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    Just remember to say I do on the big day and always remember to say you are right & I am wrong and you will do fine.
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    Accuwx throwing around the 'bomb cyclone' for this one again. Who thinks up these names? Likewise, naming every full moon.
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    worst winter locally since 2011-12, solid D 66% of normal snow, the most of which fell in NOV & MAR, met winter snowfall was abysmal couldn't take advantage of the above normal temps due to all the rain & mud aside from March any cold shots were here today gone tomorrow I apply bonus point for snow & cold during the Holiday season (Turkey Day - New Year's) & that time frame this season was an Italian cruise ship washed up on the rocks good riddance, time to focus on convection killing marine layer shank, gust fronts & poorly timed frontal passages
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    I am poking some fun with this reply and to its credit it lost this erroneous solution far sooner than the GFS did for yesterday. BTW the total train wreck with all of these March snows has been the GEFS, 5 last place finishes with all March threats realized, or not. Not just in one direction either.
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    since JAN my yellow lab has turned into a chocolate lab on several occasions at the dog park
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    1.49". 38. This is when having a golden retriever stinks.
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    My name is mud. Moat looking good too. 🦆
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    We call it golf, but we don't actually golf. We curse and swear, chase a little ball in the wrong fairway, rush to make a shot, and hope we don't kill anyone in the process. That's the fun part.
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    IMO a useful indicator, but, like anything in weather it can be trumped by other factors. Currently in a prolonged NAO+ regime similar to the 1980s+ early 90s.
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    IMO -nao is greatly overblown. Pacific pattern trumps atlantic pattern. Give me a +pna/-ao combo any day over a -nao
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    D+ Final grade. If it somehow manages to snow or sleet next week, I might lower the grade to a straight D. No credit for driving in a run when you are losing 20-1.
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    Also, is this the right thread to complain about a surprise 1"+ rainstorm now coming, in what looked like a drier period finally? Ugh lol.
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    Oh this is not the end of it. Cancel the Myrtle Beach plans:
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    Alta Utah today, big snowpack
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    Happy St. Patty’s Day/weekend . 🙃
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    A very precise but alas inaccurate snowfall map. Love the capture of terrain.
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    I was thinking bigly, but I will settle for Panama City for now.