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    Wind surprised me today, really cranks at end of this video. I tried editing to show winds, hail, flooding...but yeah, I screwed that up. So, this is all I have, enjoy, especially if you 0.0'ed 1.mp4
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    Meanwhile, from Oaks, PA. Wife’s coworker:
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    Nastyy storm here in NE Philly. Pea sized to dime sized hail and some gusts had to be 50 or better. Blew up right over us on radar! Best storm I've seen in a while.
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    In quarantine my boys, 7 & 10, picked up and played disc golf every day for nearly 3 straight months. Fast forward to this week, my 10 yr old and I won the first doubles tourney that won him $56 and today all 3 of us played our first PDGA sanctioned tournament in Sellersville. The 7yr old was the youngest junior and only player in his division so he by default took 1st, and my 10yr old beat out his 1 opponent to take first. Special moment for this dad (who took 13th in the Recreational division out of 25 players) to find an activity the entire family can enjoy together (my wife was the kids caddie 🙂 ) and what a fun time to boot. Oh, and a golf ball didn't smash my nose in half and send me to the ER like last month. Winning! Anyone here ever play?
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    1.16 and I won’t complain for a while
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    Celebrating a new grandson J Walker Blue
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    Gritty Claus coming to town for the climatologically hottest week of summer? Joy!!!
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    93 / 68 in LMT today, hottest of the season precip wise a 0.20" rock, girlfriend reported pea sized hail as did every friend / relative in the lower end of Bucks congrats to all that experienced some really active stuff today down on the CNJ coast today by far the most oppressive day of the summer, the morning temps upper 80's to low 90's with DP's in the mid 70's were not a nice combo on the blazing sand, sea breeze did gradually lower temps however the humidity was brutal all day 10:30am on Mantoloking beach, only one lonely beach goer braving the soup Strong storm approaching Belmar just before 3:00, gusty with plenty of CTG lightning
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    crushed, 1/2" hail, 2"+ rain and counting, flooded master BR/BSMT/FOYER etc but that's my problem, trees down in neighborhood again ugh
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    This is just relentless! And just got to 5" as I was posting this.
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    Wall to wall thunder in Mount Laurel.
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    Pretty easy to see why it does on an east wind. East of the airport we have "mt" laurel. Downsloping at its finest
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    It is not mutating faster than the typical flu virus. I think there is too much of an interest (whether $$$ or humanitarian) for a pharmaceutical company to not come up with one. They are all in it, it is like the actual snowfall being outside the entire range of all 51 EPS members. It doesn't have to be 100% effective, it just has to be good enough to keep us away from the cytokine storm. Rainbows & Unicorns Tony.
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    You might have to change your screen name to nodrive at the rate you are going.
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    Very nice radar loop this afternoon showing the storm development along the near-perfectly circular outflow of the first burst of convection.
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    2.07” in Mount Laurel thru 255 pm and some pea sized hail.
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    You don't see this kind of instability around here too often. CAPE already over 4000 J/kg and forecasted over 5000 this afternoon. Where it does rain it'll be blinding.
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    No one say anything, I just want to stare at this for the next six hours....
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    Looks like @White_Mtn_Wx & @PreserveJon (sorry I missed you yesterday) are going to be in the lead into Monday. Monday might come close to that 97F.
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    .34 inches of rain in mere minutes if my gauge is to be trusted
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    Tom said it on Twitter but you can see the breeze flaring it up
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    Going to be a hot one today. Can already feel it when I came outside before 5am. Dews aren’t ridiculous which is nice for a change
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    Wasn't expecting this flyover tonight
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    It's the same as 12z. Only difference is the handling of the first batch of precip before it cycles and forms new area. 12z had that area dying right before it got to philly, this run did it in central DE. The low track is pretty much the same maybe a 25-30 mile shift east
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    Damn, no consistency. I guess expected when dealing with convective elements
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    89 / 74 locally in LMT, second straight day in the upper 80's, meanwhile nearby TTN keeps pez dispensing 90's Over on the coast at Lavallette a fresh south wind kept the max's in the low 80's however no relief from the low-mid 70 DP's afternoon ocean dip was just about perfection with temp in the low 70's, no shocker that is solidly above average for this time of year - these darn ocean heat islands are getting old....
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    Geez I was up there a few weeks ago it was still decent but that’s atrocious. I guess no irrigation system for fairways
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    Here are some of the rain totals from the Cocorahs network
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    50K+ cloud tops with that hail in Lancaster Co.
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    Pounding rain mixed with a bit of pea sized hail.
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    lol "Only" had 4.65" in the COCORAHS gauge.
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    The EC (out of) control told the GFS to hold its keg last night.
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    This is fantastic! A little taste of what they get in Florida.
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    It is pouring buckets at 8:30 pm
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    @colonel_kurtz Lucky sob to get to play there! Looks every bit as hard as the pictures make it out to be!!! Someday I’ll get my break to get on there!! Played out at Wyncote today in Chesco. Course is in beautiful condition!!
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