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  1. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Will also be a focal point for storm development too
  2. Memorial Day weekend weather

    What if it’s 30 degrees to warm and we wake up to snow flurries Monday?
  3. Memorial Day weekend weather

    2pm Memorial Day, hoodie weather
  4. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Nam is ugly with that easterly flow. Going from AC on to almost heat on lol. Good sleeping weather though for windows open
  5. Things to do near Allentown

    Yes that, didn’t know how to spell hence the (sp)
  6. Memorial Day weekend weather

    What about marine puke though with easterly flow to start?
  7. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    My nextdoor neighbor's grass was like 10" high yesterday. Took him 2 hours to cut it. Is it really worth all that silliness and mower bogging? Get your fantasy umbrella ready
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    It's a foscam camera, but the company was taken over by Amcrest. You can get one of their cameras for like 70-90$
  9. Things to do near Allentown

    Not in Allentown but around hawk mtn area you could do cabellas or yuengling brewery. Promanon (sp) inbetween Quakertown and Allentown. Always have dorney Park too
  10. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    You know what gets under my skin is when people cut there yard once a week and set it on the lowest setting possible and all you hear their mower choke out. Little do people know the lower you set your mower the more you should theoretically cut
  11. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    Did my mowing yesterday afternoon, will be doing another mowing Monday. Think I'm cutting at around 2.5-3"
  12. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Agreed, no marine puke. Can't really tell what would happen after that considering the run ends. The euro brings the front through early Sunday and craps Sunday up but then returns it back north of us as a warm front on Monday. Same goes with the gfs.
  13. Memorial Day weekend weather

    That’s why I don’t consider it a true backdoor front if we aren’t in the 60s with puke falling on us. Mid to upper 70s under mostly cloudy skies isn’t bad. As long as we aren’t dealing with marine puke I’m good with temps in the 60s,70,80s
  14. Memorial Day weekend weather

    Saturday afternoon/evening storms should be over our area into the city. Think the shore should be good that day.
  15. Medium - long range tropics

    Water temps are good, but there are other factors like shear over that environment