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  1. Yea, I’m going to look at the manual gauge to see if it’s right
  2. 1.55 this afternoon at work. Only .05 here in gilly. Parsley, only had .77 here last night
  3. I finished about 10 mins before it unloaded
  4. Trying to race home and get a mowing in. Give me storms after 4 not before
  5. Is that how much we got last night? I had to get a new computer and haven’t gotten my station back online yet and I wasn’t home yesterday. The radar estimates on radarscope def singled out our area
  6. I think we are saying the same thing lol. My yawn was towards the svr part and typical thunder and lightning that everyone loves
  7. Another rd of high PWATS this aftn through night meaning heavy rain risk
  8. I said it last night and during the day yesterday the rain threat was legit with PWATS. Look back at the posts. I'm talking garden variety storms with the general thunder/lightning and gusts to 45 which most of the area had.
  9. Verified well. Really didn’t think we needed a slight risk yesterday. Marginal would of been fine. The lone Svr cell last night Atleast as of now really didn’t produce that well as there have only been less than 25 reports of damage. There was wind aloft but lack of dry air aloft and a more moist upper level compared to Wednesday madenit harder for those big winds to transfer down. May change as morning goes on if reports trickle in. Last night was all about heavy rain as a good chunk of the area outside the immediate metro area had over 1” of rain. Lots of typical garden variety storms with lightning and thunder that everyone gets all hot and steamy over, yawn
  10. If you get under any slow moving storm or something that trains then yea it could. But generally I’d say you’re fine. Tomorrow into tomorrow night looks like better chance of heavy rains as pwats increase more
  11. should weaken some, to much stratiform rain out ahead to hold that intensity
  12. outside a few isolated svr cells, this looks like a heavy rain threat and your typical garden variety storms for later on. PWATS are surging out ahead of this
  13. I think there will be a few svr storms this evening, but outside of instability created by the sun not a ton of dry air aloft for big winds. This seems more CAPE driven so once sun goes down storms may start to weaken. Heavy rain threat is there, esp tomorrow even though no svr risk right now
  14. can't believe how bad models handled that first round of storms, completely missed it. This last batch was the fear I had last night of timing cause we were getting closer to dark. Didn't really matter either
  15. 35mph, looks about right to. Not much debris really around my yard at all
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