and a little lightning, no big deal. Now, bring on fall!!
  2. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    According to NOWData seems my 52F low for this morning (9th) is a record for Cape May 2NW by 4 degrees. Felt real good!
  3. Measured 2.14" yesterday (Sunday). Looking at what other places got deluged with I feel I should say "only" 2.14" Cape May proper had major street flooding. For the month I stand at 7.95", most since 1984. This is the third consecutive May with at least 6.50" of rain. I am enjoying the coolness!
  4. Though I'd also note the tides at the Cape May Ferry Terminal & Cape May Harbor are running about 3 feet above normal. Easily in minor tidal flooding.
  5. Aprx. 11:45am several rumbles of thunder. Temp. 40F. Been raining heavy thought light now.
  6. March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    Thought I'd post this wind info. My peak gust was 65mph@2:38pm. Based on one-minute wind data up to 6:45pm when I lost electric: 11 gusts of 60+mph, 147 with 50+mph. The weather station continued to work on its own battery backup but doesn't keep track of 1-minute peak gusts. I know there were more in the 50+ range. Also, it snowed(mostly snow with rain) from 2pm-10pm but nada on ground. Temp. got down to 34F.
  7. March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    Finally back on line! No internet for several hours. Peak gust as of 4:30pm 65mph@2:38pm. Had several gusts just under that 65. Cape May Ferry Terminal shows a peak of 68mph. Been snowing more or less for about 2 hrs. Temp. 35F. I must give a big thanks to Comcast! Four tech's spent about an hour including going up in a bucket to fix my internet & tv service. Very much appreciated.
  8. February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    Got some sleet happening, 6:30pm, Sat. Temp. 35F.
  9. The Single Digits Club

    Cape May now in. 7F, Sunday Jan. 7th. Will it happen again this winter? It is early.
  10. Sunday morning (7th) low of 7F. Wind finally becoming bearable in the 5-10mph range. The blowing snow has been bad. Amazing stretch of weather!
  11. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Can't speak for A.C. but here's some quick data for Cape May. Other than 2009-10, 1996 had 2 storms with 10+", Jan. 7-8 & Feb. 2-3. Going WAY back the 1904-5 winter also had 2, Dec. 10(12") & Jan. 25(16"). Bottom line: it's rare.
  12. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    As of 1pm 9.6" on ground. Really tough measurement. Still have a light fall but with plenty of blowing snow. Radar says we're done very shortly. Maybe we'll get another one (or two?) this winter.
  13. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    At 11:04am wind gusted to 55mph. Average direction last hour NW. Getting gusts often 40+mph.
  14. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    As of 10am have 8.3" on the ground. Made a nice drive around the Cape May area. Visibility from time to time well below 1/4 mile. Had to check on some senior "friends", better know as Wawa employees; they're doin' just fine!
  15. 1/3-1/4 Nor'easter OBS: Who will win ? Bus ?

    Took a nice stroll around the area about 7:30am. Visibility is often below 1/4 mile. In open spots that wind is nasty! Had a new peak gust for the day 48mph@7:41am. Fun!!