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  1. 2.18 inches in Flemington area of Hunterdon County at 6:16 pmon Oct 11th. Reported to WFO Mt Holly. Ponding on roads. Too dark for me see the stream near me. Neshanic River in Reaville exceeded flood stage, Mt Holly issued flood warning through 11:15. Flood plain on north bank of South Branch Raritan flooded dirt road approaching a Rockefellow Mills Bridge, this happens with enough regularity that I don’t report. Having said that it is a sign of what was going on. I turned around and did not get stuck. Tyler
  2. Let's see if this works, I went to the Bay County Florida Emergency Management Services Facebook Page, and saw their recent update at about 9:30 AM EDT. I was trying to share the embed code to the post I read and was not surprised that I was not successful. I hope that this direct link works
  3. If true this is very sad. I hope that folk in Panama City and nearby Mexico Beach did evacuate.
  4. rramblings

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I too have noted the walnuts, not sure if this is a banner year for me.
  5. rramblings

    Fall 2018 Pics

    Very nice
  6. rramblings

    Temps/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Great photos, what is the location?
  7. rramblings

    Fall 2018 Pics

    Three more photos from my Sept 30th flight. I believe this is Walpack Bend on the Delaware. My pilot and I like flying the Delaware. Excuse the reflections of stuff inside the airplane. πŸ˜‰ Tyler
  8. rramblings

    Fall 2018 Pics

    More photos from my flight with my pilot friend to the Delaware Water Gap on September 30th. Flying from NJ towards PA. Photos in order (I hope): (1) Delaware River about three minutes before we got to the Water Gap; (2) Mt. Tammany on right, (3) Mt Tammany, (4) Mt Minsi, and (5) closeup Mt Minsi. Tyler P.S. a couple of the photos have reflections, this happens to me sometimes when taking photos from an airplane.
  9. rramblings

    Fall 2018 Pics

    Today was a great for flying, and my pilot friend was available to take me flying. We were in the air for about an hour, a busy day at the airport. After a few lousy weekends, a lot of folk were out flying. Anyway, we flew to the Delaware Water Gap where I took pictures with my iPad. I am posting this from my desktop because iPhoto on my desktop allowed me to edit out the dirty windshield of the Cessna 172. The blur is probably the propellers. This is the best shot of the Gap with NJ (Mt Tammany) on the right and PA (Mt Minsi) on the left. I love flying the Gap and seeing the geological formations from the air. I will upload more in a few moments. I wanted to take some photos of one of my favorite places to share with all of my friends on Phillywx. Tyler
  10. rramblings

    9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    .75 inches. Total rainfall since Monday, Sept 17th in the Flemington area of Hunterdon County NJ.
  11. rramblings

    9/17-9/18 Remnants Of Florence Observations

    .50 earlier this afternoon, much of it in about 25 minutes. Flemington area Hunterdon County NJ
  12. rramblings

    Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Flemington area of Hunterdon County NJ, Thursday Sept 6: 95F
  13. rramblings


    Some of you may know about NWS incident meteorologists, here is a nice article from the NWS about a day in the life of an incident meteorologist. These NWS meteorologists have special training and are deployed to wildfires for a two week stint. They work other incidents as well. For those who are interested in more, here is my blog article on IMETs that I wrote on August 29th. IMETs save lives.
  14. rramblings


    While not directly weather related, wildfires are, as you know, influenced by weather. Some wildfires are started by lightning, but more are started by humans. I thought that perhaps some of you might be interested in some video footage that I saw for the first time this morning, I share it below. This is footage of the Carr Fire that burned near Redding California. It started on July 23, 2018. It burned 229,651 acres and was 100 percent contained on about August 31st. At least seven people died. Destroyed structures: 1,079 residences, 22 commercial structures, 503 outbuildings. Damaged stuictures: 190 residences, 26 commercial structures, and 61 outbuildings damaged] The footage is a little hard to look at, but I think it is nicely done and important. This might be the new normal for California and other areas out west. I have been blogging about wildfires for ten years now, I never get used to the tragedy that results from wildfires. The New Jersey Forest Fire Service (NJFFS) sent four type-4 engines to help out west. Two of these type-4 engines worked the Carr Fire. In addition the NJFFS sent a 20-person crew out west for a two week deployment and a couple of individuals, the 20-person crew and the two inviduals are back home. The NJFFS type-4 engines are still out west as I write this with new crew. I am very proud of them. Pennsylvania sent some crews out west at some point. The Mendicino Complex (Mendicino National Forest) has burned 459,123 acres and is the largest wildfire in California history, it reached this ominous milestone on August 7th (see this NBC report for more information). I have a friend who flies an airtanker for CAL FIRE to support the crews on the ground, he flew the Mendicino Complex. CAL FIRE airtankers and helicopters who flew the Mendicino Complex and the Carr Fire were assisted by other aircraft some on contracts with California, and others on federal contracts. I am pretty certain that the NWS deployed incident meteorologists (IMETs) to these fires. I share more about IMETS in another post. 😒😒😒 Tyler
  15. rramblings

    Hot & Humid Labor Day Week Observations

    Flemington area of Hunterdon County NJ: 94F Wed. Sept 5th.