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  1. Well what I mean is, this 90-92 type heat is very MEH. All philly has to do is be sunny most of the day in july under normal circumstances and they usually sniff 90. So why is anything under 95 so remarkable. It seems like that is the new norm. So I use 95+ as heat and in that regard this summer was nto that bad IMO. It was all about the dews
  2. Should be fine tonight, this should be out by 5pm at latest as drier advects in
  3. What do we classify as threshold for cool wave? Like fig crushing? Or 70s or below highs
  4. This is the summer of underperforming heat. A lot of yawner gigi 90s to run up the 90 totals. Only really had one man heat period. It’s been about the high dews which never disappoint which in turn with all the moisture in the air keeps the mins way above normal
  5. Eeee this has whiff all over it. Unless Barney slows and really deepens in plains, we punt
  6. I’ll take no sun if it means temps in the 70s for highs. We have had enough sun as of late. A cloudy day is due
  7. Forget where I wrote it but first ten days of September should verify normal to below. Mjo in cooler phases during that period.
  8. The warm shot next week has mjo support and it allows Barney to grow in the plains as trough deepens which pulls WAR west
  9. def can see another 90 or so in the wed-sat period next week. The ugglies will def return as Bermuda high builds in with sw flow as Barney grows in the Plains and comes east
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