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  1. Have to see if the flow can amplify enough to bring it north or does the big banana high across the top squash it like my foot on a fig.
  2. Yea, the heat is still there but maybe we get a few days break with some northeast flow and rain. It’s an island of relief in a ocean of heat
  3. Eps starting to trend towards this for the friday-sunday period. Textbook cut off low scenario with a big banana high look and low hgts underneath it. If the flow can amplify enough it could pull a bit of a noreaster next weekend with a nice stratiform rain
  4. Pretty easy to see why it does on an east wind. East of the airport we have "mt" laurel. Downsloping at its finest
  5. 92 for the high. More impressive I think is the fact that was done on an ocean flow
  6. I can see the warm look there though, it's more of a wnw flow, so basically your downsloping dry air off the apps. The flow from MINN where Minn is in the 90s doesn't help. This could be over smoothed and we see a bit more amplitude as we get closer and more agreement. But yea, I've locked in heat the next 2 weeks. Stone cold mortal lock. Only caveat is some cut off underneath the banana high across the top in the southeast
  7. looking at the roundy plots, the mjo looks very mushy mushy with no realy distinct wave/ Some convection in phase 2 and 8 as you mentioned. Looks like a bit more robust wave later next week gets going in 3 that traverses towards 7/8 by end of July. So maybe a more of a chance of a cool down towards late July early August. But yea, heat rules the next 2 weeks IMO outside of some rainy day or possibly closed low cut off underneath big banana high
  8. Of course laurel creek gets hit. God forbid they miss out
  9. 97 today, tom 1 euro 0, and gigi a banana
  10. Going to be interesting to see how far south those storms get. Instability is rather meh around the city. Which makes sense due to lack of CU in the sky, haven’t reached our convective temp to well up CU
  11. Storms north of hazleton is what we watch for this evening
  12. 95 at 4pm safe to say 97 probably the high.
  13. I bet it wasn’t a clean 97 and some 96.5 non sense
  14. Down to 96 at airport as clouds kicked in
  15. Might of been me undercooking. Philly at 97 2 pm obs but they have some clouds moving in
  16. Sell on the 99 today. Euro overcooking things. I’ll go with 95/96
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