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    3:00 pm Snow 29 degrees 2.9" Bumble is living large today
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    3.75" on top of my van... still sitting at 31 I was pretty mopey this morning looking at overcast skies, but this really puts me in the seasonal mood.
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    Definitely over performed here in the Lehigh Valley. Nice day. Now for a nice evening!
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    West Caln Township: 6pm 3.6” Pics from East Fallowfield earlier
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    Army-Navy at the Linc this afternoon at 3 pm, few things in sports are as great as watching a football game played in the snow.
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    This is slightly OT, but screw it. Don't you guys love this? Let's face it. Some of us are pro meteorologists, some are just casual people who are here for a simple wx report, and some are hobby-ist, oh and some are hobby-ist who dropped out of met. school (like myself lol)....Anyway, regardless of your passion, this is what it is all about. This storm won't make any record books or anything, but I absolutely adore events like this where each run ticks better and better, then maybe ticks down here and there, and then we have the usual surprises during the event. Anyways, we await the KING should be running just about any minute.
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    Below are the top 10 December snowstorms (for 2 day storms - last day listed) for Chester County PA (Period 1894 to Present) 1) 12/26/1909 - 38.0" (see the handwritten obs attached - snowing furiously on Christmas Day and very deep snow on the 26th....ya think?) 2) 12/24/1966 - 21.2" 3) 12/19/2009 - 15.0" 4) 12/14/1917 - 13.5" 5) 12/6/2003 - 12.5" 6) 12/4/1957 - 12.0" 7) 12/6/1910 - 10.7" 8) 12/24/1912 - 10.3" 9) 12/20/1966 - 9.6" 10) 12/11/1960 - 9.0"
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    This is about as active as it can get leading into Christmas. 1. Wednesday snow showers 2. Thursday clipper 3. Friday/Saturday coastal/clipper 4. Early next week overrunning ( say 18th ish) 5. Post frontal overrunning waves of low pressure ( a few days before Christmas)
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    The 12/9 collection, most already posted in obs thread
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    Shady Brook Xmas Light Show Smores taste better when snow falls on them while your eating....
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    Courtyard of our apartment complex in Sinking Spring, PA.
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    Oh, hi there VV's, don't be shy. This winter rocks
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    2018 thread gets a head start... A few others from 12/9
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    My fan is ready to give it the extra nudge, look at those streamlines!
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    I know this is not official, but, almost 4.5” on the shaded back patio table. Accumulation began on the roads about an hour ago.
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    Low end looking good. This event gets bonus points for: Saturday, daytime, cold temps, and pre-xmas.
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    Waiting at daughter's choir practice in Haddonfield. Christmas songs being sung in background while watching snow fall from a nicely decorated room. Winning! Lol By coincidence had to drive through the worst of the Eagles Snow Bowl too (ballet practice that time lol)
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    move this post to banter if needed, but, today (edit: yesterday) is the 4-year anniversary of this at the Linc, which I was lucky enough to witness:
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    Over 6 inches now just north of Atlanta at my cousins house.
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    This would be my 1st guess right now. Want to see if other models come in wetter closer to coast with track.
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    For those who do not know ERH is eastern region headquarters out on Long Island. Basically a support center for all the wfo's on the east coast.
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    I thought we were talking 50-1 or 75-1 ratios
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    Given that sunset is about 15 seconds later than it was on December 7th, you'll have that much extra time to enjoy looking at the snow!
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    Ended up with 6" out here in Lancaster. Terrific band set up and just dumped for awhile.
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    Considering the somber mood this morning, what a friggin overperformer. 3.2" here, but it has been just nonstop snow since 10 AM. Beautiful outside. Roads are definitely getting tracherous now.,
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    Tuesday is still a bit north but looks a bit better. Thursday-Friday I still think has the best chance. Maybe WAA snow next weekend? The torch isn't looking like much of a fight from the mizer either anymore.
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    First win after being dead last every other time or next to dead last
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    EPS tamed the 850 mb + next weekend some with the last run. A few days warm then cold then warm. Cutter odds increasing next weekend but might lead to better things heading toward Christmas. A lot of cold comes in at the end.
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