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  1. Bliz299

    March 1st-2nd a fluff delight to mud season again

    A7 7:40am (3/1) 1.5", 33F. Still flaking a little, but believe to end is at hand.; radar agrees. 1/2" or less was forecast, so ,not to bad.
  2. Bliz299

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    Friday, 11pm: 15F, mostly clear. 3.0" the final total. Wonderful over-achiever!
  3. Bliz299

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    Friday, 7pm: 19F, still snowing very lightly, 2.8", pressure 30.41" and rising, wind N5G9mph. Very nice winter day. Will it happen again this month? Hoping for sure!
  4. Bliz299

    2/1 can we fluff our way to 1”?

    Friday, 4pm: 20F, S-, 2.4", wind N5G9mph, pressure 30.36". Quite surprised with today's little snow! Started about 7:30am. Only expected 1/2" or so. Very nice indeed.
  5. 11F for the low here. Cold for sure but had colder January, 2018: 10F on the 6th and 7F on the 7th. Both were just after 7am. January, 2014, had even lower, 3F & 5F. Way it goes sometimes. Still freeze your buns off out there!
  6. Down this way some light snow 10:30-11:15pm. Enough on the ground to notice with a bare coating on the car; temp. dipped to 33F. Oh well.
  7. Bliz299

    1/12-1/13 OBS, congrats south. Will Tom be banned?

    Sunday, 10am: 4.1" on ground, still snowing lightly, 31F/DP 29F, wind NE7G17mph, pressure 30.37". Pickup 1" from 7am til 10am. Me thinks the end is nigh.
  8. Bliz299

    1/12-1/13 OBS, congrats south. Will Tom be banned?

    Sunday, 7am: 3.1" on ground, snowing lightly, 29F, wind NE10G15mph, pressure 30.49".
  9. Bliz299

    1/12-1/13 OBS, congrats south. Will Tom be banned?

    As of midnight Sat.>Sun. a whopping 0.2" with light (very light?) snow, 29F, no wind, bar. 30.48". Snow began about 7:30pm.
  10. Bliz299

    11/24, Another Weekend, Another Deluge

    My peak gust NW57mph at 10:28pm. Rain total 1.86". Forth 1"+ rainfall this month. Too much!
  11. Bliz299

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    16F for a LOW down this-a-way. Impressive indeed! Quite unexpected.
  12. Bliz299

    Weekend (October 26th-27th) Coastal Storm Obs

    As of 9am(27th) 2.01" total and a peak wind gust of 52mph at 4:44am. Radar showing rain outta here. Wind dropping off as well. Now it's just an autumn Saturday!
  13. Bliz299

    9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    Down this way 0.50" today and that's all. Some thunder and a little lightning, no big deal. Now, bring on fall!!
  14. Bliz299

    Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    According to NOWData seems my 52F low for this morning (9th) is a record for Cape May 2NW by 4 degrees. Felt real good!
  15. Measured 2.14" yesterday (Sunday). Looking at what other places got deluged with I feel I should say "only" 2.14" Cape May proper had major street flooding. For the month I stand at 7.95", most since 1984. This is the third consecutive May with at least 6.50" of rain. I am enjoying the coolness!