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  1. November 18th-19th Wind & Temp Obs

    Just had a gust of 45mph(9:02am). I see Brandywine Light has had a gust of 60mph. Will it go higher?
  2. Average first temp. of 32 or lower at Phil. Int. A.P., 1981-2010, is Nov. 6th.
  3. Sunday's total 2.39", peak gust WNW36mph@8:07pm. Barometer holding around 29.10-.11" (12:30am,30th). Now we'll see how high the wind gets.
  4. Wind now from WNW with gust of 34mph @ 7:59pm. Low press 29.20" @ 7;26pm. Total rain aprx. 2.1" with mod.-heavy rain now.
  5. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Down the Cape May way not much rain, 0.11". My peak gust ENE34mph@1:14pm. As I'm at least 1.5 miles from the ocean front it was probably a little stronger where the waves were breaking. Flooding was an issue in several locations both morning & night according to several reports. Now, will it come back to visit with a little more punch?
  6. 8/7 Soaking rain, more flooding?

    Wow! Another deluge afternoon. 2.11". It did POUR!! Since July 22nd I've had 8.81" of rain. That is a lot! Let's see what happens to night.
  7. Wow! Since midnight 3.33"! Yesterday had 0.67". So a total of 4.00" since 5pm yesterday(Friday). Might pick up another hundredth or two as I see it's all exiting stage right. Enough! For the month 8.33". Will be wettest July since 2000 (8.38"). Last wettest any month was just last September (11.06") . Yikes!
  8. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Liked the Wildwood Crest photo from White_Mtn_Wx's sister. That would be 5 miles or so NE of me. My peak gust of 41mph was 1 minute after her photo. After that wind died quickly. Only 0.14" of rain and barely any lightning or thunder. Expected more. Maybe better off.
  9. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    At 1pm my point-and-click green square produces a forecast saying a steady temp. of 78F and a south wind. My instruments say I'm 90F/D.P. 66F with a WNW/NW wind. It feels like 90F too. Hope the wind shifts soon!
  10. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Thought I'd post how May did down at the Jersey Cape. Temp. wise ended at 0.6F above normal at 62.1F. Interestingly the daily highs avg. a little below normal while the daily lows were a bit above normal. Rainfall was the big story: 7.48". 4th wettest in 131 yrs . of record. Did manage a monthly max. temp. of 91F on the 19th. Since then haven't even hit 80F 'til today(6/1).
  11. High here 89F. Would love to be able to make this the hottest day of the year. I fear I will have too many that will be hotter.
  12. Light snow started about 8:15pm. Temp. 35F, DP 28F, peak wind gust for day 25mph at 8:45pm, pressure dropped from 30.32" at 8:10pm to 30.26" at 8:45pm. Wind direction last hour ENE.
  13. 2/13 Strong/High Wind Observations

    The 54mph@5:48am still the highest. Haven't had a 40+ gust in over and hour but might still get one or two in that range. HOWEVER.... this wind is still a pain in the a**! Enough!
  14. 2/13 Strong/High Wind Observations

    As of 7:45am (13th) peak gust of 54mph@5:48am. Since 7am the highest has been 43mph. Does seem the highest has most likely been reached as detailed in Mt. Holly's current AFD. That's fine by me!
  15. Feb 13th wind event

    Right now (Sunday,11;40pm) the wind in under 5mph. It's been decreasing since 8pm. My highest gust since 10pm was 21mph@10:02pm. We shall see.....