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    Day 9 KOD run by Euro. North Carolina has physicians in place for their nine snow weenies. I will be spending the rest of my day writing a Hallmark card to the GFS.
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    My favorite one has to be the 2009 December 18 storm. I was first introduced to the weather community and amateur forecasting by lurking on the Eastern web site. Although I understood only every third word of what they were saying, I was captivated and lost many hours of sleep refreshing the browser on my BlackBerry. It was thrilling to hear the confidence coming from forecasters such as Wes Junker. His thoughts helped me win the snowfall projection contest we had at work with a guess of 12-18". At the same time, I became more interested in the chase and the height of the storm itself instead of the snow on the ground itself. I became strangely disinterested in enjoying the snow once the storm stopped. But I still enjoy shoveling snow for some strange reason.
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    That's the storm. I lost my two front teeth in a sledding accident, January 87 if I recall correctly. Or maybe it wasn't that storm exactly, but I just happened to read that. In the Northeast snowstorm book this morning, looks like a change to rain in the city south and east. But it was a stormy two months over all that winter. Growing up in the 80s. I was happy with whatever snow we got because it meant no school and sledding in the ditch in our neighborhood, It wasn't until the 93 blizzard. When the weather weenie in me. Came out in full force and it's never lessened its grip sense
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    Borrowing one from the other thread - We have the day 10 euro just where we want it.
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    13 yrs. ago today, death band, thunder, awesome rates, 17" in Feasterville, the JMA's finest hour
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    We did that when we moved in 2016. Most survived. 👍🏻
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    1972-73 they had 1.0". Snowiest February for them is 4.4". They had a snowiest March, 7.9".
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    Even by WEFS standards this was pretty bad. It was last by a large margin. I had to double check I was not accidentally including the previous event forecasts into this one. (I didn't). The GFS (above post) came in 1st, but the NAM (last run cost it first, again) and OP EC were pretty competitive. Hard to believe models would be too wet with a low coming out of the Gulf Coast, but then again this was a positive tilt trof event and the models/ensembles (yes you WEFs) wet bias really goes into a higher gear with patterns like this.
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    Yea this was a good winter for kale. They held up well at our clubhouse
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    Even that way in smaller downtowns in the burbs.
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    What made this one great was that we were snowing with temps in the upper single digits to low teens
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    So many to pick from honestly. The Jan 2016 blizzard with 26" at my house was pretty epic. I'd have to say though the jan 21st 2014 system that dropped 10-16 over the area then we had 3 straight days with lows below zero and single digits and highs in the teens. Knowing the figs were on the verge of death brings a tear to my eye of happiness and having 20" of snow otg
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    Smithfield, VA -- Western Tidewater/Hampton Roads. A few come to mind. 1. Christmas 1998 -- fourth grade -- very severe ice storm, snow on Christmas Eve quickly turned to ice. We lost power. After the temperature in the house got down to 45, my dad went and got an old wood stove out of the shed, put it in the dining room, and cut a chimney pipe straight through the wall of the house with a sawzall. 2. January 25, 2000 -- fifth grade -- IIRC, this storm was a lot more potent than predicted. What I remember most about it, though, is that I woke up at 5 AM to rain drops on the window and my heart sank. At 6 AM I went downstairs and my mom had the morning news on, and the meteorologists were going nuts. Then suddenly the windows sounded like they were being blasted with sand (heavy sleet), and about 2 minutes later it was quiet. We looked out the window and there was already snow on the ground. It was so heavy that 20 minutes later there had to be at least 2 inches. Then we got the robocall that school was cancelled. It snowed the entire day, dawn to way past dusk, and we were outside the entire time. This was a Tuesday and schools were closed the entire week (it was the South, after all). 3. December 26, 2004 -- tenth grade -- This was quick surprise storm that only lasted six hours from 9 AM to 3 PM, but dropped 13 inches in those 6 hours. Philadelphia, PA The '09 to '10 snowmageddons are the obvious picks. Thundersleet followed by 3-4" rates on January 26, 2011 also comes to mind.
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    Basically in the first map the reds are where the blues have been the whole winter
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    Had a similar event when I was at Penn State in Jan 1977. A sudden whiteout, 2-3 inches, quick drop in temperatures to near zero. Front was easy to track as it crossed the midwest, then W Pa. Lots of excitement in the meteo map room. The same system caused a severe blizzard in Buffalo, mainly from the snow blown off of a frozen Lake Erie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blizzard_of_1977
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    I think you give me far too much credit for an ability to interpret these maps. But since you posted a snowman emoji, I'm all in...
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    I will date myself here. I lived in the Western Boston suburbs when I was in 6th grade. It was early 1966 not sure the date. Two things made an impression. The first was that elementary schools (K-6) were classes sed for two days in a row. Unheard of. The second was a significant amount of snow. To this eleven year-old, it seemed like more snow than I had ever remembered seeing. Tyler
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    The gates of 95th Percentile anything.
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    Borrowing from snowlover - So there's a chance?
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    Seriously, modeling skill doesn’t begin until AC scores get greater than .600. So all things being equal you have a better chance of predicting a ridge instead of a trof in the SE and being right.
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    Euro tells GFS to hold its beer.
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    At least on the gefs it does get stretched a bit after the 24, but then bounces right back by end of the run from what I'm seeing
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    PDII was pretty sweet. I was at Susquehanna University and the storm kept creeping north on modeling. It was a bit of a surprise over performer up there. I remember looking outside seeing my car slowly get covered overnight. Great storm after a bit of a drought
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    We are still out in weenie land with this, but atleast it has mjo support for a pacific flip. Just not sure how long it lasts with PV looking the way it does
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    Same. Westerlies are screaming way up in the arctic, figured at the h5 look we'd be swimming in Pac soup
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    Well I'll be darned. Suck me back in why dont you (as if I ever left, or did I?)
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    This is what I mean witht he pac puke, see how we just block that in till ridging goes up out west
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    NAM Barney brain freeze aside, with everything predicted to transpire faster, thermal trof now late Friday afternoon, the decoupling probabilities are increasing as are lower outlying area mins on Saturday morning.
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    Too bad you are not in PHL, which unlike the suburbs apparently is a great radiating site.
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    If we were talking about any other winter, I'd say legit. This season, until it reaches day 8.....
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    Loving it. Approaching the one hour mark for the increase of afternoon sunshine. The dark days are behind us!
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    I’ve had the good fortune of experiencing some truly awesome winter events living in the NW burbs, starting with Feb. 1978, the first storm I can recall. I was almost five years old, and remember that my older brothers built a network of tunnels through the drifts and piles from clearing our driveway. I was at Penn State during the winter of 93-94, including the cold that forced closure of the university for the first time, due to potential rolling blackouts. There were many epic snowball fights in lot 80 that winter, along with some very inappropriate snowmen. Good times.
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    I'll have to savor my -7 tomorrow night, +2 Friday, -21 Friday night, then back up to 15 Saturday in Colebrook, NH. 3-5" of snow tomorrow to boot. That will have to last me until next winter as I won't get back until mid-April.
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    This 2-day cold snap may be the highlight of winter, I have never been so excited for dry, cold air. All part of the coping process.
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    22° angle halo tonight
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    Congrats Birmingham, Atlanta, and NC on the day 6/7 system the gfs had hitting orf on the euro
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    Guess what my wife saw in our front yard? Tulips emerging!
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