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    The last few days have really made me appreciate the difference between a 68 degree dew and 75.
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    Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and drove up to Hamburg to hike the Appalachian Trail Pinnacle/Pulpit Rock loop with my doodle. Despite the fog not having burned off by the time I reached the Pinnacle, such a great experience. 8.5 miles and 1250 feet (most of which was in the first 2.5 miles) in a little over 3 hours. Highly recommend. Didn't see any rattlers either which was a relief.
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    22 thru today. Euro says we will 90 out rest of the month. Not sure about Friday. So let's leave that one out to make it interesting. That would be 26 thru the end of the month. Then the climo the last 10 years have been an additional 11 days. There is your 37. Now just keep the PHL max at 97F.
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    Don’t post a lot of Obs., but here is one for you... July sucks!! It is simply unfit for humanity outside today. 90/76.
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    July average temp at PHL is currently 81.4 degrees, based on the current forecast projections month could finish at 81.8 degrees That would represent the 3rd warmest July on record behind 2011 (82.4) & 1994 (82.1). Since 2010 Philadelphia has averaged 80 degrees during the month of July on 7 occasions, you have to go back over a span of 58 yrs. (1952-2009) to find the previous 7 instances of 80 degree July averages. At the time July 1988 averaged 80.7 degrees it was the 2nd warmest July on record, now it's not even top 10. The current July average temp for Wilmington, NC is 81.1 degrees & for Charleston, SC it's 82.1 degrees.
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    77 degree DP according to my VP2. Downright disgusting.
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    Normally it's tolerable sitting on the deck first thing in the AM. Not today.
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    GFS and Euro ensembles respectively. General idea seems like the stronger future Isaias becomes, the better chance it has at taking a more northerly track...
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    Just sent the link to the hubby!!!
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    https://www.scientificsales.com/Bundle-Deal-Model-6250-Vantage-Vue-and-6510USB-p/6250-6510usb.htm you're welcome
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    August 2nd, bottom really starts to fall out as we start losing 2 minutes a day plus of daylight, WE TAKE!!
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    We were caught with our pants down and it wasn't because of scientists. By reading the science, I knew covid was going to be a big deal by the end of January. The next six weeks seemed like a slow motion train wreck: no testing or concern, limited and sloppy travel restrictions, a lot of happy talk and spin. Even now we have no national plan and are lacking key resources. Its not rocket science: ppe, social distance, test, trace + isolate. Until we start paying more attention to the scientists and medical experts, I am going to give the technical community a pass. Don't worry I don't take any internet discussion personally
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    nope, couple in neighborhood June: Last Record Low - 6/5/1990, 48 degrees Last Record Low Max - 6/21/1999, 67 degrees July: Last Record Low - 7/12/1999, 55 degrees Last Record Low Max - 7/21/2009, 72 degrees August: Last Record Low - 8/8/1989, 55 degrees Last Record Low Max - 8/22/2007, 69 degrees
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