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  1. You rock, thanks for the answer. So southern delco I should be getting ready around 5am? Lol I can finish my 6 pack first?
  2. I'm in southern delco. I've been trying to follow you guys but I'm a landscaper and I follow you guys religiously. What would I be looking at here and when is it starting? I know irishbri is close to me so maybe he could chime in as well?
  3. Ok thanks. Well at least i know im not torturing myself for no reason now. I do my best to follow you guys but I'm still horrible at reading the maps with timing.
  4. Are these bands actually going to happen now? I stayed up all night waiting to do snow removal here in delco and was just about to give up and go to sleep. Safe to say I should load up on coffee now?
  5. Ok thank you. Ive been lurking here for about a year now looking at everything you guys say and reading charts but there's so many variables. Im not quite there yet. I appreciate it.
  6. Realistically what are we looking at as far as totals around delco? Im a landscaper and by extension im trying to learn weather patterns. Would 2-3 be a good guess?
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