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  1. not sure, they have a lot of injuries right now. Need to see the full team together to determine if they are or not
  2. 13/14 and 14/15 both were heavy -epo. Imo you won’t really know winters tendencies till later November early dec. the whole snow cover thing in Asia is meh to me. It’s just like with October temps. Everything is default above normal for snow and warm in October. I like to look at SST to show possible winter patterns and I think by late November you will get a good idea on what’s going on
  3. An inch it looks like a day or so before. Then 3-5 after this date. So likely the figs were exposed
  4. just wanted to post this here to show the figs whats on tap for this winter. Prolonged death
  5. Think it’s 50 but not entirely sure.
  6. Correct has to have that cable wire to attach to main transmitter located on rain gauge/temp mount
  7. 40 this morning, 3 mornings of 40s we take before summer comes back into early October
  8. Since the gfs hasn’t missed a 90 it didn’t love if the gfs doesnt have it and it’s just the euro then we know it’s likely BS
  9. geting tired of the euro long range heat bias. It's continuously trying to put 90s over us in late september then rug pulls it as we get closer.
  10. I see VAY crossed into the 40s. I told Gigi he would get to the 40s this week, but nope, he scuffed at that idea. I just don't know what to do with him. I try to take Gigi under my wing and show the intricate processes of life but all he keeps doing is falling out of the nest.
  11. I'll tell ya, looking at sept right now compared to sept 2014, since 1982 this is the closest I see right now. Both have the big area of above normal water in western pacific, cold water around indonesia, cold pool coming off Japan. 2014 isn't as robust with the nina look as this sept. Also 2014 had bigger cold pool south of Greenland
  12. looking forward to the 40s this week. Can't wait till the figs feel the 40 degree airmass, will be a small taste of whats to come this winter for them.
  13. I smell widespread 40s in outer burbs this week. The start of fig destruction
  14. We take!!! Though that SST looks a little to bullish IMO on Niño
  15. VAY is the airport code for Mount Laurel where Tony lives
  16. I'd take this over Wednesday and Thursday in a minute. Feels nice and refreshing outside. Can't wait to have a bon fire tonight
  17. Yea I don't doubt that and I figured the mins were skewing it. I was speaking in terms of 90 days that us getting them in September is on par pretty much.
  18. Yea just saw that. SST right now look very nina like in the enso region outside of enso 4. Have to see if this persists or not. Thinking most likely is maybe nada to weak nina this winter. We will see how next couple months go. Outside of that though, we have the bath water around Alaska and along the west coast. Colder than normal water around Australia/Indonesia which are the torch phases of mjo. So you would theoretically that would help suppress convection in those area.
  19. Honestly, the heat in September is nothing out of the ordinary. If you look back through history plenty of years where September averaged 3 or more days of 90 plus. Where I think the issue as of late has been is the higher mins skew things as well as if we don't get 90s we get mid to upper 80s well into september. We really don't get that true taste of fall it seems till late
  20. Looks like the rain shadow over vay lasted a whopping one day. Bout sums up this summer with continuous crush jobs
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