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  1. tombo82685

    Winter 2018/2019 vent/meltdown thread

    B+ here... abv avg snow, 2 days below zero temps, with 8 days single digit lows. Figs were killed early and often.
  2. tombo82685

    EDT Sunsets Are Here!

    no beach for you this year
  3. tombo82685

    EDT Sunsets Are Here!

    96 days till the days start getting shorter
  4. That was a pretty convective event. Doesn't really hide the true detail as the euro op while did win with forecasting low amount in philly it was pretty horrible overall and to dry.
  5. tombo82685

    GFS Mood Enhancer Snow On March 18th

    I can’t stop yawning
  6. Just looking at mjo solely I would think after March 23rd start biasing towards warm. In contrary though, there is some signal of a pretty big Strat pv displacement that could bring a cold shot to start April or last week of March
  7. Not Gigi, but vp maps look like a rot in phase 5 maybe going towards 6 by way end. Phase 5 in March is cooler than normal we should see that chart push into 5 slow down then weaken and push weakly into 6
  8. tombo82685

    CFS, JMA, EURO, GGEM weeklies thread

    Monday week 1 +2 week 2 -2 week 3 +2 week 4 +2 week 5 +2 week 6 +2 thursday week 1 -2 week 2 +1 week 3 +1 week 4 +1 week 5 0 week 6 -1
  9. tombo82685

    GFS Mood Enhancer Snow On March 18th

    Most likely will continue to see gfs push south towards dc and weaker. Basically no big deal around our area