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  1. On a personal note. I had my first cataract surgery on March 9. Very happy with results. Cataract surgery on other eye cancelled cause of Covid restrictions. As some of you know, NJ Gov. allowed elective surgery effective May 26 with restrictions. I have no problems with restrictions so that I can be safe and health care workers can be safe. One of the requirements is that patients have Covid test within 96 hours of surgery and then self quarantine until surgery. Left eye cataract surgery on June 1st. The good news is that my test is negative. My housemate and I have been sheltering in place except for grocery shopping, pharmacy, medical services since March 17th. And we wear masks in public and wash our hands, disinfect, etc. Will be glad to have left eye cataract operated on. Tyler
  2. I have no children but when I was a child, back in the 60s, I missed the last month of third grade and the first half of fourth grade. I had a life threatening infection (staph) and then a bad broken leg. Healed fine just took some time. My parents hired a tutor who came to the house and I had homework, not ideal. I was behind when I got back to in-person classes. Then I got a little lazy. It took me to well into fifth grade to catch up, but catch up I did. More or less. 😉 Yes,you are right, my childhood experience was not during a pandemic. And yes, my parents could afford a private tutor. I throw it out for what it is worth.
  3. Rainfall Friday night into Saturday afternoon. 1.26 inches total. About. .48 inches at 8 AM Saturday. Also glad heaviest rainfall east of me.
  4. We took a drive up north and west along the Delaware River in Warren County. There is a very popular stand selling hotdogs and root beer called, I think, Hotdog Johnny. It was packed.
  5. High temp for Friday May 25th of 83F.
  6. Overnight low of 57F. That is more like it! Had the windows open, nice to hear the birds.
  7. Low overnight temp of 33.2 with some light frost overnight.
  8. Hey Tom, sorry to hear this. Thoughts and meditations for your sister and brother-in-law
  9. Highest temperature: 98 90 or higher: 26 svr/tor warnings: 208
  10. 62 this afternoon. Wore a flannel shirt when walking.
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