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  1. I added .05 yesterday afternoon, July 18th. I did not look at the radar but either the link be split or went just north or west.A friend in Pittstown about ten miles west said she got doused.
  2. Tony, assume yesterday’s was not near you? Tyler
  3. 😢😢😢 Thanks for sharing this very sad news. Being in north Jersey, the local to me news outlets (NYC, northern NJ newspapers) did not cover this. Not even News 12 NJ. Yes, I do have some Philly news outlets I check as well as WHYY. I did find a CNN report. My area of Hunterdon County tends towards a NYC media, while southern Hunterdon tends towards Philly.
  4. Checked my rain gage at 9 PM, 1.34 inches. A couple of periods of heavy rain and some impressive thunder and lightning. According NWS LSR, a house in Raritan Twshp Hunterdon County was hit by lightning and caught fire. I may have heard that strike, I am close to Raritan Twshp and heard a very impressive boom around the time of the LSR. We made out a lot better than others elsewhere in NJ and eastern PA. I wish all of you affected by flash flooding from the heavy rains a safe evening.
  5. Nice map Tombo, Thanks for this and all you do for this site. I was not paying attention and never posted my snow totals. Frank lives a few miles from me, and while my total was a few inches lower, I will go with his total as he might be more representative of snowfall in our area. This area drives me crazy sometimes, because only a few miles can mean more snow. I am at a lower elevation
  6. Yes, I noticed that. Did you hear a couple of low rumbles of thunder? Will get rain total tomorrow. About. 04 as of 7:30 pm
  7. Tornado warning for Cemtral Hunterdon County at 4:15, discontinued about 4:30. Line split and we got very little rain and some rumbles of thunder that are still going on as I post this. I got Radar Scope a few weeks ago, and I have much to learn. IMG_0056.mov
  8. Likewise, no rain or perhaps barely a drizzle. I will have to I will have to water my potted dwarf Japanese Cedar later this evening if no rain
  9. No 90 degree days for me yet. But high 80s with those high dew points are no fun.
  10. No 90 degree days yet in my backyard but a few 88 and 89 degree days. As I write this it is 87.
  11. My Cocohoras rain gage measured .04 of an inch of rain. I just got in from watering my potted dwarf Japanese Cedar. I did note the winds before it started to rain. A wee bit of thunder. Breeze was nice, dropped 15 degrees.
  12. I have a Lacross digital thermometer that sits inside near my front door. The transmitter is outside the front door in the shade in back of the boxwood shrubs.While the indoor temperature seems a little high, the outdoor temperature is in line with the max/min thermometer under my hemlocks and an old fashioned thermometer in my back window. Interesting theory about your solar panels.
  13. According to my digital thermometer that is in the shade most of the day, the high yesterday was 87, today’s high was the same. I am only a few miles from you. Shrug.
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