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  1. EML140

    March Lion Obs (Wind, Rain, Snow, Blowing Trash)

    A bit late, but we had 2.5" in Chester Springs/Eagle, on the eastern edge of Marsh Creek SP, S of the PA turnpike. By 3PM, it had all pretty much melted from the direct sun. We lost two large (80') trees, but thankfully they fell in space. Both broke at the trunk, they didn't uproot - but they were old, tall, and had a lot of weight in the canopy. We had three < 5 min brown outs and a few flickers, but power was on for almost the whole evening.
  2. EML140

    February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    5.5" total in Eagle (Upper Uwchlan Twp), 465' elevation. Snowed from beginning to end, 4:30-9:15 without changing over. Super-pasty, stuck to pretty much everything.
  3. EML140

    February 17th-18th (Tom)Thumping (Thumper) Snow Obs

    3.2 in Eagle/Chester Springs @ 7:30
  4. A photo from the in-laws in Wysox, PA (Bradford Co.) at 5:15 PM. They are saying it's worse than the blizzard of 93, approx. 30" as of now, and continuing snow showers. Here in Chester Springs/Eagle, we had about 7" followed by sleet from 4 AM until noon. Maybe an inch afterwards, but the wet sleet and compaction made it difficult to tell.