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  1. I feel for you regarding your dead home generator.
  2. rramblings

    Teens club, the frozen gobbler edition

    overnight 14th to 15th, 13F
  3. rramblings

    1/7-1/8 Light Wintry Precip Observation

    Barely a dusting
  4. rramblings

    Winter Banter thread

    I am aware of our dedicated NWS Meterologists. Saying that I feel bad that they and other federal employees are working without getting paid seems wholly inadequate. Thanks to Mitch, Mike and Ray and all other NWS forecasters. You are appreciated. I love you all.
  5. rramblings

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    HI everyone, I think that this is the best forum to share an article that I spent most of last fall working on that I just posted to my blog a couple of hours ago. Some of you know that I write a blog about aerial wildland firefighting and related issues which sometimes concern weather issues affecting firefighting. What started a simple conversation with a couple of friends of mine about Fire Weather Watches and Red Flag Warnings turned into a much longer article with a discussion of Fire Weather Watches and RFW along with discussions of some of the other advisories, watches, and warnings issued by the NWS. Along the way, I got help with meteorologists from our own WFO Mt Holly, and several other WFOs from around the country. And a retired NWS meteorologist. Their help was invaluable. NWS Advisories, Watches, Warnings with a Focus on Fire Weather PS on second thought perhaps this would be better in the winter banter thread. Feel free to move. Tyler
  6. rramblings

    1/7-1/8 Light Wintry Precip Observation

    We had a mix of freezing rain, ice pellets and sleet over night. Perhaps a trace of ice at my house, but more in the hillier sections. A very, very light dusting in some areas Flemington area of Hunterdon County NJ
  7. rramblings

    The " Official" who's a Pop Pop Thread

    Congratulations, a beautiful baby boy
  8. rramblings

    Jumping Back In

    Nice to meet you, so to speak, Kim. Looking forward to reading you. Tyler
  9. rramblings

    Winter Banter thread

    Happy New Year everyone.
  10. rramblings

    12/28 Heavy Rain Obs, What Else Is New?

    1.22 inches of rain, Flemington good area,Hunterdon County nj on dec 28th
  11. rramblings

    2018/2019 snow total thread

    Last measurement taken at 7:48 pm on Nov. 15th. 5.3 inches in the Flemington area of Hunterdon County NJ.
  12. As of 7:45 last night (November 18th), 5.3 inches of snow/sleet in Flemington area of Hunterdon County. Report to Mt. Holly. Was aware of taking measurements as snow transitioned to sleet about 5:10 PM last night. Took one final measurement at 7:45 PM after the then current band of snow/sleet based. Sun out now. For those of you familiar with northern NJ, yes I know this is a Philly focused forum, she spent 4 hours sitting on Rte. 440 in Jersey City, waiting to get on the Hackensack River Drawbridge. One of the problems was a disabled vehicle on the bridge. Then another three hours to travel from Newark to home. At least by the time she got on 78 the traffic was a tiny bit better. Total commuting time of 7 hours. Tyler
  13. 30F Flemington Area Hunterdon County 5:40 am
  14. 2.18 inches in Flemington area of Hunterdon County at 6:16 pmon Oct 11th. Reported to WFO Mt Holly. Ponding on roads. Too dark for me see the stream near me. Neshanic River in Reaville exceeded flood stage, Mt Holly issued flood warning through 11:15. Flood plain on north bank of South Branch Raritan flooded dirt road approaching a Rockefellow Mills Bridge, this happens with enough regularity that I don’t report. Having said that it is a sign of what was going on. I turned around and did not get stuck. Tyler