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  1. sounds like an old system that needs to be entirely replaced or something. Though, that probably costs a pretty penny lol
  2. You can see it pretty clearly on the gfs as the disturbance rides along the frontal boundary. The euro has generally the same placement, but a little weaker
  3. Mitch, any new updates?
  4. Possible MCS tomorrow night in the northwest flow? Looks like a frontal boundary will be draped over the area with some pretty solid CAPE and LI from phl on south and east. Could also be a heavy rain threat with PWATS reaching 1.5-1.75 again.
  5. Discuss in this thread the prospects for the potential of thunderstorms severe or not.
  6. Yea looked like red headed..the hummingbird looks like a ruby throated.
  7. It actually got pretty cool here last night 38.9
  8. still looking like a decent weekend, with friday and saturday as the best shot for some rain. Models do have some the showers as convective, and it wouldn't shock me with the cold core over head that some of those storms that have higher tops have some hail with them. Sunday and Monday look beautiful though with highs in the 75-80 range.
  9. of course, continued painting my deck and the skies darken and that was the end of that.
  10. Maybe wilting plants from to much water?
  11. Use this thread to talk about the impending drought when we get a week of no rain and how the ground is cracking, plants, are wilting, and the water supply becomes scarce.
  12. That would be a great summer in my eyes
  13. As of right now fri aft-sat night seems to be the most unsettled days with Memorial Day it's self as the best day. It's going to be one of those occasions where the diurnal heating of the day causes showers and some storms to pop up. Temps fri/ sat look to be around 70. Sunday 70-75 and Monday 75-80
  14. Despite some fair weather clouds what a beautiful day
  15. Rufus or ruby throated hummingbird?
  16. No problem. Still working on some stuff. Glad you like it.
  17. 3.03 in wayne, pa 2.48 drexel hill, pa 1.5 gilly
  18. Right now, it looks like some unsettled weather for the weekend.. Not a washout, but one of those ordeals where you get sun in the mornings, heats the atmosphere till you reach convective temp and you get cold core showers and pop up storms. You can thank the -nao which forms a cutoff low over the region. Temps look to be around 70 these days. Sunday and Monday could be a little warmer.
  19. totals so far gilly 1.37 wayne, pa 2.78 drexel hill, pa 2.26
  20. Some pretty heavy rains starting to work into the Philly area right now. The immediate Philly western burbs have been ground zero so far. Some spots may see over 2 inches.
  21. totals so far... .72 gilly 1.51 wayne, pa 1.3 drexel hill, pa
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