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  1. I have no clue honestly. Tropical systems are convection and I hate convection so I don’t follow them that much unless it’s something that threatens here
  2. Until Barney gets a fair shake I’m boycotting the qpf thread in fall and winter. Someone needs to take a stance and stand up for him.
  3. Time for you to come over to the dark side of the moon. @susqushawnand I are sending out applications
  4. He came out guns blazing in winter and then the guns transformed into little water pistols
  5. We still have very high pwats pushing into the area later tomorrow into Friday night so any storm will have potential to dump isolated heavy rainfall . But widespread heavier rainfall doesn’t look to happen with what I stated above.
  6. Well two things. High offshore built in further west which pushed the tropical low further west up through western PA. Stronger front and faster meaning won’t get hung up and rain out over us. Still will be some some tropical downpours with the airmass overhead. But my thoughts on possible heavy rain potential look to fail.
  7. @cbelke why do you think Tony discriminates against Barney?
  8. Where the heck did the rest of the Barney threads go? None for April, none for May, what about this one in June?
  9. Why the yawn? You said you like barney shots in June
  10. Agree 100%. This honestly has been one of the best springs ever. Heck in a few weeks days start getting shorter and we can start looking towards fall.
  11. yup, never underestimate a surge of tropical air coming up the coast with PWATS pushing 2" and in sum instances over that
  12. Lol good Lord, yea that would take an obscene airmass with clouds and or rain to go with it
  13. Barney is still there, beautiful. 60s for highs for start of June? Pinch me please
  14. It’s been a beautiful weekend outside the bit of rain on Saturday.
  15. If we get wind, this could be the thrashing that sends the pole beans plummeting to the ground
  16. Could possibly be a frost setup if we don’t have wind. Mighty cold 850s highs struggle to get into 60s. We will see if it holds, man I hope it does
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