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    BGM is one place where even the current version of the GFS can’t screw up, or can’t screw up as much.
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    winter has arrived in Mitch land https://www.weather.gov/bgm/webcam
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    Eps look good still gotta see how the individuals stack up
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    Yeah it is not easy. Thicknesses generically yes. I have seen it rain with a 528 thickness because the boundary layer is too warm and intensity is not there. This is predicted again to be toward a pretty shallow arctic air mass, depending upon which run one sees there are 1050+ highs coming into the CONUS from Canada. For this event it probably would be better to see the forecast soundings. Not saying it is right because the GFS cold bias has not been totally resolved (especially at longer forecast periods), but this is an example of something other than rain than can fall with thicknesses above 540.
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    I can see the progressive concerns given that the NAO is outlooked to be positive and we are just getting into the range where the GEFS starts showing some skill with it. Then on the other hand, that predicted ridge axis is pretty far west and wavelengths are normally shorter in November. I wouldn't take a Gilly > VAY pounding off the table either.
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    That was great that one year in the early 70s. Going to school with an 830 starting time in the dark.
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    430 sunrises in summer. Ugh, that is nearly as bad as 430 sunsets in winter.
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    31, 32 & 28 locally the past 3 mornings PHL dropped below 40 degrees for the 1st time this season SAT morning, even by the recent warming standards that is late. The average date over the past 20 yrs. is 10/21. PHL finished OCT with an average temp of 61.2 degrees, this is tied with 4 other yrs. for the 12 warmest on record. The last below average OCT was back in 2009. A couple from the dog walk this morning: nice healthy buck in of all places Bucks County a steamer off the local ponds
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    Beautiful fall day temps already into the low 60's
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