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  1. sorry, off topic. Hey Chubbs, who did your deer fencing? I have to have mine re-netted and I'm looking for someone. thanks for any info!
  2. More danger from flooding/winds than heavy snow for Long Island? I was surprised to see a bizzard watch posted, I'm worried for my elderly parents on the east end of the island. As for me, if it werent for my dogs, I'd go to Wegmans on Friday night and stay there until Sunday...
  3. I'll take your 1/4 to a 1/2 and raise you an inch. My gardening is suffering!
  4. So happy for you! (And for me if this means less snow for the east coast) But make sure you still find time for the forum!
  5. 68 and sunny in Newark, DE.. I went for a walk - but felt the winds piacking up quite a bit on my way back. I am hoping the temps dont tumble too quicky!
  6. Cheers! I might just join you - though I drink whimpy stuff and I use a snow blower! But hey, I have over 200 ft of driveway and I'm a little old lady now
  7. Still snowing with poor visibility IMBY.
  8. Last try and then I quit. IMBY, about 2"
  9. On my drive home I went through a lot of snow covered open areas (Chubbs, I take the scenic route on Appleton to and from Newark), and the ground fog was beautiful. Also interesting was the wide variation in temps - as low as 37 and as high as 41. There is still quite a good amount of snow cover, with lots of puddling on the roads from no drainage. Tomorrow will be a mess around here!
  10. Bored and a little anxious to get out of here. Lol weather wise it is raining lightly in Newark DE
  11. Drove from Landenberg to Newark and the car thermometer did not change - 32F the entire drive. Roads in my township (Franklin) were awful. My driveway (200 ft and downhill) was awful. As soon as I crossed into MD the roads were clear, same in DE.
  12. Question ; looks like I see virga on the map in Chester county already (around 11 AM). Does this mean the actual precip is coming in early? It surprised me, along with the fact that a colleague was notified that the Baltimore schools are dismissing 2 hrs early...
  13. Feels like snow. Smells like snow. Not seeing any snow though just yet. I am braving the elements and heading up to Adamstown today. I don't mind the snow, but I hope the ice holds off until I get back!
  14. Was out snow blowing, then i took the dogs round the house. I swear I felt sleet mixing in towards the last few minutes out there?oh, and eta: just under 4 inches, maybe 3.75
  15. Interesting, the update puts me back into the 4-6 from the 6-8. I didn't expect that, since it seems the heavier snows have all been a little more to the south than originally expected, and this map inched the heavier snow up into northern chester co. Is the trend going to move the stuff up north as it goes, or is the changeover going to happen earlier for southern chester co? Eta: never mind, there is an even newer map at 4:23
  16. Speaking of beer, Wegmans, Costco and Giant were unusually quiet for Saturday morning before a snowstorm. I think this one is going to have snuck up on a lot of people unaware - everyone I know says "yeah heard it was going to snow but it is going to changeover to rain". I got upgraded to to 6-8 and to me, this is a "snowblower" snow - lots of work for me tomorrow, less than 6 and I just Let the 4WD handle the driveway, but I already have a packed surface from the last couple... So work for me tomorrow. Lucky I stopped at Wegmans. Stocked up on my 2 favorites Newcastle Brown ale and mike's Lemonade. Lol I'm a weenie!
  17. 0 at 5:40 AM in Landenberg and 1 at Newark DE at 6:30 AM. It should not ever get this cold. Ever.
  18. I'm happy enough with this winter! So, weenie questions: Are we below average for precipitation, or just snow? Seems the creeks are all running fairly high, so I think the answer is it's just snow that is low, not precip. But? And, in past cold but snow deprived winters, are there any trends for the rest of the year - specifically precip amounts or temps? Trying to get my gardening schemes worked out for the spring.... I know its really too early (at least I am not trying to predict inches of snow on a system 4-5 days out lol) But I need something to focus on to get me out of the winter doldrums.
  19. Heads up, folks. I am planning to go up to LI, NY this weekend... the first time all winter I am planning on driving anywhere of any substance... so I am pretty convinced that the snow expected on Saturday will actually happen this time instead of fizzling out. It would be just my luck. My prediction is 6-10 from here all the way to the east end of LI. So, if it turns out, I expect you all to thank me!
  20. I am loving it. I compare weather and gardening notes with my Mom. she lives on the south shore of the North Fork, about 15 miles east of Riverhead, LI. Every year it's warmer there and snowier here. Until this year. I am so loving it! (And yes I am on the side of the no snow pack). last winter they did get whopped by the first storm, which I think missed us but for the most part, it was usually much worse here than there.
  21. Snowing in Landenberg... 28 degrees. My folks live on the East End of LI, NY and had temps more than 20 degrees less than me this morning, which is extremely unusual!
  22. I just have to say this. Every time there is a snow storm coming, if I buy milk, eggs or bread, I feel so embarrassed I find myself telling the cashier that I really AM out of the item - not just stocking up for Snow Storm French Toast. And I wanted to add to the thanks. It was reading this forum that kept me sane throughout. I am a scientist, and I know how frequently things do not turn out the way they seem to be indicating - and it is nice to hear the machinations behind the scenes. In all the conversations I had with friends about this storm I was the only one who kept saying "but there is a lot of uncertainty! Don't let the hype convince you!" and today most people found time to remember I said that. So thanks go to you all!
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