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    new member of the family, brought home Zeke the yellow lab last WED, 9 wks. old & loves the snow, been at the door all morning begging to go out & romp in the snow
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    I know I haven't been posting too much, been busy with life lately.. Last night i proposed to my gf, and thankfully, she said yes!!!
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    A pic from the farm in East Fallowfield, from Mrs WMW. Brilliant March sun!
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    I took the plunge, but this is what happened when you follow the nam
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    After grabbing all your data and Coocorahs stuff and applying some common sense in sparse areas, came up with this.
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    Bangor PA — 6” as of 9:00 AM
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    Now that NOAA Workforce Management has (finally) cleared me, I can announce that in June I'll be starting at NWS Marquette, Michigan! That's right, I'll be a Yooper! As I move from Lawn Guyland to Da Yoop, I'm excited at all the new opportunities and blah blah blah but I'm most excited about adding a new hideous accent to my repertoire. Their snow depth for the season went to 0 on May 1st. Next +NAO/-PNA La Nina winter I'll mail you guys a cooler full of Lake Superior's Finest™.
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    First post! Yes, WFO PHI uses reports on this page often. They were essential for us yesterday, I might add, so thank you all.
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    Here are some pictures from my back window this morning, moving from that early bluish first light to full-on side lighting from the rising sun... Went out on the deck for a few minutes, nice crisp morning, seems that more birds are around in the morning already, just gorgeous. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    I had a customer share a photo from the March ‘58 storm which they remember vividly living in Wagontown, West Caln Township. They are going to see if they can find more, as they do I will share This photo shows 2 cars submerged in the snow
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    Official measurement at Millersville University, which is a mile from my house was 17.5” with a current depth of 14”.
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    DUE TO SEVERE WEATHER CONDITIONS… the Pirate Bar is closed!😡 About 12 heavy, wet, thick inches of snow(lots of compaction and innuendo included)
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    4.0" moderate snow, 28 degrees. Zionsville, PA - Lehigh County
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    Only on this forum are snow maps described as drool worthy and beautiful lol
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    Issued my first blizzard warning today.
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    No worries. Everything still looks good
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    Sunset in the Pocs over frozen lake.
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