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    Issued the warning about 8 mins prior as that is my new stomping grounds BGM. Scary stuff for sure and no fatatlities. Likely will be one of the most direct oppertunties to save lifes in my NWS carrer.
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    Beautiful morning followed by a picturesque sunset out in Amish Country.
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    What a morning! A++++ Us Fathers deserve a weekend like this. Happy Fathers Day to all those posting here. Enjoy!
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    Yes! Agree! Posted this in photo thread also, 7:30pm moon shot
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    I have to admit, it is quite impressive how the reflectivity almost seems to abide by the Bucks County boundaries.
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    Brooks Koepka back to back US Open Champ, first since Curtis Strange. Clutch putting while DJ couldn't buy one until the 18th really. What is with all of the sound gaps with Fox? Thankfully the talk today was not about the course.
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    Hooky day for sure. Played Fox Hollow and shot an 85 there, wind was my friend today. Mowed the lawn and also finished off the mulch, finally...
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    53 this morning at PHL, have to go back to 1980 for a cooler temp on this date doesn't get any better than yesterday afternoon thru today, had to bail on work early the past 2 days so I could get home & do some peddling, rode down to Core Creek Park this afternoon
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    Very windy last night, but just enough rain to avoid having to water the garden. On the downside, we lost power when a downed tree took out some power lines. Wasn't restored until after midnight. Had a family camp out in the cool of the basement.
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    Outside my house between Collegeville and Schwenksville.
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    Rain barrel overflowing. Over 0.75” and still raining.
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    This weather sucks. Would rather have the cloudy with mid 70s over this garbage.
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    A pair of 10+ rules would give PHL a high of 91F-94F for today (Monday). That looks about right, probably would go with 93F myself. Tom pays me the same no matter how much I am off.
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    Watched a little yesterday & today was occupied during a Father's day gathering with the coverage on in the background so I didn't hear much aside from some idiot saying "nice shot chubby" to Patrick Reed. Reading the European players were dealing with most of the BS. You don't have this nonsense at Augusta & that's another reason why the Masters is the best major. Too many tournament galleries are turning into the Waste Management Open.
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    I'll second that. A bowl of cherries day.
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    Let’s hope this hasn’t dropped anything
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    Thanks for the map. I'll be at Bob's Lake in Ontario next week looks like it will be around 70 on monday afternoon.
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    Ended up being a beautiful evening. Much more comfortable.
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    Pretty good storm here in Worcester in ragard to wind. Lightning was just okay. Pretty good rain. Lost power until midnight if peco estimate is correct.
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    The impenetrable Newtown Protective Storm Bubble Screw Zone bores its usual hole into an approaching line of storms
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    My in laws live in Pike County so I have told them they are in good hands!
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    Wind driven deluge. Non severe gusts. 40-45 mph max. Thunder/Lightning.
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    I hear thunder. Need the rain. Blaming you if it doesn't rain.
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    The time of year has arrived where for the next eight weeks, the forecast reads: Highs 86-95, lows 65-75. Occasional days with warmer temps, rare days with cooler ones. Can't wait for the first rush of northwesterly cool breezes in September.
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    Nice Job Mitch! Saw the warning go up, forgot that was your area now! Def helped save lives!! (Time of Day helped significantly too. If it was 2-3 hours earlier, could of been a lot worse.)
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    Rickie is on the verge of having a 19 stroke improvement from yesterday.
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    From the immortal delayed but denied theme the USGA once again crapped all over another U.S. Open yesterday. After the 2004 debacle & all the follow-up talk how that wouldn't happen again it's beyond embarrassing they let the course get away from them yesterday and to top it all off they blame it the wind which was just the normal sea breeze. I shut it off at 4:00, that late afternoon carnage wasn't entertaining in the least. Throw in the tap dance around what should have been a clear cut disqualification & congrats USGA you're once again the story over what should be our Nat'l Championship.
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    99 degrees here in Pasadena, CA today - dry heat though. They said we're having higher humidity due to the remants of the hurricane off coast. Dewpoints skyrocketed into the lower 40's - 15% humidity.
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    I'll take the OVER on whatever numbers are being predicted as of now.
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    Per NWS Binghamton, it was an EF-2... Public Information Statement...CORRECTED National Weather Service Binghamton NY 155 PM EDT Thu Jun 14 2018 ...NWS DAMAGE SURVEY FOR JUNE 13 WILKES BARRE TOWNSHIP TORNADO... Location...Wilkes-Barre Township in Luzerne County Pennsylvania Date...June 13 2018 Estimated Time...1000 pm EDT Maximum EF-Scale Rating...EF2 Estimated Maximum Wind Speed...130 mph Maximum Path Width...200 yards Path Length...0.75 mile Beginning Lat/Lon...41.2436/-75.8467 Ending Lat/Lon...41.2390/-75.8392 * Fatalities...0 * Injuries...6 ...Summary... A severe thunderstorm moved across Luzerne County between 930 and 1030 pm on Wednesday June 13 2018, producing an EF2 tornado in Wilkes-Barre Township around 1000 pm. The tornado touched down near Mundy Street and Highland Park Boulevard by the Wyoming Valley Mall and traveled about a half mile southeast toward I-81 before dissipating. Numerous roofs were destroyed and windows blown out. Structures were sheared off near their foundation. Power poles were snapped with numerous lines down.
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    all I see are days getting shorter very soon
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    Yeah less than 6 months til the sun starts setting later again.
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    Yeah I thought about that after I posted that sentence; you are right. Look at the difference in precip the last 30 days:
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    yesterday marked the earliest sunrise & the start of the 15hr daylight window sunrises start getting later on June 17th & 15 hours of daylight ends on June 30th
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    They look like juvie box elder bugs. I'm partly IDing from the maple seeds, which is a tree they like to host off of. For some reason soapy water does a good job controlling them.
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    ^ we take.... another fig crushing cold winter with abundant snow
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    perfect conditions FRI for the marine layer inversion - mid 80's over 63 degree water with virtually no breeze on the beach been going down either 1st or 2nd weekend of June since 1995 & good beach days are not easy to come by, many foggy shank days on the immediate coast while a few miles inland we bake on the golf course another shot with the inversion more pronounced
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