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    I dunno...something feels off. Maybe it's the optimism from Feb, logic from Tombo, DC bullseye on the Euro, apathy from IrishBri, exhaustion from last week, not enough exuberance from Heisi, limited dog in snow pics from Qtown, southern EPS, LanCo shaft zones, any reference to Mar '58, anxiety from Baseball0618, no Wxsim updates from Paul, Mitch moving to BGM, NE getting a blizzard, Monmouth and VAY jackpots, Tony 4.8" threshold...I think I just need the Euro to absolutely NAM us, then my snow weenie meter might perk up. For now I'm nervous.
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    Congratulations to Boston and eastern New England on this storm. But, we still won the Super Bowl.
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    Absolutely, you all are in a really good spot at this point. Need buffer for the northward correction.
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    We know it doesn't snow in DC, so this is perfect for us.......................or the Carolinas.
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    I'm chilling my Heavy Seas Winter Storm Imperial ESB in anticipation. We simply cannot waste such good brews on a cold spring rain.
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    I may have my back fused
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    Mancicles! Off the back of a house at Lake Naomi.
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    Ok well then hopefully this trends further north so that you get rain and it snows here.
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    Hey Tom, I keep getting this message popping up that says something about being an Amazon.com winner; any idea what’s up with that? It looks like spam
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    Posted this on twitter: So the next potential storm system is in the Tuesday-Thursday morning timeframe next week. We are about 4 days away from that and as you can expect there are differing opinions as to what may or may not happen. The first piece of energy arrives during the day on Tuesday. The track of that system seems largely dependent on how much confluence is over the northeast. The euro has this much further south, which causes our first piece of energy to try and cut towards the Ohio Valley, but cant because of the blocking feature its forced underneath. Since that area of confluence is much stronger, the secondary area of low pressure that forms on the coast forms well south of our area and skips out to sea. Then we have the gfs, which has that area of confluence further north. This allows our primary storm to head further north. While it does come in contact with the blocking feature it's further north. This forms a secondary low on the coast which tracks closer to the coast due to the further displaced blocking mechanism bringing snow, sleet, and rain to the area. We aren't done after that. There is a second piece of energy that dives down right on the heels of that first system and tries to form another coastal low for Wednesday into Thursday time period. Again, the euro and the gfs differ on this. The euro has a much flatter PNA ridge out west and the ridge axis is also further east. This does two things: The downstream trough associated with this is flatter too, which doesn't allow any storm that forms to track closer to the coast, it would be offshore. With the ridge axis being further east this puts the trough axis further east. So any storm that does form would have a higher chance of being offshore. Also, note the area circled above the northeast. That feature is acting to flatten out the trough too. The gfs, is opposite of this. Has a stronger ridge, which helps with a deeper more amplified trough downstream. This would help any storm to track closer to the coast. Also note the circled area above the northeast. It is further nw, which doesn't flatten out the trough.
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    Climo though doesn't normally have -7 850s and -3 925mb temps for a storm in late March. IMO the climo card is BS, there is no climo right now, we are re-writing climo. Climo also says we shouldn't be snowier and colder than february 2 years in a row. Climo says we shouldn't have 70-80 degree temps 2 years in a row in February. If this falls during the day, then yes it will be tough to stick due to the sun angle. This storm can very well produce because there is a legit airmass overhead with good teleconnections for it. Each system has it's own set of climo rules. If anything, this is follwing La nina's climo
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    The office got 8 inches Wednesday night and then another 5 this morning. 3 in about 90 mins with a squall this morning. I slept through the morning squall ( evening shift) and was on the outer edge the other night but the snow depth is 13. Only half or less than that in the valley at the hotel.
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    Lol at some of the all or nothingism....of course this won’t be all snow and of course not all of the snow will accumulate in the commonly perceived respect...but “white rain” in itself can take on a wide range of impacts...from the true white rain where it struggles to accumulate on every surface to the “only fails to accumulate on dark paved surfaces” whilst creating water logged slush leading to extra localized flooding cause slush doesn’t drain...as well as tree branch/power issues that can be pretty widespread... right now I’d put more money on a more impactful “white rain” than a “nuisance” white rain.... and don’t get me started on if we get a sleet base to kick off our mix to mostly snow transition
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    I would still take that. Any snow that falls from the sky is better than rain. I mean whats the difference between what you said and just rain? They would both be gone the next day. So I would rather have flakes falling from the sky, we can get rain anytime of the year. Can't say that about snow.
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    Had a 10 minute mini snow squall move through dropping a quick 0.2" a little bit ago.
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    Ooo I agree, I would much rather have this in January, but I'm not gonna be picky if it snows in March
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    Tom, very noble of you to go down with the EC for the rest of us. You are a better person than me. This 00z run tonight unless the model consensus is within about 60 to 90 miles of one's desired outcome, it is time to put a fork into it and "enjoy" three %$*#ing days of windy March weather.
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    A+++ to the thread title ! the SSW & associated synoptic pattern (lag time included) produced 2 solid storms out of 3 chances. Not too shabby. (Overall, not locally)
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    I thought this winter was pretty good. Granted we nickle and dimed our way, but this winter was ten times better than last.
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    There is hope for us Charlie on the I295 tour this year.
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    I think he is horsing around after seeing we were NAMMED.
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    Only reason I care about it is the thermals. Now back to this Virginia game. Down 12 to the 16 seed 7 mins left!
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    Euro as being lone wolf at this point not buying that either. It has not done well as a stand alone model. I looked at the GEFS PNA outlook, the predicted spike almost looks like it happens after the fact or with the trailing wave. The PNA is verifying though more positive than outlooked. I will now throw this tablet against the wall.
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    That snow map is pure crapola, half of that is sleet that it is counting as snow
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    So you’re not meeting about the 12z model suite I take it?
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    New snow today is an inch. Depth is 8.
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    Time to put 1915 in second place for the heaviest snow so late.
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    Once the nam gets in range I'll let you know, if this storm does indeed occur
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    East Nantmeal Township Chester County PA Elevation FTW I was only expecting an inch or less ended up with 2.0" temp 31.4
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    Hoping the rain snow line sets up just west of Gilly with this one. 😌
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    can add gfs now too. Obviously things will change, but we aren't done with snow if that -nao signal is legit.
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    Not if the snow is accidentally measured here: Here could be Portland, Maine.
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    Another good title would have been Now We Know How Feb Feels obs.
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    So basically you miss the days of widely available info on the internet lol
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    You must donate your brain for a case study! 😉
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    I am waiting for that one nam run that pulls like .5 qpf to philly and everyone starts lubing up to it.
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    No pre 7 pm sunsets til September 21st(ish)!
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    Still have snow cover out of the direct sun. A couple of pics from Fair Hill.