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  1. Still to capped around the city area. Sky is to clean looking, no cumulus clouds to represent we have reached out convective temp yet
  2. That makes sense. Best lapse rates and dynamics being closer to low pressure are north. Best instability is southwest. There are issues that need to be overcome for this to produce a good severe event around here. I’m skeptical. We will know around noonish.
  3. Nothing has changed IMO since yesterday. Lapse Rates look solid, but the lack of instability and timing could limit potential. Once out towards reading and lancaster on west think they will have a nice event. The morning showers/convection could muck a lot of it up as well. Need to see how fast the cap can break and how much instability we can get. This is opposite of earlier this week. That was instability driven with lack of Lapse rates. High lapse rates severe events usually produce very well as the downwelling of higher winds is much easier.
  4. Hence why I hate this time of year. Storms suck, and heat and high dews over perform.
  5. yup, thats because it never really builds good instability and we are a bit capped too. The lapse rates though are solid. If we can get better instability and lose some of the cap it could be an active day. Better chances west of river than east due to timing.
  6. Just looking at Thursday, one thing this has going for it is much better lapse rates which would increase hail and damaging wind threat. NAM so far is not that bullish on instability and looks a bit capped right now but we are still out of its range.
  7. That’s a bannable action starting threads like this
  8. no 90 at philly, we can delete this thread now and never speak of it again
  9. outside of the one cell in Berks that was a big yawner of a night. High dews and heavy rain over performed AWT
  10. verified well. There was one storm in Berks co that was it. Look at the damage reports everything was in Berks with that one cell. Everything else was non severe and just heavy rain. Look how fast they collapsed once they got to atleast my area and yours
  11. Yea I was going to say with recent forecasts of el nino not being as strong could be a bit more active in the tropics.
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