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  1. rgem, is a decent hit north of tpk, probably 2-4. Maybe and inch or so in the city.
  2. Remember .3 for Philly since you out drove me 1 time yesterday
  3. it helps that the cfs has the mjo going into phase 8 to get that +pna. euro and its ens don't right now
  4. euro keeps getting drier and drier, now only .2 qpf for philly
  5. yea, it has come a long way. It's been a slow down trend. It trended upward from 0z to 6z but has regressed since.
  6. looks like the gfs is starting to come down to earth. It has cut back on qpf the last 3 runs and now under .5
  7. euro weeklies have normal to below normal temps for the next 6 weeks.
  8. Well looks like a torch in the day 8-11 period. Then 850s cool down to do temps normal maybe slightly below. Could be a threat in there. But by end of run there is a big closed low over AK that would probably start the pac puke entering US
  9. It’s amazing how we go one step forward as it looked last weekend to then taking 5 steps backwards to look right now. Just saying, hopefully eps forecast today doesn’t verify and we get more gefs and geps
  10. looks like it's on the upper tier of snowiest. Here are the members and the mean
  11. Should say, it's not a bad look, just not the look that was showing up at longer ranges. Biggest change being in the epo and pna domains. Which is expected because that far out everything is smoothed out in the means. Once we get closer all the little finer details start to emerge and the pattern doesn't look as it use to.
  12. That fell apart unfortunately. It was in the 11-15 day period, so it's not like it was in lock it up mode. Just can't get the pacific to shift favorably. Just been a pain in the arse since last winter. Whatever, I'm at the point it is what iot is. This winter will probably be a big failure. Just going to enjoy whatever snow chances come about and leave it at that
  13. So would I, but I'm not sure it will be able to pick up on sneaky warm layers. The nam once to Friday night should start to be usable
  14. That looks like a by product of the map timestamps that snow map. Can't see any reason why balt snows, yet I don't? Yea I'll pass.
  15. Yea I don't expect thermals to change much, but it would be nice if the euro got a bit wetter instead of drier
  16. This an event where nam should be good for mid level thermals, qpf toss but mid level thermals should be good on this
  17. 6z euro ticked colder a bit snowier, qpf continues to dry up
  18. Euro and eps slashed amounts in half, they just keep getting drier which is the main culprit. For Philly the euro was barely a quarter inch
  19. Yea thats period has been of interest. I would watch the lakes low, you can see it there on the gefs that baginess back towards Huron. That would really crap out the BL and mid levels. EPS have the coastal signal too be are pretty heavy with lakes low and are warmer overall. Mainly rainy looks as of now
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