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  1. Ugh, no. I was all happy not to come here when all was quiet, not all worried and concerned, and then this. Just no.
  2. According to my tomatoes, these temps are not as wonderful as they feel.. 10 degrees more would give me some more red tomatoes... In any case, it was 52 at my house this AM at 5:10.
  3. Co worker says 2.2" in his rain gauge in Elkton, MD. Was pretty violent at my house last night, hope it stays quiet for awhile.
  4. So far so good. Heard a rumble a little bit ago, hoping its another miss. Would like to get some sleep tonite?
  5. When is summer coming back?
  6. Tomatoes getting too much water!
  7. Hmm, the NWS mispelled Landenberg as Ladenberg. Intellicast is finally recognizing warnings in Chester County again. Hope this is brief, one of my dogs is already in a panice and it isn't here yet....
  8. Tomatoes wilted, going out to water them now. Only the 2nd time this year I've had to turn on the hose :-). I am loving this summer thus far!
  9. If you go to the next topic, it is explained. It is a new format for high impact storm warnings.
  10. Well, I was out at a very nice restaurant in West Grove PA. Power went out, but our meal still made it to the table, though the folks after us ended up getting oysters and tuna tartare. Coming home (normally a 10 minute drive) took a half hour. The traffic was moving at a snails pace. Branches and trees down everywhere. I have a tree down in my yard (and I just had a big tree cleanup job done two weeks ago, the residuals from the ice storm). The winds here must have been insane. I hope someone else will report in from this area, as I missed all the action while eating in the dark... At least dinner was good and my power is on now here at home.
  11. Quieting down now. Just got the alert warning of a severe storm. Was pretty much on top of me
  12. It's rockin and Rollin out there! A couple of pretty noticeable gusts of wind, and almost constant lightning strikes, very local. Two out of three dogs in sheer panic mode. Me not too happy either, hope I don't lose power.
  13. If it weren't for the wind, it would be gorgeous
  14. Tombo, it hasn't even hit 90 yet - if you think this is Fla weather you are setting yourself up for some real torture come July/Aug
  15. Wrong fisher tombo... Guess I should have specified, one of these - the fisher that has no wings and does not eat fish!
  16. Alas, no picture. But a question for anyone with an interest in wildlife. Has anyone ever heard of a fisher sighting in SE PA because I am fairly sure I saw one Saturday morning around 6AM in the forest behind my property. I emailed the PA wildlife conservation officer with the same question and have not heard back. Teaches me to always carry my phone, even when out walking dogs in my jammie's!
  17. As a total non-meterologist I am voting with my gut. Summer, what summer? I think this is going to turn out to be one of those oddities, like the year we had the volcano ash in the 80's and I was trying to make a few dollars over the summer selling Italian ices and ice cream from a street cart in NYC. I would have made more money selling hot chocolate that summer
  18. Tony - An old Italian guy I know used to have a fig tree in his yard the size of his 3 story house (in Bronx, NY). He built a scaffold so that he could pick the fruit and then covered the whole darn thing, scaffold and all, every winter. Sadly he has gotten too old to keep up with it anymore. But we used to go to his house with buckets and bring everyone I know buckets and buckets of figs every summer. Those were the days...Sue
  19. Figs are not native. They are pretty cold sensitive, and they only fruit on old wood. If you leave them unprotected in zone 6, most winters they will die back to the roots, and you will not get fruit. Most people elaborately cover them for winter - my folks in zone 7 stuff them full of fall leaf litter and grass clippings, wrap them in it with space blankets and put an upturned tin pail on the top. Its an Italian tradition from where I grew up, except the old folks there used black tar paper. They get a ton of figs every year. I planted one once. It died. Winters here are pretty brutal on figs!
  20. One reason you are mowing twice a week!
  21. Last night was the first night it reliably stayed above 50 IMBY in recent weeks, with the potential for a consecutive string of 50+ nights. So, that is a milestone for the veggie garden, as I left the tomato seedlings out overnight for their first time. (Despite my fears, I slept just fine and did not feel the need to wake up at 3 AM to check the temps, lol). The temps may be average for this time of year, but I realize that I am so used to the past several years, where tomatoes would be in the ground by now. With this prolonged spring, look for great bargains on cool season crops like salad greens, beets, peas and spinach at the local farm stand.
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