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  1. Thanks Tom. Nothing I can do now, and I have good lawn guys. What you are telling me is along the same line as what I am hearing from my lawn guy. Tyler
  2. I remember that. I was in college living on campus. Felt strange to start my 8 am class while it was dark.
  3. My lawn guy was here the other day and we looked at the damaged areas of the lawn. Briefly, the damage is not nearly as bad as I feared, he thinks the damaged areas may recover with some seeding. He will do this in the spring. Tyler
  4. Thanks Tombo. I am thinking that come spring I will have to have new grass put in where there was extensive bird damage. Should anything be done prior to putting in new grass?
  5. Suggestions please. Major problem with grubs this year. Never been this bad. Birds digging up lawn. Have a great lawn guy who will look at lawn this week and discuss plan of action. He already told me about grub problem, saying too late too apply grubx this year, he will apply grubx next year. He said he had never seen so much bird damage. Suggestions welcome for what to do next year. At least lawn is aerated. 😆Thanks, Tyler
  6. Thursday, October 31, 2019: .99 inches through about 7 PM. Another .54 inches in the overnight hours. As is the case elsewhere, some outages in Hunterdon County. Stockton, along the Delaware River was especially hard hit.
  7. 1.42 inches, measurement taken at 2:40 pm. Some clearing with sun peaking out.
  8. I know what you mean. I might have a partially blocked view between some houses. For a better view I would have to drive down a road by a farm. 😉
  9. Frank, great photo I was up at 5:45 am this morning. But our dining room faces southwest. You’d think that I could walk down the hall to see the sunrise, but noooo 😉😉
  10. Frank, glad to know our rain measurements are close. I try to careful when I read my gage, but one never knows.
  11. 36.3 for a low today, Oct 24th
  12. Wow, Frank, we match. I saw .98 in my rain gage yesterday morning, Oct 23rd. I have 3.72 inches so far in Oct.
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