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    44F. I always take the wrong door.
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    Have not tried, from what I understand, it is available only on tap. I'm sure I would try it! Edit: Yes, new!
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    Quite the path visible from Lorenzo in the Eastern Atlantic
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    While I love Jim C's Manhattan.... had one earlier this week in honor of being in Manhattan earlier this week.....at home this evening trying to cut a few calories following my run today with my low cal G&T concoction of Gin and no cal Lemon Lime Seltzer with a lemon wedge....
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    On this first truly fall-like evening, I went for a homemade Manhattan - Bulleit Rye, Carpano Antica vermouth, and a touch of Five Saints Blood Orange Liqueur. I once read that the “season” for Manhattans was from Labor Day to Memorial Day. I don’t really believe that, I do sometimes have them in the summer, but I do tend to save most of my whiskey drinking for fall and winter. So tonight seemed like the perfect kick-off. Already too chilly in a long sleeved shirt plus hoody, now drinking an expired Dogsfish Head pumpkin while BBQing. Saving my newer and better pumpkins to report on another day.
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    Wow that looks good, is that new? Never seen it. What do you think??
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  8. 1 point
    First frost (I’ve seen) up on the hill in Bangor, PA
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    I can't make it work with the hour commute each way. Maybe next year...
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