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  1. week 1 +5 week 2 -2 week 3 0 week 4 -1 week 5 +1 week 6 +2 precip DROUGHT!
  2. The Enso predictions stink for us but if we can get that warm pool in goa that would certainly help
  3. Temperature/Obs/Boring Weather Discussion

    Gotta love possible heat waves in late September, bunch of bs
  4. Samething as ukmet little bugger Jose hangs around to long and splits the ridges
  5. Punt on the ukmet as Jose just sitssouth of New England and prevents the ridges from connecting
  6. I think Jose has a better shot of bringing rain
  7. On the eps, still comes down to Jose's track. If Jose sits and stall Maria just goes way out to sea. If Jose hooks back to delmarva or nj we get somne rain and it draws Maria closer, but in general still a sweep out to sea. Really think a full on hit is rather low, like 25%
  8. Lawn/Garden/Golf Thread

    I'm gonna print out that sandy disc and read it at the 19th hole of the outing to "spark" some discussion
  9. I like figs. But I like when vay is at 2 better
  10. At least with La Niña you can get some big cold shots. If I can't get the snow then next best would be VAY into the 0s club