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  1. ok snow totals rdg 8 lns 6.9 abe 12.1 mqs 9.3 ukt 14.5 ptw 12.9 phl 15.4 ilg 11.2 lom 16.2 nxx 18 ttn 20.1 dov 10.2 miv 11.8 vay 17.1 acy 11.5
  2. very possible if it closes off at h5 and vertically stacks.
  3. I'm waiting on the high res number on wb so I can see the totals a little better. Vista is to pixelated with it's amts, so bare with me
  4. jeez euro just completely stalls the storm for like a day lol...still snowing tues eve
  5. basically euro starts snow tonight and doesn't end it till tues afternoon
  6. i don't really see a huge change in qpf field, might be a hair less, def a sharp cutoff on sw side..ill give snow maps in a min or 2
  7. storm track wise its the same, but the low is a good bit stronger, h5 close off is stronger to...
  8. 33hr stronger low, sub 1000mb off hse, northern stream better looking
  9. still holding better northern stream s/w, starting to form low off the carolinas now.
  10. euro is stronger right now with the northern stream s/w diving in, but a little less amplified...lets see if that northern stream dampens out as it heads east like gfs does.
  11. Yea I wouldn't get worked up over it, lets see what euro shows. It's still going to snow one way or the other either from the clipper, the coastal or both.
  12. yea significantly less precip this run, h5 was a heck of a lot slower to phase in.
  13. continue trend so far, stronger s/w ridge a little further west, more northern stream interaction, increase of hgts bending back towards coast.
  14. gfs looks a little stronger with s/w, thus stronger low...digging a little deeper, ridge out west is a little further west.
  15. different version of the nam. One you posted is 12km the other is 4km
  16. No one should be whining if they don't get in on the brunt of this and just get fringed. It still looks like 4+ for pretty much all of the area, considering 2 weeks ago people were jumping off bridges cause of the lack of snow. Within our "thaw" week we have had 3 shots of snow and possibly after this storm parts of the area could have well over 8" from both storms.
  17. it's usual miller B rules, someone is going to get screwed, but is it over our area or more out towards harrisburg to balt area.
  18. NAM is getting closer. Whoever gets in that ccb on back side the banding in that is going to be insane.
  19. qpf through hr 42 i95 on east is .5-1" .25-.5 everyone else except south of del canal .1-.25
  20. even if the nam shows a monster, I still wouldn't trust it, just swings to rapidly from one side to the other.
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