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  1. Wanted to make a new thread for this since the other was way to long.
  2. True, I remember early or mid 1990s where it was in the 90s for 3 straight days.
  3. I'm for that, torch in april is like 65-70, we take. Now torch in june-august no thanks
  4. tombo82685

    Friday 3/29/2019

    Congrats Bri, hopefully the warmth wins out
  5. Great stuff Tony, you could probably throw in MJO phases too. Would think most KU's occur in phases 8-2?
  6. Out for happy hour or just enjoying a cold one, lets see the pics and discuss in here.
  7. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    The ponding is the main issue to why you lose grass
  8. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Yes Tom is very busy this time of year. Actually in the process of building a senior tee at work from scratch
  9. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Do those same spots pond water?
  10. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    wet, no sunlight, low PH
  11. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I'll save you the trouble, most soils around here are acidic, so you need Lime due to all the rain and they are also high in Phosphorous low in potassium
  12. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Also, unless you people have a solid bluegrass yard or creeping red fescue, you don't have thatch. Thatch is not the dead grass you see when you come out of winter time, that is from wind desiccation in winter. Thatch is completely different.
  13. tombo82685

    Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Seed will not do anything right now, so IMO its pointless to seed and definitely fertilize. Why put fertilizer down when nothing is growing right now to even absorb the nutrients? It will just run right off, so it's a waste. Once you do your first mowing of the year then it's time to start seeding. So we are looking at probably 2nd week or so of April. If you're going to do seed you have from Mid April till mid May to get the seed established. You have to put crabgrass stuff down before Memorial Day and that stops any seed growth that didn't take hold. You are most likely going to have weed issues as well in any area that doesn't take that good due to the disruption of soil bringing all the weed seeds to the surface. If you still want to go ahead and do it, if you have a sunny yard go with a blend of tall fescue, bluegrass, ryegrass, then some fine fescue. When looking at the seed bag, make sure the highest percentages are in the order I gave you.
  14. he won't see this till next winter, so remind him
  15. can't wait to see this version next winter for the modoki
  16. tombo82685

    CFS, JMA, EURO, GGEM weeklies thread

    monday week 1 -1 week 2 +3 week 3 +2 week 4 +2 week 5 +2 week 6 0 thursday week 1 -1 week 2 -1 week 3 +1 week 4 +2 week 5 +2 week 6 +1
  17. So this is an updated version to fix all the bugs from version 1.0?
  18. euro 3/23 0z: .04 3/23 12z: .05 3/24 0z: .02 3/24 12z: .1 3/25 0z: .15 3/25 12z: .15 eps 3/23 0z: .1 3/23 12z: .06 3/24 0z: .04 3/24 12z: .08 3/25 0z: .13 3/25 12z: .17
  19. I just found it funny cause in the beginning of the season you don't go into this thread really until it's inside 5 days while everyone is posting in here. Now it was the complete opposite, where no one was to be found and you were posting in here.
  20. Just reading some of the posts today I can tell some of you are teetering right on the edge of melting down so this is the thread for you to vent your frustration. I don't want to see it in the storm thread or winter disc thread. If so posts will be deleted, if it continues then I'll get Yoda to release his wrath on you. Anyways, happy melting and jumping
  21. some rain/snow mix in this heavier shower here