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  1. Big heat signal for next weekend into following week. We will see if it holds
  2. It’s basically like your winter time deform band on western side around the pivot
  3. Good lord lol. Yea I see didn’t expect something like that lol.
  4. Still liking my call from yesterday heaviest east of the river. Not buying these robust amounts screaming west of town. .5-1 river on west with iso amounts up to 1.5 or higher. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong
  5. Nothing changed from my view point, all I continue to see is heat, heat, heat. No mjo help to flip the pattern till probably late late july or start of August. Have to watch the 7-10 day period and beyond for ridge sharpening up a bit in the plains and trough trying to nose into the northeast for some possible NW flow events
  6. It's the same as 12z. Only difference is the handling of the first batch of precip before it cycles and forms new area. 12z had that area dying right before it got to philly, this run did it in central DE. The low track is pretty much the same maybe a 25-30 mile shift east
  7. Pretty good agreement between that and euro. Sharp cut off to the west. That has been ticking steadily east all day today. Getting better aligned with other models.
  8. Damn, no consistency. I guess expected when dealing with convective elements
  9. I like my call I said last night. This looks like .25-1" in philly area on west. Del river on east is 1+
  10. There will be some lighter rains out ahead of this where we kind of get a little PRE type look. But yea main core of system is tightly wound. Reminds me of a miller B. West has tight area of precip where along and east of track is all the moisture
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