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  1. not a chance they get 6" if they do, then I will see you in May but I'm feeling pretty good
  2. That honestly is the wild card tomorrow. of you're cold enough for snow it could thump hard.
  3. fgen band associated with the waa could be insane if that is all snow. Would probably be 1-2"hr snows
  4. That is probably phlly's best shot of flipping to snow. That heavy precip should saturate the mid levels close to or just below freezing.
  5. without even looking at the qpf map, you can see where the big fgen band is on the h7 temps. See the colder area just above the warm tongue coming north. Thats your area of heavy precip, snow in this case
  6. atleast looking at 850s through 18z tomorrow, good bit colder than 0z, might be in response to less ridging coming up eastern sea board.
  7. at h5 on nam 2 big differences, less ridging out ahead of ULL. Also the trough coming down into the plains is sharper. This may try to kick that ull east a bit faster, making it a bit more progressive. Outside of that, not a whole different.
  8. Yup, mid levels will be an issue as we thought all along. That will wet bulb down below freezing though easily with those dews.
  9. sucks these high clouds are overhead. Really preventing temps from dropping pretty good
  10. tombo82685

    Potential storm threats fall 2018

    Good write up Shawn, def has a storm look to it. Only thing is once we get into later next week we start to feel a little pac flow in response to the trough crashing in to the west coast. The ridge over the rockies/plains coming east is associated with that airmass. So while a storm could develop cold air may be lacking. We will see.
  11. This is what Weenie dreams start to look like if this comes true. Trough axis in the east is bit far west, but thats a pretty solid setup. Can see when you get that trough near the Aleutians, pops the pna ridge and sends the trough into the east
  12. You might as well just give the win to the gefs right now cause I don’t see 2.5-3” falling in philly