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  1. Loo I definitely read this title wrong. Thought this was the memorial weekend thread not this weekend
  2. Just no 90s, even upper 80s is eee. Some rain preferably Friday or Thursday night would be ideal then again Sunday eve
  3. worst time of the year imo. Under performing storms, over-performing dews.
  4. that 18z gfs run better be wrong with those temps. eps are like low 80s which we take with some showers/storms around
  5. 2.12 since friday at home, about the same at the course. YAY, go May. I will gladly take fall over spring hands down every year.
  6. give me the 40s over temps close to 90
  7. looking like a wet 2 weeks coming up. Blocking regime in nao domain plus active southern jet pushing storms right over the area then slowing them down. EPS have 3-4" of rain from tonight through next 15 days for average.
  8. going to be nice to get all this rain to wash in the 13 tons of pre emerge i put down this week on the golf course.
  9. How often do you cut your yard? Do you have a mulcher mower? How low do you cut it?
  10. Veronica, or aka speedwell
  11. euro 4/27 0z: .5 4/27 12z: .15 4/28 0z: .2 4/28 12z: .3 4/29 0z: .6 4/29 12z: .17 4/30 0z: .02 4/30 12z: 0 eps 4/27 0z: .14 4/27 12z: .15 4/28 0z: .2 4/28 12z: .28 4/29 0z: .3 4/29 12z: .3 4/30 0z: .08 4/30 12z: .02
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