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  1. 43.5 @ 6:20 this morning (Sept 19). Did not note the temperature yesterday morning.
  2. Saw the movie when I was a kid, twice. Loved it.
  3. Love sleeping with the windows open, with a light blanket. 😁
  4. On this early September day my pilot friend took me, a non-pilot aviation enthusiast flying to the NJ Pine Barrens. Being in the air is very special to me, and I am thankful for my pilot friends who make it possible. For those who are interested, I posted some photos in the NJ Pine Barrens thread I the outdoor photography section.
  5. My pilot friend took me, a non-pilot aviation enthusiast flying today. We flew to the NJ Pine Barrens. In the first photo we are in the Pine Barrens approaching Coyle Field (NJ Forest Fire Service Air Base. The next two photos are over the burn scar from the Spring Hill Fire that burned 11,000 acres in Penn State Forest in the Pine Barrens. Yes there are lines of trees that the fire did not burn. I have heard that may have been due to the characteristics of the winds when the fire was burning. I posted some aerial photos I took on a flight with my pilot friend several days after the fire in a an early April 2019 blog post. If you read my blog post you will read a quote from the NJ Forest Fire Service with their explanation about the winds. I have driven on some of those sand roads approaching Penn State Forest and walked on others in another area of the Forest. A special forest were there are some dwarf pitch pines. The fourth photo is of Coyle Field with the burn scar in the background. The last photo are of some interesting rectangles. Anyone know what they are? Tyler
  6. Every onee in my house, humans and one cat are loving the weather
  7. I wrote an article focusing on the wonderful hurricane hunting aircraft that fly hurricanes. Thanks to my friends at WFO Mt Holly who made a suggestion that made this a better article. I suspect that many of you know much of what is in the article, but I thought that some of you might be interested. Tyler https://randomramblingsfromnj.blogspot.com/2019/08/hurricane-hunter-aircraft-flying-into.html
  8. At 8:16 pm, .80 inches since about 4 pm. Does not include rainfall from early this morning. Had a short period of small pea sized hail about 4:45 pm. Much of the storms were on the quiet side with low rumbles of thunder, then a loud thunder clap accompanied by lightning came through when my cat was on the window ledge. He usually likes thunderstorms, but was notably startled by the loud clap of thunder. Perhaps because the loud clap of thunder took him by surprise during a storm that was on the quieter side.
  9. .49 inches of rain in my gage this morning, August 7th. There was a thunderstorm cell about 4:45 am, I think much of rain came from that cell.
  10. 1.07 inches in my rain gage at 6:30 am siince rain started falling late yesterday afternoon. Flemington area Hunterdon County NJ
  11. .11 overnight in my corner of the Flemington goon area of Hunterdon County NJ
  12. My high today was 94F. Friday and Saturday high was about the same, 93 or 94.
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