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  1. Fall Banter Thread

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! For those that are traveling today or this weekend, stay safe.
  2. Fall Banter Thread

    My snow blower is in the shop for annual maintenance. Turns out the blower needs a new carburetor, which according to the shop is on back order. Hope it comes in soon.
  3. That 10s Club

    19 Saturday morning
  4. Friday/sat am cold blast

    Well, I thought that I took all of my hoses inside on Thursday night. Made the mistake of bringing one length of hose in through the main part of my house down stairs to the garage. Got hose water crud on the carpet. Oh well. One length of hose out front and two lengths of hose in the back of the house. Thought I was covered, but found a 3 foot length of hose out back this morning, think it is ok. Brought it into the garage.
  5. Friday/sat am cold blast

    Thanks for the reminder!!
  6. Fall Banter Thread

    Thanks for sharing this. We were in the old Path Station at the WTC on September 8th 2001, we met a friend there and then went to a Yankee Game. Who knew . . .
  7. Fall Banter Thread

    RIP Doc, you were one of the great pitchers that I had the privilege of watching. You had some good games pitching against my Yankees.I know that you are flying in favorable tail winds. Prayers for your wife and boys, the Phillies, the Blue Jays, the High School baseball team you coached and all who love you.Too young . . .
  8. Fall Banter Thread

    OMG, me, me, me!!! Had the exterminator come, we have a contract. My carpenter used his leaf blower last week to blow them off my deck so he could repaint the deck.
  9. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    2.92 inches at 6:45 AM on October 30th in Flemington area of Hunterdon County. Reported to Mt. Holly.
  10. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    7:25 PM October 29th. Flemington area of Hunterdon County, NJ 1.41 inches. Over half an inch of rain in the last two hours.
  11. 10/29-10/30 OBS : Major Coastal, good bye fall foliage

    5:20 PM on October 29th. Flemington area of Hunterdon County, NJ .83 inches. 63℉
  12. Coverage from the Burlington Free Press. Not sure how long the link will be active. Burlington Free Press on NWS staff shortages at WFO Burlington VT (with video that you have to watch) I made another call to my congressional delegation this morning. 😢😢😠😠
  13. Frost Advisory Mornings Of The 17th & 18th Obs

    36 at 7:30 AM