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    Philly burbs - LOL, your immediate location is rural not even suburban & you live closer to Reading than Philly. As pointed out here many times your backyard is reflective of your backyard & doesn't even represent most of Chester County let alone the "Philly burbs". The overwhelming portion of the actual Philadelphia suburbs are less than a week's difference from the last average 80 degree high at PHL. Relative to average the same warming trends occurring at PHL are also happening at every official reporting station and COOP locations with extensive records in the forecast area. The heat island straw man was put to bed years ago. Over the past 2 years average temp departures for NJ / DE coastal areas & the interior SE PA piedmont locations have been higher, in several cases significantly so, than the immediate metro area.
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    We snuck a camera in to catch the reaction of Charlie, Tony, Tom & Shawn at today's European run briefing. Tom, I think you have to do something with your hair, just sayin'....
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    The warming is consistent across the region, even at Paul's house.
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    We are getting close to the go with it confidence. Even at this juncture, worst/warmest case scenario beginning to look like 70-75. Wow September in September, what a novel idea.
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    Tues am and Wed AM good bit of the area should see lows in the 40s outside of urban area
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    The euro was hinting at that earlier, but thats a big man high associated with that trough and it's going to want to press south.Could see some light rain fire up along the cold front as it converges with some of the outflow from the tropical system. But the tropical system type rains I'm betting against coming up here.
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    30 degrees tonight with a freeze warning in Colebrook. Probably tap the upper 20s when I go up this weekend.
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    Geoff Cornish - on air meteorologist at Accu Weather and my oldest son - explains the need for on air meteorologists to not wear certain colors. https://www.accuweather.com/en/accuweather-ready/accuweather-forecasters-school-of-weather/716916?utm_campaign=AccuWeather&utm_content&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR04Kvu5Xxuk4WTAkvTVHd3Rg7Vm_CCBe2xqwsaLeSxKQquqFaEBxdeWROk
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    Thanks for the comment - He has done his time with on air jobs in Kansas, Lexington Ky, Toledo, and Erie before landing at Accu Weather. He went to Penn State so to some extent he is back home and only 3 hours from where he grew up here in Worcester, Montgomery County. Actually did an internship years ago with Hurricane Schwartz at Channel 10.
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    While the modeling has been shakier as to where, they unfortunately have been more consistent about it being slow. I hope your family is in a less flood prone area.
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    Terrific day, tells you something when a slightly below average day with low humidity feels like a tremendous change. 74 / 58 spread locally excellent morning for a long stroll with the dogs along the Delaware around New Hope
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    This is as beautiful a forecast you’ll see in September around here
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    NHC calling for 15-20" at my mom's now. Looks like over 48 hours of tropical storm conditions... Going to be a long week.
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