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    Hey guys! So my hubby wants to buy me an at home weather station for our 12 year wedding anniversary (how romantic!!! 🥰). I'm actually out of the loop on the latest brands and technology so looking for thoughts from you guys. I remember Davis Instruments being one of the top companies during my college years. Found this bundle on Amazon that I'm thinking is in our price range. https://www.amazon.com/Davis-Instruments-Vantage-Weather-Station/dp/B07ZJS3PXB/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=davis+bundle&qid=1595695769&sr=8-1 Really just looking for something to fill my meteorology needs since I'm not actively forecasting as a career anymore. Thanks all! Kim
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    vue or vantage pro2 by davis are the best in my opinion. You can get the view about 100$ cheaper than the amazon price there
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    Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning and drove up to Hamburg to hike the Appalachian Trail Pinnacle/Pulpit Rock loop with my doodle. Despite the fog not having burned off by the time I reached the Pinnacle, such a great experience. 8.5 miles and 1250 feet (most of which was in the first 2.5 miles) in a little over 3 hours. Highly recommend. Didn't see any rattlers either which was a relief.
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    It's been a weird summer for the EC with temperatures. Now the non 90s days never get here in spite of predicted 500mb heights of around 580 on the same run. It looks similar to the 7/13-7/16 stretch we went thru. I'll sell it again.
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    Anyway the EC has really been living high on the hog with this stretch threatening 100F on multiple runs. The GGEM has agreed it will be hot while the GFS has been the most timid other than Saturday where it is making it rain all day, sometimes out of clear skies, and still manages low 90s for highs. It also keeps low 90s going at the end of the week. I will try to oversell the heat again and hopefully it will work. So put me down for a 97F for the highest temp at PHL during this stretch. The rains at the end of this week should take a little off the top. The second half of the week may end up being like the last break, not much lower with max temps, but at least more comfortable dews.
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    nope, couple in neighborhood June: Last Record Low - 6/5/1990, 48 degrees Last Record Low Max - 6/21/1999, 67 degrees July: Last Record Low - 7/12/1999, 55 degrees Last Record Low Max - 7/21/2009, 72 degrees August: Last Record Low - 8/8/1989, 55 degrees Last Record Low Max - 8/22/2007, 69 degrees
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    Kind of coincidental Dr. Campbell went all in on the WHO today. The first couple of minutes, I don't think it matters who compiles the stats, they come from the states' DOH. I am hoping we are putting in a new case peak because we actually are and not because of testing limits/delays. We normally have the highest case count of the week on Fridays and given how many there are already without the 10K each to be added in by CA & TX, we may make a new record today. I hope not. Cases are creeping up in SEPA, we won't be far behind. This year just does not stop giving. I read some of the comments he suffers from dyslexia, at the 8:30 mark so the WHO wording of "not unexpected" he interpreted as not expected. Even with that, poor wording on their part writing a double negative and the rest of it speaks for itself unfortunately.
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