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    Views from high above Atlantic City. Still snowing pretty good here, and some 20-25mph gusts too.
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    Working outside of AC in Galloway township today - been getting solid snow for a few hours. Accumulating on non treated surfaces with no problem.
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    Yup, like Paula Abdul, 2 steps forward then this
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    Just your typical 0-28" forecast.
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    Use the force on this confluence, he must
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    Yes need to have the confluence relax faster. I went back and checked split stream cases in the NE snowstorm book. A good rule of thumb from our historic snowstorms is to be in the southern stream flow by the time the trough reaches the Mississippi. Below is Feb 5 2010 as an example. The northern and southern streams are merging N of NYC. We are well into the southern stream with flow coming from the S Miss. Valley. In the past couple of days only the "good" gem or fv3 runs have put us solidly in the southern stream as the trough crossed the middle of the country. Below is the 18z GEFS with the streams merging near DC/Balt and the good southern stream flow in Va.
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    Read into this what you want, but we are within the skill level of the NAO. Yes this is an "index number". This is a table of all of the 6" or greater snows since 1950 as measured at PHL in Nov & Dec and the NAO on the date of the event. BTW in 10 of the 11 winter seasons (all of the ninos) there was at least one more (as many as three more) 6" or greater events the rest of that season.
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    The next time a day 7 Carolina jackpot verifies will be the first time.
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    I feel like I'm cheating on my wife looking at the ggem
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    Im out to dinner in New Hope Marsha Browns and I am laughing hysterically at the fact our local news thinks its good this snow storm is missing us, its terrible news! Go Sixers and lets get this confluence out!
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    Since the 76ers have a huge game tonight and the 18z GFS is crap....Im going with this
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    Don't you mean down south this event goes?
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    From NWS: 2.8" at ACY Intl 3" in Newfield and Mays Landing An estimate of 3-4" in Bringantine
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    Atlantic City CC - tee times are available
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    The gfs starting to get a clue???
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    All of this stuff is so damn cool. Would almost prefer the trends to not show much for us for now. Give it time and we will see if it things align. Let the southerners do there snow dance now and than get upset when or if it misses them. That would be ideal ,haha. It is showing a lot of hits for them and not for us but even Feb said No Snow for the south! See if tomorrow morning is good and if not im leaving this forum for good. Hahahha just messing. Gotta have some fun ! You all rock! Have a good night!