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  1. After we get that 2nd bit of an epo cold shot def looks torchy heading towards mid month
  2. Also there is a wave 1 displacement event on pv that has to possibly be watched for a slow ooze of cold from stat into trop like we had in dec
  3. Still no Morch showing up. Couple days mid week next week in 60s but then we go -epo driven on eps and we get a Smarch look. Slight snow chance around day 10 on eps that the euro had last night
  4. its been ridic, this whole decade we only had 3 years with abv normal snowfall in February
  5. euro 2/24 0z: .37 2/24 12z: .41 2/25 0z: .4 2/25 12z: .35 2/26 0z: .46 2/26 12z: .35 eps 2/24 0z: .46 2/24 12z: .47 2/25 0z: .42 2/25 12z: .46 2/26 0z: .45 2/26 12z: .33
  6. I hope this fails. If I had to make a guess I’d say this tracks below us giving the south some more flurries/snow showers
  7. euro 2/23 0z: .15 2/23 12z: .2 2/24 0z: .19 2/24 12z: .16 2/25 0z: .16 eps 2/23 0z: .24 2/23 12z: 26 2/24 0z: .2 2/24 12z: .16 2/25 0z: .18
  8. I just tried peanut butter whiskey today, woooooo weeeee
  9. no -NAM either once the pv coupled with trop. So that basically shut off the cold to the US
  10. Or we can just say the PV combined with unfavorable tropics sucked this year and killed it for everyone
  11. Snowfall is all timing. Top 5 warmest winter 15/16 had above normal snowfall. Timed our one shot right and rest goes down in history
  12. No kidding. Remember I wanted to go lower with values but you twisted my arm and made me say blizzard to go higher
  13. Going to work on the avatars this weekend. Will post them by mid March for people to vote
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