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  1. Nvm, I see what I did. Was assuming that was a record high which it wasn’t cause it fell on same day as the 96
  2. Agreed, why post non sense like that. Only reason is clickbait crap
  3. do you have the site that shows kpne's temp bias running warm
  4. Not that the cfs is wrong but I would take week 4 forecasts as a grain of salt. Not even sure why that guy would post it and use the type of wording on a week 4 forecast. Very weenish considering those week 4 forecasts show very little skill. Again, it could be right but lots can go wrong with that if tropical convection forecasts are wrong. When dealing with thunderstorms chaos for models is usually the right call
  5. Let me get this straight yoda, we had 4 years with 90s in October. All those 4 years had colder than normal winters?
  6. 1 month to go till 6pm/5pm sunsets. Let’s go!!!!
  7. Models still holding with frontal passage next Thursday, as of now a dry frontal passage. Best shot of 90 is Wednesday. Euro living in the land of 95-99% percentile temperature outlooks with its 95 and 97 for next Wednesday/Thursday. Go home euro, you’re drunk.
  8. All I saw was that day ten -2 850s over us in the euro which would signal end of fig growing season
  9. Will say, eps do show another 90+ day for philly next week before the cold front comes through somewhere in the oct 3-5th range
  10. You won’t hit 90 but philly seems like a lock today unless it clouds up early or something. Higher launching pad today
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