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  1. Looks like euro and eps starting to catch on to another robust cool shot first start of June. Doesn't look to last long, but as of now, it qualifies as just shy of Barney level.
  2. I see a potential heavy rain threat for Thurs-sat AM. Big closed low that will sit over TX will slowly move eastward towards LA. We also have some disturbed weather sitting in the gulf/FL region. Meanwhile the high pressure to our north right now will slowly sink south towards Bermuda for middle and end of this coming week. Flow around high pressure and flow around cut off low down in LA will open the gates for tropical moisture and higher dews to surge up the coast Starting late wed. PWATS may reach 1.5-2" friday into early sat. To also add to this, we will get a squeeze play too with a front coming from the west as a trough swings by to the north. That pressing against a Bermuda high will also help try and wring the moisture out and may slow down the front to make a wet start for next weekend.
  3. the one good time to use it is when we are dealing with warm layers in winter time. It's solid with depicting sleety layers
  4. Well yea, but every other model showed it being cool there too. The one map you posted of the 3km nam was horrendous. It had low to mid 50s around noon time for this area, busted by a good 10 degrees. Can't wait till they stop running it
  5. I did and you usually deliver titanic drives
  6. I told you to sell on that, can you please listen
  7. I guess we will see, but I'm selling on being stuck in the 50s all day outside of the shore on the nam
  8. This will have convective elements. Some people won't get much, some could get close to an inch
  9. euro with the soaker fri-sat, I'll sell on that, but liking .5 plus of rainfall
  10. Looking like a sexy .5 of rain fri pm into Saturday. Finally can put my pre emerge down. Going to be awesome bonfire weather
  11. Agreed, this has def been on of the best April/May combos ever
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