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  1. Ukmet is similar till about the carolinas, but then gets punted with a trough coming through.
  2. Yea there are a lot of good things looking at SST right now that would point to a good winter but really need see how this all gets going once into late oct and nov
  3. .11 so far at work. So hit on rain idea but went VAY on qpf
  4. Nvm looks like they called it landfall according to weather channel
  5. Yes from dorians outflow. For your location I’d say 40%. Not sure it gets that far nw. Better chance near city and of course VAY
  6. The monthlies were just as bad. The weeklies kept trying to couple the strat with the trip and it never happened. Thus we went full on -pna
  7. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a torch Alaska and arctic and all that warmth underneath. Cold has to go somewhere if it’s not in high lats. Not that it matters cause these monthly maps suck verification wise.
  8. Ukmet just shifted towards the dry gfs, big coup for the gfs coming?
  9. It was modeled pretty darn good far out and verified. I’ve seen your 9 iron shots, thing of beauty in my eyes
  10. Could see Dorian get bumped up to cat 3 here. Pressure dropping and unflagged dropsonde of 100kts sfmr
  11. 12z and 18z euro still dropping steady rains over area. Gfs still saying no
  12. It's not a PRE that the euro is showing, I was wrong on that yesterday. It's just convergence
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